Guide To Student Loan For Study Abroad – Key Terms To Know

The cost of studying abroad is prohibitive. Even a relatively affordable MS degree in the USA can cost up to ₹30 lakhs (including living expenses). Now that you’ve scored decently on SAT or GRE, you need to find a st...

Student Loan for Study Abroad – 10 FAQs, Answered By Experts

For those looking to pursue education abroad, an education loan is often necessary. Indians are mostly risk-averse. That is why the stock market has few participants. A loan, even a student loan for study abroad, is...


Guide To Student Loan For Study Abroad – Key Terms To Know – Dau

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Differences between academic and general IELTS: Format, difficulty, how to choose?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is used to test one’s proficiency in English. The test is ...

What is SDS and Non-SDS?

Minimum IELTS Score for Ireland Universities

Ireland is one of the most magnificent European countries, home to thousands of international students. 

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Insurance on Education Loan. Learn All About It

There are about a million Indian students abroad. As the pandemic ends,

Education Loans Without Co-applicants: Complete Guide

Let’s begin by looking at three pieces of data:  

How To Get Education Loan With A Low CIBIL Score: Everything You Need To Know

Meeting all the requirements to join your dream course in a college that you love is a euphoric feeling for every stud...

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485 Visa Australia | Explained

The 485 visa Australia lets you stay back in Australia after completing your degree programme. 

J1 Visa: Eligibility, Application and Requirements

The J1 visa in the USA is issued to students or candidates aspiring to go to the US for a work/study-based exchange pr...

A guide to finding accommodation in Ireland for Indian students with prices

Finding accommodation in Ireland for Indian students can be a hard task but not with the right resources. This article...

Canada Immigration Express Entry: Students with A Distance Education Can Now Apply for PR & How to Calculate Your CRS Score

If you are one of those students who got into a Canadian institution but could not study in Canada because of the COVI...

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Part time jobs in the UK for international students: Salaries, restrictions and more

Yes, you can work part-time in the UK. Depending on your visa you might be allowed up to 20 hours of work a week. 

Guide for Canada Post Graduation Work Permit: Applying for Post Study Work Visas

Conversation with Manisha Tandon – Alumni, Miami Herbert Business School | 5 takeaways

After a point, you know you just won’t find your answers on the Internet. Wisdom emerges from lived experience. That...

What is OPT in USA?

The U.S. is a popular destination for higher education among international students. Along with studying abroad, st...

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Why Study in USA? Top Reasons To Pursue Higher Studies in the US

The United States continues to draw in students from around the globe. The n...

A Guide to Accommodation in the USA for Students

A Guide to Accommodation in the USA for Students  

Accommodation in Australia for Indian students: Types, Costs, Popular Cities

Before we discuss accommodation in Australia for Indian students, let’s look at the various factors that may influen...

A Complete Guide to Finding Accommodation in the UK for Indian Students

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for thousands of Indian students. Home to more than 130 universities in...

Everything You Need to Know About Accommodation in Canada For International Students

Securing accommodation in Canada is generally one of the most important factors for international students. You’d wa...

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Guide to the Best PR Courses in Australia

As an Indian, you have a great chance of getting your PR approved. Of the endless number of PR applications received i...

Steps to Study Abroad After 12th For Indian Students

Indian students have coveted education abroad since the mid-19th century. Of...

10 most in-demand jobs in the UK: salary, job description, qualifications

In 2019, in a major boost for Indian students, the UK government

Courses for International Students in Canada to Land a High-Paying Job

Everyone knows that Canada is booming with job opportunities. However, have you wondered why? Employers in Canada are ...

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Should You Use ChatGPT To Write Your Statement Of Purpose (SOP)?

Should you send your 2nd cousin to the university on your behalf? That’s a rhetorical question. Impersonation is a stupid idea. But using a text ...

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