Ireland Student Visa Requirements – Eligibility, Documents, Application, Visa Fees

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An Ireland student visa checklist –

✔️A passport-size photograph (recent)

✔️A valid passport 

✔️A Letter of Acceptance from the intended Irish University, school, or college

✔️A signed letter of Ireland student visa application 

✔️Evidence of a fully paid tuition fees

✔️Documents proving your private health insurance

✔️English language proficiency test scores/ certificates

✔️Proof of funds

✔️Scholarshp certificate (if any)

Now, let’s find out the details of each of these documents so that you are able to meet all the requirements of an Ireland student visa for Indian students. 

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And if you have already finalized your dream university, here’s what you will know about the Ireland student visa requirements on this page – 

  • Documents Required for Ireland Student Visa
  • Additional Documents for Students Under 18 Years
  • FAQs on Ireland Student Visa

Documents Required for Ireland Student Visa

Documents Required for Ireland Student Visa

You have already had a look at the document checklist for an Ireland student visa. Now, let’s discuss them in detail.

1.  Application Summary Document

  • You will have to provide a summary application form, which is properly signed and dated. 
  • Along with this, you will have to submit an appropriate fee, wherever applicable. 
  • If you fail to do so, your documents will be considered insufficient and your application may get rejected. 

2. Application Letter

Your application letter must include –

  • Why do you want to go to Ireland?
  • When do you plan on arriving or leaving the country?
  • Your commitment to obeying the conditions of your Ireland student visa in full.
  • Prove that you will not become a burden on the state or rely on public services like public hospitals. 
  • Prove that you will leave the country before the expiration of your immigration permission. 
  • A signed application letter with your full contact details. 
  • Details of family member/s who either live in Ireland or an EU Member State.

NOTE: If your intended course does not relate to or follow the previously acquired education or your employment history, you will have to provide – 

  1. A) Valid reasons for the change, and
  2. B) Supported documents as evidence (if and where needed).

3. Photographs

Not just any photograph, you will have to meet all the stipulated requirements for this document. Check out the details on the required photographs for the Ireland student visa below:

Factors Specifications 
No. of Images Required 2
Age of the Photograph The image must not be more than 6 months old. 
Image Size 
  • The image height must be 45-50mm and the width must be 35-38mm.
  • Your face must be covering at least 70% to 80% of the image. 
  • You must show a close-up of your face along with the top of your shoulders.
Image Quality
  • You must take the photo against a light grey or white background.
  • It must be a coloured photo and not black & white. 
  • The photo must be correctly exposed with a sharp focus. 
  • The image must have no ‘red eye’, natural flesh tones, and a good colour balance. 
  • Either in the background or on the image, there should not be any glare or shadows. 
  • There should be a good contrast between the background and your facial features. 
Paper Quality
  • The photograph must be printed on photographic paper. 
  • The back side of each of the photos must be unglazed and white. 
  • You must not frown, squint, smile, or show any other expression. In short, you must have neutral expressions. 
  • You must keep your eyes open and your mouth closed.
  • Make sure that your hair is not covering your face. 
  • Your head must be at the centre of the image. 
  • You must show your full face and look directly into the camera.
  • You must not turn or tilt your head in any other way. 
Hair and Head Covering
  • Unless it is for religious purposes, do not wear any head or hair covering. 
  • For example, you can’t wear a cap or a hat or a headband but can wear a hijab or a turban. 
  • If you are wearing a head/ hair covering due to religious purposes, make sure that your face is clearly visible. 
Preparing the Image Write the following text in BLOCK CAPITALS on the back of each photograph:
  • Your name
  • Your Ireland Student Visa transaction/ application number
  • Do not attach or staple the images to your application form. 

NOTE: Ignore the second point in case you are applying for a re-entry visa. 

  • Avoid wearing tinted or coloured glasses and sunglasses. 
  • If you are wearing your prescription glasses, make sure that your eyes are clearly visible. 

4. Passport

  • You will have to provide your current passport. 
  • It must be valid for a minimum of 12 months after the set date of your arrival in Ireland. 
  • Along with that, you will also have to provide a full copy of all of your previous passports. 

5. Evidence of a College Enrollment

You must confirm that you are accepted and enrolled in a full-time course. The course must involve at least 15 hours of organized daytime tuition every week. For that, you will have to provide:

  • Details of your intended course of study
  • Your course fees details
  • The fees amount you have paid
  • Your medical insurance details — if applicable ― that the college has taken on your behalf

Evidence of a College Enrollment6. Evidence of Academic Ability

  • You will have to provide evidence showing that you are able to follow the course you have chosen.
  • You can provide documents like your educational qualification certificates or results of your previous exams. 

7. Evidence Accounting for Your Educational History Gaps

If your intended course is not relevant to your previous education, you must –

  • Provide details on the gaps since your latest acquired education (full-time). 
  • Include the duration of time from the last course until your application for an Ireland student visa. 
  • Provide information on your employment history. If you have filled any educational gaps through or during your employment period, this information would help with your application. 

8. Evidence of College Fee Payment

As evidence of your college fee payment to provide for your Ireland student visa application, you can produce the following documents. 

  • A copy of an ETF (Electronic Transfer of Funds) to the Irish Bank of the college. This document must have – the beneficiary’s and sender’s (your) name, bank details, and address.


  • A valid college fee receipt showing that the fee has been paid through Pay to Study (which used to be known as ISPS – International Student Payments Service) or any other approved student fee payment service. 

9. Evidence of Your English Language Proficiency (Or Irish)

For enrolling in an English language course, you will have to prove your proficiency in the language. You can provide your test certificates along with your Ireland student visa application. Make sure that you took the tests within 2 years of the date of your batch commencement.

Check out the required test scores for the Foundation level or preparatory course and other courses in the table below. 

Tests Minimum Scores/ Grades Required for 2nd Level/ Preparatory Courses/ Foundation Level Minimum Scores Required for All Other Courses
Duolingo English Test 55 75
CELA (Cambridge English Language Assessments) Pass in prelim English test Pass in –
  • Cambridge English: Advanced
  • First Certificate in English
  • Business English Certificate (Higher or Vantage)
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency
IELTS (Academic) 4.0 5.0
ETAPP (English Test for Academic and Professional Purposes) B1 B2
PTE (Academic) 30 30
TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test) – At Home Edition 47 61
TOEFL iBT® – Paper Edition 47 61
Skills for English Four Facet Test B1 B2
Oxford Test of English 81 100
Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English ISE I (B1) Integrated Skills in English ISE II (B2)
Language Cert B1 B2

Check Out: English Language Tests to Study Abroad

If you are enrolled in a course taught in the Irish language, you must produce evidence of being capable of doing so. Through the evidence, you will be judged on your ability to write and speak Irish. 

10. Proof of Funds

You will have to prove your financial ability to support your stay in the country as per Ireland student visa requirements. 

Find Out: What qualifies as proof of funds for an Ireland student visa for Indian students?

11. Private Medical Insurance

In most cases, when you have been accepted into an Irish university, your college arranges private medical insurance on your behalf. If that is the case with you, you will have to include this detail in your Letter of Acceptance issued by the intended college. 

However, if your college does not arrange the same, you will have to manage it yourself and provide evidence with your Ireland student visa application. 

12. Previous Visa Refusals

  • Have you ever been refused a visa previously for any country? If so, you must include these details in your application. 
  • For this, you will have to submit the original letter issued by the authorities of that country with your application for an Ireland student visa. 
  • If you don’t disclose this information, this will result in your application being refused. 

Additional Documents for Students Under 18 Years

Are you under 18 years old?

Are you applying for an Ireland student visa?

Will you be unaccompanied while studying in Ireland?

If you nodded yes to all these questions then these are some extra documents that you will have to produce. 

1. Birth Certificate

You will have to submit a valid birth certificate along with your Ireland student visa application. 

2. Consent of Parent or Legal Guardian

  • The consent form from both parents or legal guardians must be notarised. 
  • It must provide information on the person who will be taking care of the minor (you) during your stay in the country. 
  • You will have to provide copies of the biometric page of your parents’/ guardians’ passports and a national identity card with your signature. 

3. Accommodation Certificate

You must submit the address of where you will stay. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Ireland Student Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Will I have to submit original documents while applying for an Ireland Student Visa?

Answer: Yes, all of your documents must be original and will be returned to you after the application.

Questions 2: How long does it take to get an Ireland student visa for Indian students?

Answer: The duration usually varies for different countries. However, a standard time would be up to 8 weeks from the date of application submission. 

Question 3: What is the fee for an Ireland student visa for Indian students?

Answer: The fee for a single entry is €60 or ₹4,967.22.

Question 4: What happens if I’m unable to meet all the Ireland student visa requirements?

Answer: If that happens, your application will be refused and will not be accepted until you meet all the requirements or submit all the important documents. 

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