Colleges in Australia for international students: ranking, courses, tuition and more

Australia continues to be one of the most sought-after overseas education locations. It is home to some of the best colleges in Australia for international students.

Thanks to its:

  • World-class education system 
  • Diversity 
  • Scope of employment 
  • High quality of life

The country has several of the world’s top universities, as shown by the fact that 39 Australian universities have been listed in the ‘Best Global Universities in Australia’ list. 

There are over 1100 higher education institutions in the nation, and they collectively offer 22,000 unique courses. Of course, it can be challenging for an overseas student to select the best university and academic programme from among these. 

This article will help you make the choice. Read till the end to learn about:

  • The top colleges in Australia for international students
  • Cheapest university in australia for international students
  • Cost of studying in Australia 

Best colleges in Australia for international students

University name Australian ranking Global score
University of Melbourne  1 80.8
University of Sydney  2 80.0
University of Queensland Australia 3 77.8
Monash University  4 77.0
University of New South Wales 5 76.8
Australian National University 6 75.1
University of Adelaide 7 74.3
University of Western Australia 8 73.2

The rankings concentrate exclusively on schools’ academic research and reputation, and not on their separate undergraduate or graduate programmes. Hence, it helps international students compare universities around the world.

The attached image depicts the weightage of the different factors.

Best colleges in Australia for international students

1. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne has a range of Bachelor’s degree options: agriculture, arts, biomedicine, commerce, design, environments, fine arts, music, oral health and science. You can pick specific majors within these degrees. 

The university has nearly 20 graduate schools. The research institutes at the university promote collaboration among industry, government and nonprofit organizations with a focus on sustainability, neuroscience, and energy. 

2. University of Sydney

At the University of Sydney, faculty and students come together to pave the way for solutions to complex global issues impacting upon our health, environment, technology and culture.

You can participate in world-leading research in creating cleaner fuels, faster internet, treatment for chronic illness, and more sustainable ways of living.

Faculties of the university:

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering 
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health 
  • Faculty of Science 

Schools of the university:

  • School of Architecture, Design and Planning
  • The University of Sydney Business School
  • Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • Sydney Law School

3. University of Queensland Australia

In University of Queensland Australia, you can pursue undergraduate: bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and honours degrees, postgraduate: master’s degrees, graduate diplomas and graduate certificates, and research: PhDs, Master of Philosophy and professional doctorates.

The university is located in Brisbane, a warm and friendly city that gives you the opportunity to live, work and study.

You can also avail students discounts to minimize your expenses on software and technology, public transport, entertainment (such as cinema tickets, museums), select food and drink venues and select hairdressers and barbers.

4. Monash University

Monash University has consistently ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. You get a broader scope of education than its competitors since the university offers many courses, study alternatives, research initiatives, and foreign exchanges.

The university has students from over 170 countries. With students from  Australia, Italy, Malaysia, India, South Africa and China, you’ll receive a truly global education.

You can join a huge range of clubs and benefit from a sophisticated and innovative learning environment. As a pharmacy student, you can create medications in a virtual laboratory. A finance student can work in an immersive trading environment. If you are an engineering student, you can build and race real cars.

5. University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales will give you the perfect balance between the theory of concepts and real-world applications.

Rankings of the university:

  • Ranked 43rd overall in the QS World University Rankings 2022
  • Six subjects ranked in the top 20, QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021
  • Ranked 27th for employability, QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020

6. Australian National University

If you want to tackle complex challenges facing humanity and develop real-world solutions, ANU is the right pick for you. You will work with world-leading academics inside and outside the classroom. 

ANU was ranked #1 most employable graduates in Australia by Times Higher Education 2020. This university also has 6 Nobel laureates among the staff and alumni. 

They also offer two-week, summer, semester or year-long programs that could take you to one of many universities around the world. 

The university also offers a number of scholarships to support its international students. 

How to select the right university among the many colleges in Australia for international students?

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How to select the right university among the many colleges in Australia for international students

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Tuition at colleges in Australia for international students

In most Australian universities, tuition fees are calculated based on the courses (subjects) you select, rather than on the degree (program) you choose. 

Most universities offer a flexible degree structure that allows you to choose from a range of courses in different faculties, your actual tuition fees will depend on the specific courses you pick within your degree.

Subject study load (as fraction) x Subject fee ($ per study load) = Cost of subject

The approximate cost of each credit is A $1000. This will vary depending on the university.

In the top universities, tuition for one year will cost you around A$40,000. This can be very expensive. However, there are cheaper universities as well. 

Here is a table of the most affordable universities in Australia for international students.

University  Bachelor’s programs Master’s programs Research programs
University of Wollongong $24,000 p.a. $28,000 p.a. $18,000 p.a.
University of Southern Queensland  $26,000 p.a. $26,000 p.a. $27,000 p.a.
Charles Sturt University $26,000 p.a. $27,000 p.a. $23,000 p.a.
Federation University Australia $25,000 p.a. $27,000 p.a. $23,000 p.a.
University of Sunshine Coast $25,000 p.a. $29,000 p.a. $29,000 p.a.

The table depicts rough estimates of the tuition. The actual price may vary. All universities have a fee indicator that allows you to calculate your fees. 

Here are the three factors that cause fluctuations in your overall tuition.

  • Duration of the course
  • University 
  • Number of credits taken

Other costs

Apart from tuition, you also need to consider other costs that you will incur.

  • Application fees which are around A$125.
  • Costs of other tests like GRE, GMAT, IELTS.
  • Health insurance cost through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) scheme.
  • Textbooks which may come around to A$1,000 per year.
  • Living costs will vary depending on the city. As of October 2019, the 12-month living costs set by the Australian Government were: student or guardian – A$21,041, accompanying partner or spouse – A$7362, accompanying child – A$3152.
  • A rental living facility will range between A$185 to A$440

Other possible costs include travel to work placements, graduation ceremony costs and library expenses (printing/scanning/photocopying).

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Now that you have learned about some of the best and cheapest colleges in Australia for international students, get started with your application. With the mentors at SelectRight, this process will be made easy for you. 

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