UK September intake 2022-23: Deadlines Universities, and More

Are you planning to study in the UK in 2023? You need to start preparing now to make the UK September intake 2022 deadline.

According to 2020/2021 statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, there are currently 605,130 international students pursuing their degrees in the UK.

UK September intake 2022-23: Deadlines Universities, and More

As you can see the numbers have been steadily increasing each year. Hence, it’s getting tougher for students to get in.

The first step to getting into a UK university is learning about all the relevant UK September intake 2022 deadlines.

Read this article to learn which deadlines you need to meet and how.

It covers:

  • The 7 stages of UK September intake 2022 deadline.
  • Important dates
  • UCAS deadlines
  • Top 10 universities to apply to by the UK September intake 2022 deadline
  • 6 tips to make the UK September intake 2022 deadline.

UK September intake 2022-23: Deadlines Universities, and More

This flow chart demonstrates the process of admission and important deadlines to meet for Oxford University.

Based on data from multiple universities we have divided different stages of UK September intake 2022 deadlines. 

7 stages of UK September intake 2022 deadline

What to do When to do
Stage 1  Choosing a course and university and familiarizing yourself with the requirements  June
Stage 2  Writing a personal statement figuring out recommendations. Colleges may ask for 1, 2 or 3 letters of recommendations. So, you should have 3 sources ready.  July
Stage 3  Prepare and take the tests required – GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL August
Stage 4  Additional work. Typically forms for some colleges open at this time. 

Additional work may include portfolios, some Master’s programs also want you to have a research question/proposal ready. 

Stage 5  Start applying. We recommend that you finish applying by November. October- November 
Stage 6  Interviews. Not all programs conduct interviews. December 
Stage 7 Offer letter. At this point you decide whether you want to accept, reject or defer your offer.  January

As you may already know, admission tests, while common in India, are not usually required to study abroad. Hence, stage 2 where you write your statement of purpose and find references is the most important stage. 

This is where you need an expert’s guidance. Create an account on SelectRight. The platform will provide you access to a carefully curated directory of unbiased industry experts who can help you with various aspects of your application like SOP review, application review, LOR review or any other queries that might require expert opinion for free. 

7 stages of UK September intake 2022 deadline

Three important things you need to know about the UK September intake 2022 deadline

Stage 3 tests to meet the UK September intake 2022 deadline

Most Indian students start preparing for important standardized exams at least a year prior to applications. However, this mostly applies to GRE and GMAT. GMAT is usually required in graduate business programmes, while GRE can be demanded for any graduate program.

GRE isn’t very common to study in the UK. You usually require only English proficiency tests. August is the perfect time frame to take them as it gives you enough time to retake the test if you get a bad score.

And don’t worry about preparations. If your education was conducted in English, these tests aren’t hard because they only assess basic skills. So, one month is more than enough to prepare.

If your education wasn’t primarily conducted in English, there are plenty of classes available which can assist you. In that case, you should begin preparation for the test in June, itself. 

Balancing funding to meet the UK September intake 2022 deadline

We also recommend that you look for funding side-by-side throughout the process. There is a good chance that you will be accepted into a university if you meet their criteria.

Money shouldn’t be the reason that you don’t go. There are scholarships and education loans available.

Look at the college’s website and sort out scholarships. In some cases, you need to fill extra forms or submit additional materials to be considered for specific scholarships.

SelectRight can also help you find funding for your courses. Your account has a section dedicated especially to scholarships.

Balancing funding to meet the UK September intake 2022 deadline

You just have to add which course you are interested in, what matters the most to you while choosing a program, your educational background and the platform will show you relevant scholarships. 

The main UK September intake 2022 deadline

Most colleges have their forms open till March 31st for the September intake. But you should be finished with applications by December.

Here’s why. 

  • Some colleges assess on a first come first basis. So, if you wait that long, they might not even assess your application.
  • If you get your offer in January, you will have enough time to think about visa, funding, tickets and more.
  • Most colleges automatically consider your application for various scholarships. However, the deadline for most of these scholarships is December 31st. So, even if you get in later, you might miss out on the savings. 

UCAS UK September intake 2022 deadline

Most colleges expect you to apply through UCAS. 

Depending on the courses you apply for, your application must be with UCAS by one of the following dates for courses beginning in 2023 (and for deferred applications). 

Your application will be taken into consideration if it is full and sent by the deadline, including all of your personal information and academic references.

Important Deadlines:

15 October 2022 for 2023 entry at 18:00 (UK time) – any course at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry. You can add choices with a different deadline later, but don’t forget you can only have five choices in total.  

25 January 2023 for 2023 entry at 18:00 (UK time) – for the majority of courses. 

Some course providers require additional admissions tests to be taken alongside the UCAS application, and these may have a deadline.

If you miss the January deadline, don’t panic. The 15 October deadline is typically rigid, not the January one. This is because the October deadline is set for more competitive courses. 

Prior to the start of the course, many universities and colleges will still accept applications from international applicants. 

Don’t wait too long, though, as you’ll still need to make arrangements for a visa and housing even if you do receive a place.

Important Deadlines: 

For example, King’s college accepts applications till July for its programs. 

Best colleges to study to apply to by the UK September intake 2022 deadline.

UK ranking World ranking University 
1 2 University of Oxford
2 3 University of Cambridge 
3 7 Imperial College London
4 8 UCL
5 16 The University of Edinburgh 
6 27 University of Manchester 
7 35 King’s College London 
8 49 The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 
9 61 The University of Warwick 
10 62 University of Bristol 

These rankings are from The QS World University Rankings which comprises the global overall and subject rankings which name the world’s top universities for the study of 51 different subjects and five composite faculty areas.

Tips to make the UK September intake 2022 deadline by industry experts

  1. Keep the final date in mind

Start with the deadline for your final application, and define targets around that time. Allow extra time for revisions or changes, so you have everything finished and prepared to turn in around ten days earlier than expected. 

  1. Ask for Letters of Recommendation Early

Inform your professors or teachers about your plans to go to college in advance. Inform them about the course you want to apply for and that you want them to write you a letter of recommendation.

This gives them enough time to prepare a good LOR while still maintaining the deadline. 

  1. Prioritize

There are many things to do on the list. So in different months you need to prioritize different tasks and focus on them. 

  1. One thing at a time

Do you find it difficult to begin your list of activities? Make your work more manageable by breaking it up. Here are two approaches to solving this: 

  • Divide a task into manageable, small steps. Fill out the common application responses for one college each day until you have finished them. 
  • Set aside a specific amount of time each day for major chores. Schedule 20 minutes every day at the same time on your calendar to do that last supplemental essay. You’ll be done for the day in only 20 minutes. You’ll also have a sense of satisfaction knowing you have made progress. 
  1. Prepare your admission materials in advance

Admissions materials required for college applications differ depending on your program. At an undergraduate level you need your school mark sheets, board exam certificate. At a postgraduate level, you will need your college transcripts. 

Speak with their counselors about what to anticipate and give them at least one week to get these documents. 

You should create a google drive link with all your transcripts and essential documents. 

  1. Reach out to your community

You aren’t the first person who is applying to the UK. Look around, ask your peers and relatives  and find people who are studying in the same university or same course that you want to go for. 

Their advice and learning how they did it is essential.

If you don’t have access to such resources, find them online. Create an account on SelectRight.

The platform will connect with mentors who can provide valuable guidance. These mentors are either alumni or current students of your matched programs/universities. 

Now that you know the important UK September intake 2022 deadline, get started on your application, if you haven’t already.

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