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Each year, millions of international students apply for visas to fly to Australia in pursuit of a world-class education. 

This graph from the ‘Student visa and Temporary Graduate visa program report’ by the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs shows the trends clearly. It highlights Australia’s coveted place in the minds of international students, for higher education. 


Why do so many students want to study in Australia?

They’re drawn by the promise of globally recognized qualifications, a strong focus on student rights, and an incredible selection of programs. 

Every year, thousands of Indian students harbour hopes and dreams of studying in Australia. It’s no surprise that in 2022/23 alone, over 100,000 study visas were granted to Indian students.

But why do students prefer Australia? Let’s explore the top 10 reasons to study in Australia. 


Top 10 reasons to study in  Australia

Let’s try to answer the question many Indian students face every year: ‘Why choose to study in Australia?’.

  •  Global recognition of Australian education

Why study in Australia? One compelling reason is the global recognition Australian education receives. Universities in Australia consistently feature in the top ranks of global lists.

For example, in the QS World Universities Rankings, prestigious institutions like the University of Sydney, Australian National University, and the University of Melbourne shine among the top 50 quite regularly. 


Here’s a glimpse at Australia’s educational excellence:

  • 95% of Australian universities feature in global rankings.
  • 9 Australian universities rank in the top 100 of the QS World University Rankings 2024.
  • Australian universities excel across diverse fields. They rank in the top 50 worldwide for Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Arts, Humanities, and more.

These rankings reflect the high standards of education in Australia. Of course, reasons to study in Australia extend beyond rankings. 

  • Globally recognized qualifications

One of the compelling reasons to study in Australia is the global recognition and value of Australian qualifications. Employers worldwide acknowledge that degrees and certifications obtained from Australian institutions are current, industry-relevant, and of the highest standard.

So, for starters, you have ample employment opportunities within Australia. Some of the top employers include:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA): A leading financial institution.
  • BHP Group: A global mining and resources company.
  • Telstra: Australia’s largest telecommunications provider.
  • CSL Limited: A global biotechnology leader.
  • Woolworths Group: A major Australian supermarket chain.

Internationally, top international employers in medicine, technology, and banking seek out Australian graduates. 

Australian courses are designed in close collaboration with industry movers, ensuring you learn the skills that are in demand right now. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) guarantees a consistent level of quality across all Australian educational institutions.


So when you wonder ‘why study in Australia’ the next time, remember that an Australian degree acts like a stamp of excellence. Employers know that you’re prepared for the challenges and opportunities of a global workplace. 

  • Australia sets the bar for quality education

When friends, parents, or an advisor ask, “Why do you want to study in Australia?”, you’d want to tell them about the stellar reputation of the Australian education system.    

Australia takes the quality of its education very seriously. That’s why there are strict regulations and systems in place to protect students’ interests.   

Higher education providers undergo a rigorous accreditation process to deliver the highest standard of teaching and learning. They are subject to regular, formal reviews to maintain these high standards, ensuring a quality study experience for students.

Moreover, the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) serves as a comprehensive legal framework to safeguard the rights of international students in Australia. This act guarantees that students receive a high-quality education in a safe and fair environment. 

  • Innovation excellence and research opportunities

Why study in Australia? Well, Australia has a rich history of innovation, and its education providers encourage students to think boldly and pursue their goals. 

Among Australia’s alumni are numerous luminaries who have made significant contributions across various fields. These include leading scientists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists, and humanitarians.

 Here are a few distinguished individuals across various fields:

  1. Julia Gillard – The first female Prime Minister of Australia.
  2. Dr. Fiona Wood – Renowned for her invention of spray-on skin for burn victims.
  3. Marc Newson – A prolific industrial designer who has worked across a wide range of disciplines, from furniture to aircraft.
  4. Michelle Simmons – An acclaimed physicist and pioneer in quantum computing.
  5. Cate Blanchett – An award-winning actress known for her roles in both blockbusters and independent films.

Researchers from institutions in Australian have been responsible for world-leading innovations like:

  • The cervical cancer vaccine
  • The development of penicillin
  • The Cochlear implant
  • Wi-Fi technology
  • And many more life-changing advancements

Australian institutions offer extensive research opportunities. They provide students with access to state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated mentorship, and funding support. The nation’s commitment to research excellence is exemplified by the fact that 15 Australian scientists have been awarded Nobel Prizes for their remarkable contributions across various disciplines.

  • Comprehensive support system for international students

One of the compelling reasons to study in Australia is the comprehensive support system in place for international students. The Australian government and education providers work collaboratively to ensure that students have a rewarding and enriching study experience.

Australian educational institutions at all levels have expert “international student advisers,” who are specifically responsible for the welfare and well-being of international students. They assist students with any questions or concerns they may have throughout their academic journey.

Furthermore, there are international student hubs and centres in most prominent Australian towns and cities. These facilities support international students. Now you know why studying in Australia is such a compelling prospect for so many students. 

  • Cultural diversity

Australia is renowned for its cultural diversity, offering international students an unparalleled opportunity for global exposure. Australia is a melting pot of over 200 languages and dialects.

Indian students, in particular, will find a significant community to connect with and celebrate their cultural heritage. New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland have sizable populations of Indian-Australians, providing a sense of familiarity and community while immersing in a multicultural environment.

Beyond the Indian diaspora, Australia is home to diverse ethnicities, including Italian, Greek, Arab, and Chinese communities, among others. This allows students to experience a truly global perspective.

  • Financial assistance opportunities

The availability of financial assistance can significantly reduce the burden of tuition fees. The Australian government invests over $200,000,000 annually in international scholarships, grants, and bursaries, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds have access to a world-class education.

While many scholarships cover tuition fees, students enrolling in research programs may also receive additional financial support. This commitment to providing financial assistance ensures that cost is not a barrier to pursuing high-quality education in Australia.

  • Unmatched Quality of Life

Why study in Australia? The answer extends beyond academics to the quality of life it offers.

When you choose to study in Australia, you’ll experience:

  • World-Class Infrastructure: From modern cities to reliable transportation, Australia boasts top-notch infrastructure designed for comfort and convenience.
  • Excellent Healthcare: Access to quality medical facilities is a given in Australia.
  • A Thriving Culture: Australia offers a rich and diverse cultural landscape, with countless events, festivals, and attractions to explore.

  • Post-study work opportunities and pathways to permanent residency

Australia provides international students with excellent opportunities to gain valuable work experience during and after their studies. Students holding a subclass 500 visa are permitted to work up to 48 hours per fortnight and full-time during weekends and academic breaks.

Furthermore, upon completing their studies, international students can apply for a subclass 485 temporary graduate visa, allowing them to remain and work or pursue further studies in Australia. This pathway not only enables students to enhance their practical skills and industry experience but also provides them with an opportunity to immerse themselves in Australia’s open and inclusive work culture.

Many Indian students choose to apply for permanent residency after graduating from Australian institutions. The Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) offers a viable option for graduates to live and work in Australia as permanent residents.

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  •  India and Australia have a history of co-operation

For Indian students wondering ‘why study in Australia’, the friendly relations between India and Australia, particularly in education, provide a strong reason. 

A recent update from December 2023 highlights a significant development: under Australia’s new migration strategy, the duration for some temporary graduate visas has seen changes. However, due to a free trade agreement formalised at the end of 2022 between India and Australia, Indian students are set to benefit from the original, more favourable post-study work policies.

This agreement ensures that Indian students will continue to be eligible for longer post-study work visas. Such policies underscore the welcoming stance Australia has towards Indian students, reflecting a mutual commitment to fostering educational and cultural exchange.

In the 2022/23 period, Indians were granted over 100,000 Australian study visas, more than any other nationality. This statistic not only highlights the popularity of Australia among Indian students but also the supportive environment they can expect. 

Top courses to study in Australia

Introduction to the Australian higher education system

Australia’s higher education system is modelled after the British system, offering a range of technical, undergraduate, and postgraduate qualifications through Colleges of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and universities. The country boasts over 1,100 higher education institutions, with 40 public universities, seven of which are ranked among the top 100 universities globally.

TAFE institutions provide vocational education and training (VET) programs with a practical orientation. These programs are designed to prepare students for employment or serve as an entry point for further academic study. On the other hand, universities offer general bachelor’s degrees spanning three years, with the option to pursue an additional fourth year, known as ‘Honours,’ for students who have achieved sufficient academic merit.

Best courses in Australia

Australia offers a wide range of acclaimed courses across various disciplines. Here’s a table highlighting some of the top courses pursued by international students in Australia:

Sr. No Course
1 Master of Business Administration
2 Master of Accounting
3 Master of Engineering (with Business)
4 Master of Finance
5 Master of Economics
6 Master of Management
7 Master of International Business
8 Master of Commerce (Actuarial Science)
9 Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration
10 Executive Master of Business Administration


Top universities to study in Australia

Rankings can be a helpful tool when choosing a university. Australia uses various ranking systems to measure university performance:

  • Global Rankings: Check sources like QS Top Universities, Times Higher Education, and others for an international perspective.
  • Specialised Rankings: Explore rankings that focus on innovation, young universities, or specific subject areas.
  • Australian Government Resources: The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website (https://www.qilt.edu.au/) offers student-focused data.
  • Independent Guides: The Good Universities Guide (https://www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au/) is another great resource.


