Steps to Find the Best Education Fairs in India

Beginning your journey to study abroad can be a daunting experience. From finalizing a major to university to a country, the decision can bring a lot of confusion.

  • Will this subject major work for me?
  • Does this school have better infrastructure than the other one?
  • Should I go for this country or that?

These are some questions that might never leave your mind until you have actually started school. You can’t stop these thoughts from occurring. But you can, for sure, feed answers to your curiosity.

“How”, you asked?

Through the best education fairs in India.

Yes, education fairs are the most effective and efficient ways for you to get answers to all of your questions. Explore away.

Why Attend Education Fairs in India?

Before you go ahead to find the best education fairs in India, let’s figure out why you should attend one.

To put it the easiest way,

  • Want to gather information on universities? Education Fairs.
  • Looking for a chance to interact directly with university representatives or admissions officers? Education Fairs.
  • Want to decide after comparing multiple universities at the same place/ time? Education Fairs.

Want all of this, while staying at home? SelectRight.

Basically, by finding the best education fairs in India, you can:

  • Meet university reps face-to-face to get the answers you wouldn’t have from someone else;
  • Get tips for your application and selection process;
  • Assess your scholarships for study abroad;
  • Get to contact with the alumni;
  • Avail priority processing through reps with authority;
  • Discover new programs that you weren’t aware of at the same university.

How to Find the Best Education Fairs in India?

Now that you have understood the importance of education fairs and how they help you with the right funding for your journey, let’s figure out where you can find these fairs from. And more importantly, how you can attend them.

Let’s go through the following questions to clear your doubts.

What Are Some Great Education Fairs in India to Attend?

If researching is like breathing, Google is our oxygen. Lucky to be born in the age of the internet because anything you are looking for is on the internet.

A simple Google search and you will have a long list of international education fairs. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.


Many organizations dedicated to higher education conduct these fairs in collaboration with the educational authorities of a country or any university. Some of the education fairs in India you can try are:

  • Begin Edu Fairs,
  • Global Education Fair (conducted every year),
  • India Edu Hub – Higher Education Fair, etc.

What are the Steps to Find Best Education Fairs in India?

Finding or registering for an education fair is fair-ly simple. You can use the following steps to complete successful registrations.

STEP 1: Research

We have already discussed the research part, which includes a simple internet search. Once you have the entire search results, start looking for organizations conducting fairs that are yet to happen or are near you.

STEP 2: Use Filters to Narrow Your Search

Many organizations conduct multiple fairs, if not every month, every year. When you come across the educational fair schedule web pages of those organizations, you will have the option to apply filters. This narrows down your preferences. For instance, you can mention your specific city or state, date, country, graduation level, subject major, etc.


For this particular example, you can apply your city, month, and destination country filter, whereas, some would provide you with a full schedule. After checking that, you will be able to pick one out and register for that fair.

STEP 3: Register

Once you have finalized an event that you wish to participate in, it is time for you to register before all the seats are filled. For that, you will be able to find a button directing you toward the registration page. The button could say anything from “More info” to “Apply Now”.

The registration form might require you to enter general information like your name, contact information, course of interest, destination country, etc.


Are Registrations for Education Fairs Paid or Free?

Usually, registrations for education fairs are FREE.

However, depending upon the type of fair, you may have to pay some amount to take full advantage of the fair.

But, generally, the registrations don’t cost a dime to those interested in attending an education fair. So, add another advantage to the long list of “pros for education fairs” – no-more paying for education counseling to study abroad.

How Can I Make the Most Out of the Best Education Fairs in India?

Depending on the size of the turnout, you may or may not get a lot of face-time with the university representatives. You, with a bag full of questions and doubts, will not be able to manage enough time to quench your thirst for answers.

What you can do is prepare a few things in advance. What are those things? Check below:

  • If not a degree, at least finalize a field of study.
  • Find out the eligibility criteria like subject and job experience requirements.
  • Find out if universities in the country of your interest offer courses in English.
  • Prepare a list of questionnaires in advance so that you are not wasting time wondering what to ask.
  • Do not forget to ask them about the applications and what kind of students would your prospective college accept. This will help you create a persona through your application, LOR or SOP.

Do Not hesitate to attend an education fair. Once you register for an educational event, you have signed up for clearing all of your doubts. The best education fairs in India will either help you decide which college to go to or which not. In either case, it is only making your decision easier.

Good luck.

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