Jobs After MBA in Australia – Salary, Top Recruiters, Work Permit, and More

Okay, let us take a wild guess!

You want to pursue an MBA in Australia. 

You are wondering whether it will be worth investing the money this degree requires. 

So, now you want to know your MBA salary in Australia and find out whether or not there’s a good ROI in it.

Did we guess it right? 

Then isn’t this your lucky day! Because we have a new for you! Depending on many other factors, which we will be discussing later, you can earn as much as ₹1 Crore through MBA jobs in Australia!

That’s right! So, let’s find out what all opportunities await you providing a good MBA salary in Australia and how you can grab them. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what this page will be discussing – 

  • Life After an MBA in Australia
  • What Skills Do You Need for MBA Jobs in Australia?
  • What’s an MBA Salary in Australia?
  • Top Universities for Good MBA Salary in Australia
  • Top Recruiters Offering High MBA Salary in Australia
  • How to Find MBA Jobs in Australia as an International Student?
  • FAQs about Jobs After MBA in Australia

Life After an MBA in Australia

As of 2019, Indians make over 14% of the international student population in Australia, second only to China. 

As for the graduate employability rates in Australia, the latest QS world rankings are one source for you to get an understanding of the situation. 

If considering the top 10 universities with the best global employability in the world, two Australian universities have made it to the list. 

According to the official surveys by the Department of Education, Australian Govt., the employability rate for postgraduates, who are currently working in the country, is 89%. 

Have a look at the image below to get more data on the same. 

Life After an MBA in Australia

Now, a question, the answer to which, every prospective student looks for – “Will the jobs after MBA in Australia get me good ROI?”

And the answer? See for yourself. This is what an official survey taken of international students in Australia says –

Life After an MBA in Australia

Now, what if you’re employed outside of Australia after completing your MBA? Would your connections or experience of studying in the country still be of any use? Here’s what the survey has to say about the same.

Life After an MBA in Australia

What Skills Do You Need for MBA Jobs in Australia?

It is imperative that you hone your management skills to get the best jobs after your MBA in Australia. 

But, what are all these skills? And will your degree help you with those skills?

In a survey, 74% of ex-, international graduates, said that their degrees were of great value for the intended workplace. 

What Skills Do You Need for MBA Jobs in Australia

Now, what are these skills that you absolutely need to get a good MBA salary in Australia? Have a look.

Communication/ English Language Skills

As evident by the survey above, if you wish to work in Australia after your MBA, you must have a good command of your English speaking and writing skills. 

Now, you must be thinking that you anyway pass English language tests to get admission to the intended university. That should be enough.

Unfortunately, your scores are not what counts when you are working amongst natives in a country with English as the official language. 

In fact, one of the major employability issues concerning international students in the country is their weak cross-cultural communications skills, including English speaking skills. 

So, make local friends during your degree. Build connections that are not only good for your professional career but for your English language skills too. This will also help build your confidence in communicating with natives. 

But, English isn’t enough to make your communication skills strong. You also need to learn things like negotiation, public speaking, active listening, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, etc. 

Entrepreneurial Skills

The world of business is in constant change and if you want to keep up with it, you need to mould yourself to fit in that change.

“Survival of the fittest.”

That will be your mantra to get a high MBA salary in Australia. So, you must have a strategic vision and the ability to cultivate a culture that empowers creative ideas. 

Grab every opportunity you get during your MBA to sharpen your productivity, creativity and solution-finding skills. 

Leadership/ Management Skills

You are or have pursued an MBA. So, it would be stating the obvious that you would be expected to have management and leadership skills. And that these skills will take you to the position of a leader in an organisation.

There are many tips, books, and content pieces out there teaching you how to be a great leader. But the crux of it all is to create a vision that helps uplift and motivate your team members towards a shared goal. 

During your MBA, get involved in group projects. Learn from your group leaders, and if the opportunity presents itself, lead your group and learn from your experiences. 

Research and Analysis Skills

Being in a leadership position, knowing how to resolve a problem at the earliest and in the most effective way could be one of your daily tasks. 

Even during your interviews, you would be given assignments or situations where you are required to analyse the details, research and then provide solutions. 

Good thing that an MBA in Australia includes a curriculum that helps you in understanding data, creating solutions, filtering information, managing change, etc. 

What’s an MBA Salary in Australia?

We could give you a range of initial average MBA salaries in Australia. But, whether or not that number will become your future is a matter of individual competencies. 

There are several factors that come into play while bagging a handsome salary package. It depends on –

  • Your personal skills,
  • Your employer,
  • Your field or specialisation,
  • The location of your employer,
  • The offered role, etc

You can check out salaries for different roles and specialisations to get a better idea.  

Highest Paying Roles for MBA Jobs in Australia

Here are some roles with high-paying MBA salaries in Australia.

