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Here’s the list of documents you need for student visa. 

  1. A Valid Passport
  2. An Error-free Visa Application
  3. Proof of Being A Bonafide Student
  4. A Compelling Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
  5. University Confirmation Letter And Fees Receipts
  6. Two Letters Of Recommendation (LORs)
  7. Original Academic Certificates And Transcripts
  8. English Language Test Scores Are A Must
  9. (IELTS/TOEFL)Work Experience Letter (if any)
  10. Proof Of Funds: They Are VERY Important!
  11. Parent’s Proof Of Income, FD Acknowledgements, Property Report, Share or Bonds
  12. Health Insurance Certificates
  13. Student Visa Application Fee Receipt
  14. Accepted Passport Size Photographs
  15. Proof of Accommodation     

For more details, read on.      

Study Abroad Visa Documents – Your Complete Guide

The student visa requirements process might be daunting at the periphery. 

But, here’s the catch – you can simplify the student visa complexities by just having your paperwork intact. 

In this blog, let’s walk you through all the documents you will need to gather along with a pre-departure checklist for studying in a foreign country.

Study Abroad Visa Documents - Your Complete Guide

IAT: Study Abroad Visa Documents For Student Visa

To touch base, there are two types of student visas to study abroad as a foreigner. i.e., short-term study visa and long-term study visa. 

Snapshot of short-term students visa 

The Short-Term Visa is provided to students who plan to take a diploma certificate course or a short-term course for not more than a period of 90 days (3 months).

A long-term Visa is provided to students planning to take up a degree abroad.

15 Important Documents You Need To Apply For A Student Visa

To apply for a students visa, every country has its own set of document submission requirements depending on its immigration Law. 

So, while applying to different universities and colleges abroad, make a note of all the required documents in advance. 

While the specifications differ depending upon the country you are applying to, some of the essentials remain the same. 

Let’s quickly run a glance over this checklist:

1. A Valid Passport

As a basic requirement, you will need a valid passport to travel abroad. 

To study abroad make sure your passport has a validity period of at least six months after the planned return date to your home country. 

2. An Error-free Visa Application

At the visa office, you will be handed a student visa application that will ask you about the necessary personal details. 

Make sure you fill out this visa application with utmost accuracy. 

Avoid making errors, especially with your name, initial, date of birth etc. 

A visa application is a crucial document that puts all the pieces of your student visa together. Thus, carefully cater to every question, attentively. 

3. Proof of Being A Bonafide Student

A Bonafide certificate clarifies the legitimacy of a student’s past education. 

To prove this, you can request the university you graduated from to acknowledge proof displaying you have passed out from the specific university. 

In case of an outstanding academic record, universities include academic laurels in your bonafide certificate, earning one of these might be beneficial for your career. 

4. A Compelling Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

An SOP or a Statement of Purpose is a letter you, the study abroad aspirant compose expressing his/her interest in pursuing a particular course abroad.  

Most Universities and colleges too expect you to provide a statement of purpose. 

However, your SOP for a visa application is slightly different than the one submitted during your admission.  

An SOP for a university focuses on your academic interests, achievements, career goals, experiences etc. Whereas, an SOP for students visa circles around financial backup, career plans, future plans etc. 

Your visa SOP must clearly define the sources of your funding abroad. 

The VO must be given enough evidence to prove that you have the finances to survive in a different country during your course tenure. 

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5. University Confirmation Letter And Fees Receipts

For a student visa, you obviously need to have a confirmed university admission. 

One of the crucial documents you will be submitting to the visa officer includes stapling the university acceptance letter. 

Along with your admission confirmation, you will also have to attach fee payment proofs to show that you’ve enrolled yourself in the course. 

6. Two Letters Of Recommendations (LORs)

LORs or reference letters are letters that add to your credibility and acts as an advocate to justify your caliber to the visa officer.  

These LORs are written on official letterheads, be it by a university professor of a college 

you studied in or by a manager whom you worked with. 

In a LOR, qualified professionals describe your potential, performance, achievements, skills, and interests that have motivated you to pursue your education further abroad. 

These letterheads must also be sealed and signed by the professional writing the letter.

7. Original Academic Certificates And Transcripts

While applying for a student visa you will have to also submit your marks report, certificates and transcripts. 