Top Australian universities in the QS World University Rankings 2024

Here is a list of the top Australian universities featured in the QS World University Rankings 2024:

Rank University
14 The University of Melbourne
=19 The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)
=19 The University of Sydney
=34 Australian National University (ANU)
42 Monash University
43 The University of Queensland
72 The University of Western Australia
89 The University of Adelaide
90 University of Technology Sydney


However, selecting your best university in Australia needs more care than merely browsing university rankings. With more than 1,100 higher education instituted to choose from, students can often feel overwhelmed. 

To ensure you make an informed choice, it’s essential to ask yourself a series of questions that will help you evaluate and narrow down your options.

Here are some important considerations:

  • Is the course you desire, offered by the university?
  • Would you prefer an urban environment or a more rural setting?
  • How important are the university’s prestige and ranking to you?
  • Are you looking for a traditional educational experience, or one that’s more applied and hands-on?
  • Do you meet the entry requirements?
  • What’s the size of the university, and does it align with your preferences?
  • How do the fees and the overall cost of living at the university’s location fit into your budget?

To streamline this process and increase your chances of finding the best university for your needs, GradRight offers a powerful tool called SelectRight.

SelectRight: Your pathway to the best program

SelectRight simplifies the daunting task of choosing the best university in Australia for your needs. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your SelectRight profile: Begin by setting up your profile.
  2. Input your requirements: Detail what you’re looking for in a university and a program.
  3. Watch AI work: SelectRight uses AI to match you with top Australian programs tailored to your needs, ensuring a significant return on your educational investment.
  4. Shortlist and compare: Evaluate your options side by side.
  5. Consult with a SelectRight advisor: A dedicated advisor can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Education loans for studying abroad in Australia

An education in Australia offers immense value, but it also represents a significant investment. That’s where education loans come in. These loans help bridge the gap between your savings and the cost of tuition and living expenses.

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Choosing the right education loan is crucial.  Even a seemingly small difference in interest rates (like 0.5%) can lead to huge savings over the life of your loan.  Traditionally, students often had limited options, mostly restricted to banks in their immediate area.

FundRight revolutionises the way you secure an education loan.  Here’s how:

  • More Options: FundRight connects you with a wide range of lenders in India and abroad, giving you unparalleled choice.
  • Competitive Offers: Lenders bid for your business, ensuring you get the most favourable terms possible.
  • Unbeatable Speed: You could receive loan offers in as little as two days!
  • Massive Savings: FundRight empowers you to potentially save up to 23 lakhs over the course of your loan.

How FundRight works

  1. Register and complete your profile: Start by signing up and providing the necessary details.
  2. Unlock competitive loan offers: Gain access to offers from top 15 banks and NBFCs in India.
  3. Personal support: Benefit from the guidance of an expert financial advisor from FundRight to negotiate even better loan terms.
  4. Secure document upload: Safely upload your documents through the platform.
  5. Quick loan disbursement: Get your loan sanctioned in as little as 10 working days.

FAQs: Why study in Australia

Why should I choose to study in Australia? 

Australia offers world-class education, globally recognized qualifications, vibrant multicultural experiences, and excellent post-study opportunities.

Why study in Australia is better than in the UK? 

Australia boasts a higher ratio of top-ranked universities, better weather conditions, lower living costs, and easier pathways to permanent residency.

Why study in Melbourne, Australia? 

Melbourne’s reputation for high-quality education, multicultural environment, and lively arts scene offers compelling reasons to study in Melbourne, Australia.

What financial support is available for studying in Australia?

Students can explore scholarships, bursaries, and competitive loan options like those offered by FundRight to make education more affordable.

Can I work in Australia while studying?

Yes, with the right visa, students can work up to 20 hours per week during semesters and full-time during university breaks, helping to support their living and study expenses.

What are the benefits of studying in Sydney?

Sydney is known for its dynamic student community, world-class universities, and abundant career opportunities in various industries.

What is the quality of life like for students in Australia? 

Australia consistently ranks among the world’s most livable countries, offering a high standard of living, world-class infrastructure, and a safe environment.

What steps should I follow to apply to an Australian university?

Identify your course of interest, ensure you meet the university’s requirements, and submit your application through their website or with the help of services like SelectRight for guidance.

How can FundRight help with education loans?

FundRight connects you with multiple lenders, allowing you to compare and choose loan offers that save you money, potentially reducing your loan costs significantly.

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