Job Roles Median Salary in AUD Median Salary in INR (approx.)
Marketing Manager AUD 103,000 ₹ 57.2 L
CEO AUD 192,252 ₹ 1.06 C
General Operations Manager AUD 128,463 ₹ 71.36 L
Project Manager AUD 110,918 ₹ 61.61 L
Sr. Business Analyst AUD 111,596 ₹ 61.99 L
Operations Manager AUD 105,848 ₹ 58.79 L
Analyst Manager AUD 118,820 ₹ 66 L
Data Scientist AUD 99,510 ₹ 55.27 L
Management Consultant AUD 114,000 ₹ 63.32 L
Human Resource AUD 90,000 ₹ 49.99 L
Risk Analyst AUD 104,000 ₹ 57.75 L

Source: Payscale

Highest Paying MBA Specialisations in Australia

Here are some top paying MBA specialisations for you to explore –

MBA Specialisations Top Job Titles in the Field Average Salary Range (in AUD) Average Salary Range (in ₹)
Finance  Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Financial Analyst, etc AUD 86,392 – AUD 193,000 ₹ 47.9 L – 1.07 Cr
Technology Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Computer Systems Analyst, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Information Technology Director, etc. AUD 89,000 – AUD 209,000  ₹ 49.38 L – 1.15 Cr
Healthcare  Health Services Manager, Medical Administrator, Primary Health Organisation Manager, etc AUD 99,688 – AUD 105,362 ₹ 55.32 L – 58.45 L
Marketing  Marketing Manager, Marketing Analyst, etc AUD 100,000 – AUD 127,560 ₹ 55.48 L – 70.77 L

Source: Victoria University

Top Universities for Good MBA Salary in Australia

The university you choose for your MBA matters. Your university’s connections, the kind of recruiters that visit your school and the average package offered to its students play a significant role in your MBA salary in Australia. 

So, as per the latest rankings, here are some Australian universities with high ROI for an MBA. 

Top MBA Universities Average Salary Offered
University of Queensland Business School ₹ 1.12 Cr
MGSM Macquarie Graduate School of Management ₹ 85.15 L
University of Western Australia Business School ₹ 76.36 L
Monash University: Monash Business School ₹ 74.17 L
Deakin University – Deakin Business School ₹ 73.07 L
Melbourne Business School ₹ 68.67 L
University of New South Wales: Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) ₹ 65.92 L
The University of Sydney Business School ₹ 61.53 L
Australian National University (ANU) ₹ 54.39 L

Wondering whether these are the right fit for you? Then let us help you find what’s best for you!

Top Recruiters Offering High MBA Salary in Australia

For different fields or areas of specialisations, here are some top recruiters that you may come across while getting an MBA job in Australia. 

Fields  Recruiters  Initial Package Offered
Human Resource Management Hays AUD 90,000 
Randstad Australia AUD 84,000 
Atherton AUD 80,000 
West Recruitment AUD 92,000 
World Courier AUD 92,000 
Finance  Allianz AUD 48,000 – 85,000 
Commonwealth Bank of Australia AUD 87,000 – 164,000 
Westpac Banking Corp. AUD 62,000 – 110,000 
Cognizant AUD 67,000 – 111,000
Deloitte Consulting LLP AUD 65,000 – 110,000 
Marketing  Westpac Banking Corp. AUD 103,000 
Telstra Corp. Ltd. AUD 87,000 – 202,000
ANZ AUD 81,000 – 143,000 
ASC_PTY Ltd AUD 79,000 – 176,000 

How to Find MBA Jobs in Australia as an International Student?

There are many ways for you to get an MBA job in Australia. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow –

  • Enquire about your universities placement aid. 
  • There are many popular employment sites in Australia that you can check out. Some of them include – CareerOne, Seek, Adzuna, etc. 
  • Make good connections with your professors and people you meet during industry visits or through guest lectures. They are likely to recommend you for some exciting opportunities. 
  • You can also check out the employability enhancement portal created by the Australian Government that is dedicated to international students. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs After MBA in Australia

Question 1: How much MBA salary can I get in Australia?

Ans: Depending upon your skills, specialisation, employer, location, and many such factors, your MBA salary in Australia can vary anywhere from AUD 50,000 to AUD 200,000.

Question 2: What’s the Temporary Skill Shortage (Subclass 482) Visa for Australia?

Ans: This is a short-term visa that the Australian Govt. has introduced to cater to the shortage of skills in the country. If you are eligible, you will be able to work for up to 4 years in the country through this visa. 

Question 3: I want to apply for a PR in Australia after completing my course. Can I do that?

Ans: Yes, you can get a PR in Australia through different avenues that the country provides to a skilled international worker. Some avenues include RSMS (Regional Sponsored Nomination Scheme), ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme), GSM (General Skilled Migration), etc.

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