Include the below list of certificates along with the other documents: 

  • 10th Grade Transcripts and Certificate.
  • 12th Grade Transcripts and Certificate.
  • Bachelor’s Transcripts and Degree (for Masters/PG Programs only)
  • Master’s Transcripts and Degree (if available)
  • Diploma Transcripts and Certificate (if available)
  • Other diploma certificates (if available)

8. English Language Test Scores (IELTS/TOEFL)

Hailing from India, you are required to submit an English proficiency test course while applying for a visa abroad. 

The purpose of these scores is to cross-check if your language abilities are thorough to prosper in another country. 

Students usually take the IELTS or TOEFL test before moving abroad. 

Have a look at the below table to learn about the accepted language scores:

Country  Minimum Accepted IELTS Score Minimum Accepted TOEFL Score
USA  6.5 – 7 78
Canada 6 80
UK 6 70
Germany 5.5-6 80
Australia 6.5 79

9. Work Experience Letter (if any)

Having work experience before moving abroad to study is beneficial. 

Courses like MS, MBA or executive MBA, etc require students to have at least 2 years of work experience to have a working knowledge of the industry.

So, be it any internships, volunteer work, social work or work experience, attach the experience letters along with your visa application. 

This allows the visa officer to understand your interests as well as reflects responsibility. It also helps you convey that you shall be back to your home country after your Master’s to continue your career.  

10. Proof Of Funds: They Are VERY Important!

Visa authorities thoroughly check your financial statements. It is important to ensure that you have ample financial aid to study abroad. 

To provide the proof of funds to the visa officer, you will need to submit bank statements, a student loan acknowledgment letter (if any), blocked account proof (if required) and sponsorship proofs (if any). 

Your bank statement must prove that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses abroad. 

Blocked Account Proof: 

If you choose to study in Germany, having a blocked account is a must. 

A blocked account is a bank account with a blocked sum of money that you receive in installments once you move abroad to study. 

As Germany offers high-quality free education for international students, choosing the best university from SelectRight will help you have a successful career at an affordable price.  

Proof Of Funds: They Are VERY Important!

11. Parent’s Proof Of Income, FD Acknowledgements, Property Report, Share or Bonds 

As parents act as your support system, their income proofs need to be submitted to the authorities. 

If you aren’t opting for a student loan and your education is sponsored by your parents or a relative, you will have to provide proof for the same. 

An affidavit of supposed can be issued to prove the same too.

Students traveling abroad with the financial assistance of a student loan submit the loan approval documents or the transaction receipt. 

But, students financing their own education abroad or the ones having ancestral grants for the purpose of their education must attach additional proof of funds. 

To show that you have enough money to take care of yourself during your college tenure, you can produce proof of your savings, property documents, etc.   

12. Health Insurance Certificates

Health insurance should be purchased according to the regulations of the country you are applying to.

Due to the pandemic, you will additionally require a health insurance card and a vaccination certificate. 

It is also highly recommended that you conduct a full-body medical check-up before flying abroad. 

13. Student Visa Application Fee Receipt

The visa application fee receipt is required for the visa interview appointment. 

The payment receipt of your student visa application form confirms your go-ahead for a student visa and thus, is important to be attached along with the other documents. 

14. Accepted Passport Size Photographs

Your passport size photo is an important factor to keep your process going. 

As your photograph is the only visual evidence of you, make sure it is a recent photograph. 

A recently clicked photograph avoids confusion as it’s easier for the visa officer to recognize that you are the same person traveling.

Another interesting fact about photographs is that every country has its own size, background and zoom specification. 

So, make sure you are catering to the right photo style guide while submitting your picture. 

Your passport-size photo should also include your name and date of birth at the back of your photograph.

15. Proof of Accommodation

Along with your address proof, university evidence, and financial credentials, the last leaflet to complete your document folder in the visa office is the proof of accommodation. 

You can provide any proof of stay in the country you wish to study in. 

You can submit the hostel fees recite to display the same. 

This is to ensure that you have a place to stay once you land abroad. Therefore, make your stay arrangements prior to flying abroad. 

By gathering the above list of documents, you are sorted for your visa interview. 

Visa interview?

Once you have your documents in place, you can book an appointment at the consulate for a visa interview. 

At the visa interview, you will have to discuss your interests and also, provide your biometrics. This again is a very important part of the process. 

After your interview, the procedure proceeds and you finally have your student visa approval (obviously, if everything seems right). 

You are then ready to fly.

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