Study in Ireland: Cost of Studying and Education Loans for Indian Students

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Ireland is one of the top study abroad destinations for international students. 

The Irish higher education system is popular for providing research-oriented courses. 

In addition to the affordability, study in Ireland is preferred because of its wonderful sceneries, mountain lines, ancient culture and architecture. 

Study in Ireland: Cost of Studying and Education Loans for Indian Students

Another interesting fact that makes study in Ireland desirable for internation students is that it has bagged the 3rd position in the Global Peace Index 2022 for its peaceful and safe environment. Hence, it is safe to assume that Ireland is an ideal place for pursuing studies.

Ireland also has a number of top universities; Trinity College Dublin has ranked first in the country and ranked 101 in the QS world ranking. 

Cost of Studying in Ireland: Ireland Expenses for an International Student

As an international student you have a number of expenses and to manage the same, you can take up part time jobs. 

International students apply for various part time jobs provided you work for 20 hours per week during your course. 

As a part time worker in Ireland, you can earn €10 per hour and earn upto €800 (₹65,980) per month.

The good news about studying in Ireland are the updated Irish guidelines that allow international students with level 9 or a master’s degree to stay back for two years with a post-study work visa. 

Considering these factors, let’s look at how study in Ireland can be feasible along with the best education loans for Ireland. 

Cost of Top Universities to Study in Ireland 2022-2023:

As it’s established that Ireland has some of the best universities in the world with affordable fees.

The fees listed here are based on the academic year 2022-2023.

Universities  Cost of fees (Euro) Cost of fees (INR)
Trinity College Dublin 20,000 – 50,000 (UG)

6,000 – 30,000 (PG)

₹16,27,700 – ₹40,68,804.20

₹4,88,256.50 – ₹24,41,282.52

University College Dublin   €16,000 – €56,790  ₹13,01,632 – ₹46,19,525.76
National University of Ireland, Galway € 15,000 – €18,000 ₹12,19,633.85 – ₹14,63,904
University College Cork  €16,000 – € 50,000 ₹13,01,632 – ₹40,68,804.20
Dublin Business School  €10,050 – €13,800 ₹8,16,886.76 – ₹11,21,695.25
Dublin City University  €13,200 – €17,000 


₹10,73,793.60 – ₹13,82,916
University of Limerick  € 10,056 – €18,000 ₹8,59,129.92 – ₹14,64,426
Maynooth University  € 12,000 ₹9,76,716
Technological University Dublin  €11,650 – €13,500 ₹9,47,647.21 – ₹10,98,163.56
Dundalk Institute of Technology  €9,950 – €12,000 ₹8,10,112.01 – ₹9,77,472

If you’re confused about the best university for you, you can check out SelectRight to guide you. 

Cost of Student Visa: Ireland Student Visa Cost and Flights

The visa application process is crucial in planning your journey to Ireland. 

To apply for a visa for your studies in Ireland, you will need the following:

  • Letter of acceptance from the college or university enrolled on a full-time course.
  • Proof of the full amount of tuition fees paid to the college.
  • In addition to the fees, proof of financial security, an amount of €7,000 as savings in the student’s bank account to fund your studies in Ireland.
  • A consent form duly signed by both parents or guardians.
  • Proof of your ability to speak in English language.
  • Health insurance or medical insurance either personally or through a group scheme operated by the university or college. 
  • Proof of covid vaccination and a negative report on a rapid antigen test according to the latest Irish government guidelines.
Visa  Duration  Cost (euro) Cost (INR)
Short stay ( C- Visa) 90 days 60 ₹ 4,879.82
Long stay ( D-visa or study visa) Longer than 3 months 100 ₹ 8,133.03

Note: After your arrival in Ireland, international students need to report to the Irish Immigration Service with an appointment and proceed to apply for the IRP (Irish Residence permit) at the cost of € 300 per person.


The academic intake in Ireland is from September to December and January to May. 

Flights to Ireland can range anywhere from 80 – 1.77 lakhs for a one-way trip. However, if you book your tickets in advance, the price could cost you a lesser price. 

Cost of Accommodation in Ireland: How Much Does it Cost to Live in Ireland?

The  cost of accommodations in Ireland varies according to the city you choose to reside in and the type of accommodation of your choice.

International students studying in Ireland can choose to live on-campus or off-campus. 

Although, Ireland university accommodations are usually limited and always in high demand. Hence, the selection is done through the lottery.

It is common for most international students to live with an Irish family host.

The table below will give you a clearer idea of how much to set aside for your expenses on accommodation:

Type  Cost  Cost (₹)
On-campus 4900- 6370/year ₹3,98,941.84-₹5,18,624.39
Off-campus rent 3600- 5400/year ