485 Visa Australia | Explained

The 485 visa Australia lets you stay back in Australia after completing your degree programme. 

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In a few years, it’ll become the most coveted prize for you, should you want a future in Australia. So let’s understand it better. 

What Is The 485 Visa Australia?

It is a temporary visa that allows international students like you to live in Australia after you graduate. The visa allows you to study further and work as well. That is why it is called a post-study work visa. 

What Is The Basic Eligibility For A 485 Visa Australia?

To obtain a post-study work visa in Australia, you should

  • have to be below 50 years old
  • have an eligible visa
  • have been a student visa holder for the past 6 months
  • hold a recent qualification in a course that is registered with CRICOS
  • opt for only a single stream since you cannot change visa streams once you apply
  • provide all required evidence when applying for the visa

You can visit the official website of the Department of Home Affairs to learn more about the eligibility requirements. 

What Is The Basic Eligibility For A 485 Visa Australia?

There are several streams in the 485 visa Australia. They are, 

  • Graduate Work Stream
  • Post-Study Work Stream
  • Second Post-Study Work Stream
  • Replacement Stream

The Graduate Work Stream (485 Visa Australia)

International students who recently graduated with qualifications and skills specifically related to occupations in demand in Australia. It allows the visa holder to live, work and study in Australia temporarily. 

You can stay in Australia for up to 18 months. The Australian Government temporarily increased the time limit for visas granted from 1st December 2021. Moreover, National Overseas passport holders of Hong Kong and Britain can stay for 5 years. 

Processing Times
25% of applications 5 Months
50% of applications 11 Months
75% of applications 13 Months
90% of applications 17 Months


The visa will cost you AUD 1,730. The processing time varies between 5 and 17 months. Furthermore, this stream of 485 visa Australia allows you to take your family members to Australia. Visit this page to learn more about the Graduate Work stream visa conditions. 

The Graduate Work Stream (485 Visa Australia)

Use the visa price estimator to discover how much it’ll cost to get your visa. 

Post-Study Work Stream

This stream of the 485 visa Australia is for international students who graduated from an Australian institution recently with a degree. Like the Graduate-Work stream, it temporarily allows you to live, study, and work in Australia. 

You can stay in Australia for 2 to 4 years with this visa. But it depends on your qualification. If you are a British or Hong Kong National Overseas passport holder, you can stay in Australia for up to 5 years with this visa. 

The cost of obtaining this visa starts at AUD 1,730, and the application processing time extends between 5 and 11 months. Furthermore, this stream of the 485 visa Australia allows your immediate family to stay with you.

Processing times
25% of applications 5 Months
50% of applications 6 Months
75% of applications 10 Months
90% of applications 11 Months


Second Post-Study Work Stream

You can apply for this visa only if you are a Temporary Graduate visa holder (Replacement stream or first Post-Study Work stream). You should also have graduated from an Australian university situated in a regional area. 

With this stream of the 485 visa Australia, you can stay in Australia between 1 and 2 years. There are a few factors that decide how long you can stay. They are, 

  • The location of the educational institution from where you graduated and obtained your first Temporary Graduate visa (post-study work stream)
  • The regional area where you live as a Temporary Graduate visa holder (post-study work or replacement stream)

This visa stream is more affordable compared to the previous two at AUD680. Furthermore, the visa allows you to work in Australia and bring your family along. Also, you are responsible for finding a job while on this visa. Visit this page for more information regarding the second post-study work visa Australia. 

Replacement Stream

This post-study work visa Australia is meant for current and former holders of Temporary Graduate visas. Unlike the other visas mentioned in this article, this visa is provided as a replacement when you have lost your original visa due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. 

With the replacement stream, the stay limit is between 18 months and 5 years. Your grant period will be the same as your previous visa but with a few exceptions. They are, 

  • If you previously held a 2-year Post-Study Work visa Australia for your master of coursework qualification, you will receive a 3-year grant. 
  • If your previous grant were 18 months for a Graduate Work stream, you would receive 2 years. However, this is a temporary measure, and you should check with the Department of Home Affairs when you apply for your visa. 
  • British and Hong Kong National Overseas passport holders can stay in Australia for 5 years. 

