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Ecosystem enabling ‘right education at the right cost’

Global & Systemic Problem in Higher Education


struggle to choose &
finance their college

60% students opt out of
higher education due to
financial constraints


lose out on deserving

25% offered students cannot
enroll due to
funding constraints


unable to serve the unique
needs of education

50% students rejected due
to low current income of

A vicious cycle of
poor college selection and funding choices

Students dependent on education counselors to select programs

unable to choose their best matched colleges 

Universities dependent on education counselors to enrol students

unable to attract and retain best fit students 

Banks dependent on agents to finance student loans

unable to finance students undermatched to low-return programs

Most intermediaries are incentivized by commissions, not students’ interests. 

GradRight removes the need for agents or counselors,
unlocking value for students, universities and banks

Making higher education accessible and affordable

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