Why MBA in USA for Indian Students?

Why MBA in USA for Indian students

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Is that the answer you have been getting from everyone around you? No doubt IIMs are one of the best B-schools in India.

Who is to contest their state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, extensive curriculum, and placement packages? That’s enough to make your eyes go glittery.

But here’s an interesting number for you. IIM-A, one of the top B-schools in India has an acceptance rate of 0.25%.

With all the quota seats and this low acceptance rate, what options do you have at your hands?

Here’s a question to answer your question.

Did you know that the USA is the only country in the world with over 51 out of 100 globally accredited B-Schools?

And that the average acceptance rate at the top colleges for MBA in USA is ~ 15%?

Did you get your answer? Yes, “study MBA in USA” is your answer. You know that already, of course.

But, we know that your mind must be overpowered with a lot of questions about the decision to study in US right now.

In that case, fret not, because we are here to help you with all of your queries.

Read on.

Why MBA in USA for Indian Students?

You decided to get into the top B-School in the US.

But, then? You get surrounded with doubts about whether or not it is worth making this huge financial decision.

These reasons will help you figure out why MBA in USA for Indian students is a good option.

1. Top-ranking B-Schools

What are the first five things you check about a school before finalizing it?

Is ‘ranking’ one of those five things? If yes, great. If not, still great, because an institute is awarded a ranking based on its overall performance.

So, directly or indirectly, the ranking does become an important factor in choosing a school.

But why are we talking about ranking here? Here’s why.

If you check the QS World University Rankings 2022 for Global MBA, you would see that about 40% of the listed B-schools are from the US. Stanford Graduate School of Business takes the first position with 94.2 overall scores, followed by Harvard B-School and Penn, Wharton.

But, the QS ranking is not the only testament to the excellence of these schools. As per the latest THE World University Rankings 2022: Business and Economics, US universities have scored the top spots.

2. Comprehensive Financial Aid

This goes without saying that the cost of studying in the US can poke a hole in your pockets. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sew it back through financial aid.

The US has over 500 MBA universities with 270+ of them being publicly-funded. More than 340 of these B-schools offer full and partial funding options or scholarships for international students making it affordable.

On top of that, with your great GMAT scores, you can bag scholarships that would make your dream of completing an MBA in the US a reality. And if you can’t find scholarships you are eligible for, our board of advisors is always there to help you. Write to us at [email protected] and we’ll find the right person to speak with you.

Want to know more about the scholarships and how to get them? Check out the following links:

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3. High ROI/ Salary

What is even the advantage of investing lakhs or even crores in education if you are going to spend half of your career paying it back as a loan?

  • Will I be able to pay back my student loans?
  • Will my salary package after my MBA be worth the financial investment in the course?
  • Am I making a financial mistake or a great investment?

Having all these questions is natural. So, let’s answer them for you.

A report by Statistica on ROI for top B-Schools in the US shows the numbers after 5 years of graduation. And you are going to love the numbers. The top schools can have an ROI as high as $90,000.

About employment? Over 80% of the graduates from all universities get employed in three months.

And salary? With a high-ranking school, don’t even think below $100,000. Top schools like Stanford GSB and Wharton can bag you an initial package of $145K to $153K+.


  • Good ROI ✅
  • Employment ✅
  • A handsome package ✅
  • A bright future ✅
  • A financial mistake ❌

4. Career Growth and Global Market Awareness

We keep hearing about how the global market is continuously changing and the need to keep up with it is of utmost importance for professional excellence.

You completed your bachelor’s and decided to opt for an MBA.

Or maybe you are looking to advance in your career so you left your job to go for the course.

Whatever be the case, studying and working in one of the leading economies of the world with a global brand presence in the job market definitely has its own advantages. And that too, massive.

Understanding of the global economy, US industries, international brands, and networking with industry stalwarts. Now if all of this would not help you with your career growth then what will, right?

And that is not it.

Through extensive curricula, you will be exposed to a wide range of experiential learning, training programs, interaction with global leaders, and internships. In short, you will be served a dish called success – hot, and in a fancy bowl.

5. Professional Networking and Increased Job Opportunities

Getting an MBA from the US puts you in close contact with over 126k MBA aspirants graduating every year in the country. Graduates with different work experience, different perspectives on the global economy, and expertise in different fields of business.

With this, not only will you be able to expand your professional network but will also have increased chances of working with global brands.

HQs of about 500 multinational corporations are located in the USA or its vicinity. As long as you have what it takes to get into these corporations, you can never run out of top global recruiters.

More Reasons to Choose the US for an MBA?

  • A long list of schools to choose from.
  • A name in the society (because graduating from one of the top universities in the world isn’t something everyone can do).
  • Over 50 specializations to choose from.
  • The opportunity to choose among Full-time, Part-time, Executive, and Online MBA.
  • Flexible academic environment.

Did all of these points make you want to look for a B-school in the US now? Then this is the best time for you to select the right university for yourself.

Let’s face it, you can’t handle the data: 1000s of universities, so many cities, so many specializations, so many opportunities. Which one suits you the best?

AI is your servant when you select your university using SelectRight.

With SelectRight, you can find the best university for yourself and launch a new phase of your life to study MBA in USA.

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