You must apply for a Replacement stream visa before 1st January 2027. In addition, you must have held a relevant Temporary Graduate visa granted before 15th December 2021. 

Check this page out for more information on the Replacement stream of the 485 visa Australia. 

Replacement Stream

The official website of the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs

CRICOS-Registered Course: What Is It?

CRICOS, or the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students, is an official Australian Government website. It lists all the education providers in Australia that offer courses to people studying in Australia on student visas. In addition, the website lists the courses offered by the institutions. 

The Australian Government’s Department of Education manages the website, which is publicly available. You can visit the website and start searching for courses by provider code and name right there on the homepage. The website provides information about the institution, contact details, course segments, subject fields, etc.  

CRICOS registration is proof that the institution is qualified to offer courses to international students. You can use the website along with a platform like SelectRight to find the perfect institution for you. 

English Language Proficiency for 485 Visa Australia

You must satisfy English language proficiency requirements to apply for a 485 visa Australia. The table below lists the English language proficiency tests and your needed scores. 

Test for English Lowest Score Total score Listening Speaking Reading Writing
IELTS 6 5 5 5 5
TOEFL iBT 64 4 14 4 14
Pearson Test English Academic 50 36 36 36 36
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) 169 154 154 154 154


Who Can Help With Your 485 Visa Application?

Only a few people can help you with your application. This sort of help is called immigration assistance. Only people with knowledge of, or experience in, the migration process can provide you with immigration assistance. They help you by 

  • Preparing or helping you prepare your visa application and other documents.
  • Providing you with advice related to your visa application. 
  • Representing you in court proceedings or in front of review authorities related to your visa.  

For someone to provide you with immigration assistance, they should be:

  • A registered migration agent
  • A legal practitioner, or
  • An exempt person

To find your perfect visa and for more information regarding the visa application process, visit the Visa Finder of the Department of Home Affairs. 

Making The Process Easier

You can find the right university for yourself using SelectRight. It provides personalised university recommendations using more than 6 million data points across 10,000+ programmes. It provides you with unbiased recommendations for the most fundable programmes. 

You will also get expert guidance on your college and visa application. SelectRight provides you access to a carefully curated directory of industry experts who can assist you. Visit this page to explore SelectRight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the health and character requirements for a 485 visa Australia?

Ans: You and the dependents in your visa application should undergo medical tests to fulfil health requirements. You should also show proof of application for an Australian Federal Police check to meet character requirements before applying for a visa. Moreover, the application is valid for 12 months. 

Q2. What are the related health insurance requirements?

Ans: You will need appropriate health insurance to cover you and your dependents for your stay in Australia. Your insurer doesn’t need to be Australian. Also, your health insurance must be active before you apply for a Temporary Graduate visa in Australia. 

An Overseas Student Health Cover is accepted while applying for a Temporary Graduate visa if you are still on a student visa. But it will not be accepted if you do not hold a student or a bridging visa. Also, you must not have any outstanding debt to the Australian Government while applying for the visa. 

Q3. Which family members can I take to Australia on my 485 visa Australia?

Ans: When applying for a 485 visa Australia, you can also include your family members in the application. You can include your spouse and your partner’s children or stepchildren. 

Q4. What documents do I have to provide for my spouse while applying for a 485 visa Australia?

Ans: Here is the list of documents that you’ll have to provide for your spouse when applying for a 485 visa Australia, 

  • Passport or travel documents
  • Birth certificate showing the names of parents of both the applicant and spouse
  • Proof of name change
  • Certified copies of marriage certificates
  • Evidence of relationship for at least 12 months (if you are in a de facto relationship)
  • Health and character documents

Q5. How do I check if I am eligible for the 485 visa Australia?

Ans: You must,

  • Have completed a course with a CRICOS-registered institution in Australia
  • Satisfy the requirements for English language proficiency (IELTS, Occupational English Test, or Pearson Test)
  • Meet the requirements for health conditions and character
  • Pass a skill assessment

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