Cost of Studying in Australia: Tuition Fees, Cost of Living and Other Expenses to Study in Australia

Surrounded by seas, Australia has one of the most scenic landscapes in the world. The country is filled with natural wonders, from beautiful beaches to kangaroos and koalas. The world’s largest country known for its cultural diversity, high-class living, and global standards of education is also growing as a spot for international students.

Delivering  quality education with affordable tuition fees is the main reason why international students choose to study in Australia.

Why Study in Australia in 2022?

Receiving thousands of students every year, Australia is gaining popularity as an educational hotspot for international students.

Here are some reasons why Australia is popular as a study destination among international students:

  • An estimated number of 129,864 Indian students are registered in Australian institutions as of December 2021.
  • Top Australian universities are offering various types of degrees and programs.
  • Employment opportunities and job availability in Australia are rewarding for international students when applying to Australia. 
  • International students are also allowed to work part-time in Australia for 40 hours a fortnight and 20 hours a week, with a minimum wage of AUD 20.33/ hour, leading up to about AUD 1,728/ month.

To help you map the cost of living in Australia for Indian students, let’s list out the costs of studying in Australia. 

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Note: International students working part-time in Australia will have to file for a Tax File Number (TFN) and pay taxes for their salaries earned during the study period.

Total Cost of Studying in Australia: Australia University Tuition Fees

While  planning to study abroad, the first cost factor to consider is the university tuition fees. The cost of studying in Australia is affordable. However, the expenses will be different for everyone. 

Undergraduate degrees,  postgraduate degrees, doctorate degrees, and vocational courses in Australia all have different costs. To guide you with planning the cost  of studying in Australia, we have gathered a list of the top 10 universities in Australia. 

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University/ College Cost (AUD)/Year Cost (₹)
Australian National University (ANU) AUD 45,360-47,940 ₹24,42,160.88-₹25,80,375.77
University of Sydney AUD 42,000- 52,000 ₹22,60,654.62-₹27,99,655.33
University of Melbourne  AUD 31,257- 31870 ₹16,83,995.88-₹17,16,392.22
University of New South Wales (UNSW) AUD 36,9924-48,720 19,94,000-₹26,27,246.64
University of Queensland (UQ) AUD 19,770- 26,360 ₹10,65,033.23-₹14,20,551.90
Monash University  AUD 27,100-31,700 ₹11,69,622.11-₹17,08,618.48
University of Western Australia (UWA) AUD 34,200- 42,129 ₹18,43,055.27-₹22,70,353.08
University of Adelaide  AUD 38,000- 53,000 ₹20,47,532.72 -₹28,55,769.32 
University of Technology Sydney (UTS) AUD18,685- 21,475 ₹10,06,685.40- ₹11,57,001.28 
University of Wollongong  AUD18,768+ ₹10,10,905.10

These universities offer degrees in Bachelors, Masters , Doctorates, and vocational studies. 

Some of the most popular programs in Australia include Actuarial Science, Accountancy, Architecture, Computer Science and Information Technology,  Tourism and Hospitality Management, etc.

Degree Cost (AUD) Cost (₹)
Bachelors AUD 31,275- 45,360 ₹16,84,572.52-₹24,43,236.11 
Masters AUD 47,000- 52,000 ₹37,50,104.15-₹41,49,051.40
Doctorate  AUD 18,000- 53,000 ₹9,69,700.34-₹28,55,228.77
Diploma  AUD 34,700- 40,900 ₹18,67,569.96-₹22,00,502.87

Cost of Living in Australia for Indian Students: An Estimate

The cost of living in Australia for Indian students is slightly on the higher side but the cost of rent is cheaper than in the USA. 

Your expenses in Australia include rent costs,  market costs and food costs. But as international students, we have to be careful with our expenses.

Read along to find out the estimated cost of living in Australia for Indian students – accommodation, visa,  food, travel, and other utilities.

Australia Student Visa: Cost of Australia Student Visa

While calculating the total cost of studying in Australia, the cost of a visa must be included. 

Australian student visas take about 29 – 49 days to be processed. Hence, the prompt visa application should be a priority after getting accepted. 

Certification of Acceptance from a university, along with passport, OSHC health insurance, visa fee and application are required for an Australian student visa. 

International students applying for a visa need to create an account with the Immigration Authorities of Australia.

Further, international students should apply for the Student visa (subclass 500), which costs AUD 650 ( INR 34,746.81) for base application. 

Student visa subclass 500 AUD 650+ AUD485 ₹34,746.81+₹25,961.08
OHSC ( one person) AUD 478  ₹25,574.52

Here is a list of things to keep in mind while applying for an Australian student visa:

  • Scores of language exams like IELTS/ TOEFL, Pearson Test of English, Occupational English Test, Cambridge English Test.
  • Proof of funds, the estimated amount one should have in the bank account to get a student loan is about AUD 20,290/year.
  • Hold the Overseas Student Health Care (OHSC) is roughly estimated at AUD 478 for 12 months for a person. 

Flight Costs: India to Australia Flight Costs

As you plan to go to study in Australia, your flight cost to Australia needs to be calculated as well. Your tickets from India to Australia can range from ₹ 56k – ₹75k. 

Accommodation: Cost of Living in Australia for Indian Students

Accommodation in Australia is one of the biggest expenses you will incur regularly while studying in Australia. 

Cities like Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, GoldCoast, and Wollongong are cheaper to stay in for international students in Australia. 

The various housing available for students in Australia are: 

Type  Cost (AUD) Cost (₹)
On-campus 110-280/ week  ₹5,912.92-₹15,038.36 
Homestay  235-325/ week  ₹12,621.48-₹17,455.24
Shared rent  95- 215/ week  ₹5,102.30-₹11,549.56 
Rents  185-440/ week  ₹14,766.05-₹23,636.31
Hostels and guesthouses  80-150/ week  ₹4,297.51-₹8,057.83

Hostels and guesthouses are a common choice of stay for international students in Australia as it is cheaper and affordable. 

The estimated cost listed above will differ depending on the city, university and neighborhood you choose to live in.  

Cost of Food in Australia:

To strategically plan the cost of living in Australia as Indian students you should be aware of the regular and important expenses you will incur like food and transport.

To manage to live on a low budget, students are advised to  make their own meals. To give you a snapshot, here’s a list of basic food prices: 

Market price for food  Cost  Cost (₹)
Milk  AUD 1.79 ₹96.26
Loaf of bread (500g) AUD 3.00 ₹161.33
Rice (1kg) AUD 2.76 ₹148.24 
Dozen Eggs  AUD 5.01 ₹273.92
Chicken filets (1kg) AUD 11.21 ₹602.09
Bananas (1kg) AUD 3.60 ₹193.36
Tomatoes (1kg) AUD 6.51 ₹349.65 
Water (1.5L) AUD 2.51 ₹134.81
Bottle of wine  AUD 16.00 ₹860.06
Meal (inexpensive restaurant)  AUD 20.00 ₹1,075.08

Adding to the total cost of living in Australia for Indian students, the food budget is estimated at AUD 2,171/ month.

Transport Cost: Commute Cost in Australia

Buses, trains, ferries, and public cars are commonly used in Australia. In addition, student concessions on ticket costs in Australia (in most cities).

  • Translink is a website that manages all public transport in Australia, students can apply for a go-card and get discounts on ticket fares. 
  • Myway student concession card also offers discounts for Canberra students with a valid student id. 
Mode of transport  Cost (AUD) Cost (₹)
Bus fare AUD 2.15- AUD 4.61 ₹116.30-₹249.42
Tram fare  AUD 4.60-AUD 9.20 ₹248.88-₹497.83
Train fare  AUD 4.60  ₹248.88

Concessions of 40-50%  on fares are given for student card holders. The travel cost of studying in Australia is estimated at AUD 34.5- AUD 135/month.

Stationary and Other Utilities:

To plan the cost of living in Australia for Indian students, knowledge on the other utilities and stationeries need to be kept in mind. 

Factor  Cost  Cost (₹)
Gas, Electricity  AUD 10-20/ week  ₹538.23-₹1,076.46
Internet  AUD 15-30/ week ₹807.34-₹1,614.69
Entertainment  AUD 80-150/ week ₹4,305.83-₹8,071.74
Personal Expenses  AUD 23+ ₹1,237.67+

Part of studying in Australia is also to enjoy the multicultural experience the country has to offer. 

The universities in Australia offer tons of courses that will suit your taste. While majoring in a degree of your choice, don’t forget to enjoy the vibrant landscapes and take a trip to see the kangaroos. 

It is important to manage your finances effectively to make the most of your student life in Australia. Therefore, schedule a chat with a FundRight expert to help you with your study in Australia expenses. 

FundRight loans and other tools help you map your student loan journey in a smooth and risk-free manner.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Australia:

Question 1: What is the total cost of studying in Australia for Indian students?

Answer: The cost of studying in Australia ranges from AUD 31,275 – 45,360 for Bachelors and AUD 47,000 – 52,000 for Masters.

Question 2: Is Australia cheaper than studying in the UK and the USA?

Answer: Yes, Australian tuition fees are comparatively affordable as compared to the UK and US.

Question 3: How much is the cost of living in Australia for Indian students?

Answer: The cost of living in Australia for Indian students is estimated at AUD 3,000/month, including food, rent, and other utilities.

Question 4: Do we need to show financial proof when applying for an Australian student visa?

Answer: Yes, an amount of AUD 20,290 must be shown in the bank statement as financial proof while applying for an Australian student visa.

Question 5: Is Australia good for Indian students?

Answer: Yes, Australia is culturally diverse and is filled with adventures making the country a wonderful study destination for Indian enthusiastic students. 

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