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Visiting each lender to compare terms can be taxing. On FundRight, find each lender (Domestic or International, Bank or NBFC) who does student loans. Save time by submitting your profile and getting your eligibility checked with every single one, whether you plan to finance your study in India or abroad.

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When banks compete, they give their best. On FundRight, multiple lenders bid to finance your loan, based on your profile. Bidding competition can help you find offers with better terms, and save up to 23 lakhs on your student loan. Who doesn’t like the lowest interest rate that too without collateral?

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No more running after banks. Get loan offers within two business days, complete the paperwork online from home, and focus on what matters: stronger SoPs, staying productive, spending time with loved ones and above all, staying healthy.

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Stay anonymous and choose who to contact. On FundRight, lenders are restricted from accessing your sensitive information to weed out all bias. Your personal and contact details are shared with lenders only with your explicit permission.

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Need a second opinion on your loan or help to compare offers? If required, get insights from our team of financing experts on selecting the right education loan for your study plans.

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