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So which are the top 5 universities offering a Master’s in Computer Science in the U.S.?

Top Universities In USA For MS In Computer Science

University Tuition Fee In USD IELTS Marks Required GRE Marks Required
Massachusetts Institute of Technology $27,755/term 7 Not required for the current admission cycle
University of California, Berkeley $26,544/year 7 Not required
Columbia University $45,000/year 7.5 750 or higher is recommended
Princeton University $56,010/year 7 Not accepted 
Standford University $56,487 (11-18 Units) Not Accepted
Not required

Computer Science peaked in the 90s. But the development of the field hasn’t stopped since. 

The basic purpose of the stream is focused on making human life easier. 

If you’ve got a thing or two to contribute to this field, then an MS in Computer Science will boost your research career. 

But which university should you apply to? 

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Top Universities In USA For MS In Computer ScienceIAT: Find the best university for MS in Computer Science in USA

Top 5 Universities in the USA for MS in Computer Science

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Why Study Here?

Why wouldn’t you want to study at the number 1 globally ranked program for an MS in Computer Science? MIT is a world-renowned college for its engineering and science-related courses. It is the best college to do your Master’s in computer science in USA.

This is an interdisciplinary course called Computational Science and Engineering. It trains engineers in advanced computational methods. It is a rigorous program that has high demands from the students. 

The following is a breakdown of the cost of attendance at MIT. 

Why Study Here? 

How To Get In?

You must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science to apply for this course. Your work experience will also be considered for acceptance of an application.

You will have to submit your IELTS or TOEFL score at the time of application. 

You also need a letter of recommendation and a statement of purpose to apply. These documents should talk about your objectives in this course and your past achievements. 

About The City

This university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts which is just outside of Boston. Cambridge is an academic hub with Harvard, Lesley University, MIT, and Hult International Business School all located here. 

The average monthly cost of living is $1,134.20 without rent. Students can choose both on-campus and off-campus housing options. 

The city also has numerous cultural and historic attractions. 

2. University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley

Why Study Here?

The Computer Science department at Berkeley has been ranking among the top in the U.S. The program is focused on research, which puts you on the path to an academic-focused career. This is one of the top universities for MS in computer science.

The institution also offers a 5-year integrated bachelor’s and master’s program in Computer Science. This program is apt for students who are currently studying for a CS-focused degree. 

Here is the eligibility for the 5-year program. 

Why Study Here?

IAT: University of California, Berkeley | Eligibility

How To Get In

You must either be in the final year or have passed from a bachelor’s degree. You should have a minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0-point scale. 

Indian students should have written the TOEFL or IELTS exam before the time of admission. GRE is no longer required or accepted at Berkeley. 

You will also need to submit 3 letters of recommendation. These letters should be from your past professors or superiors. It should have details about your career goals, research accomplishments, soft skills, and your academic acumen. 

You should also write a statement of purpose for why you’re applying to this program. Berkeley also needs a personal history statement that talks about your affiliation to the computer science stream. The statement should talk about how your past experience will help you progress in this degree. 

About The City

Berkeley is a Californian city on the east of San Francisco Bay. The city is known for its academic opportunities and arts. 

The cost of living for a single person at Berkeley is approximately $1,264.57/month without rent.

The city is littered with museums, libraries, and recreational places. It’s the perfect combination of work and play for students. 

3. Columbia University

Columbia University

Why Study Here?

Columbia is an Ivy League university that dates back to 1754. The computer science department is spearheaded by experts in the field. The institution is in New York City, which is known for its technological opportunities. 

The MS program in Computer Science at Columbia offers 8 tracks of studies. This will allow you to specialize in a field of your interest. This is a challenging course that will keep you up to date with both technical and theoretical knowledge. 

How To Get In?

All applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Your academic records should be submitted to the institution as well. 

Indian students need to also write an English proficiency exam (IELTS or TOEFL) to apply. You will also have to write the GRE exam before applying to the university. Applications will not be accepted without your GRE score. 

Along with your academic record, you should also submit three letters of recommendation and a personal statement. These letters should talk about your work ethic, your past academic achievements, and your future goals. 

About The City

New York City is also known as the city that never sleeps. It is a hub of economic activity which is why students flock to the city. 

It costs approximately $1,374.47/month, without rent, to live in NYC. 

The city is surrounded by historical monuments like the Statue of Liberty. NYC also has an abundance of museums and other sites of significance for students to visit. 

4. Princeton University

Princeton University

Why Study Here?

Princeton is an Ivy league private school that was chartered in 1746. The graduate programs at Princeton create world-renowned scholars. Master’s students will get to work with experts in the computer science field who are actually making a difference in the world. 

Princeton has an ethnically diverse group of students. There are a lot of events and programs that help improve the student’s experience at Princeton.  

How To Get In?

You should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree to apply to Princeton’s MSE program. Your field of study doesn’t necessarily have to be computer science-based. But you should’ve studied in at least a 3-year-long program. 

Students don’t need to write the GRE exam. But Indian students must submit TOEFL iBT or IELTS exam scores. 

You should submit a statement of purpose that outlines your goals after the MS program. You should also submit three letters of recommendation before submitting the online application. 

About The City

The university is situated in Princeton, New Jersey. The city was founded before the American Revolutionary War. So there are a lot of historical sites you can visit. 

The average cost of living without rent is $1,287.96/month at Princeton. The university also offers housing on campus. Here is the pricing for that. 

The city also has two museums and many parks for recreation. 

5. Stanford University

Stanford University

Why Study Here?

The Computer Science program at Stanford is a part of the school of engineering. The department was founded in 1965. It has a strong focus on the research field in the areas of AI, robotics, scientific computing, etc. 

The faculty at Stanford are some of the best in the computer science field. They hold years of experience in both teaching the subject and practical experience. 

Stanford University

How To Get In

Students do not need an undergraduate degree in the computer science stream. But it is preferred if you have strong quantitative and analytical skills. 

You need to write the TOEFL exam to get into Stanford University. The school recommends that you write the exam well in advance since you need the scores to submit your application.

You will need three recommendation letters to apply here. It’s preferred if at least two letters are from academic sources. The letter should talk about your qualification and your academic and soft skills. 

You should also submit an SOP that is concise and well-written. This should talk about your academic history, your preparation for this course, and your goals. 

About The City

Stanford University is located in Santa Clara country in California. The county is on the southern coast of San Francisco Bay. 

The approximate cost of living without rent is $1,124.18 without rent. 

Santa Clara has many ecological parks. The county is also home to Silicone Valley, a technological hub. 

Making A Successful Application for a Master’s in Computer Science in USA

Many universities only allow you to apply once per application cycle. So it’s vital that you get it right the first time. Fortunately, the guides at SelectRight can review your application to guarantee the best chance of getting into the top university in the USA for an MS in computer science.

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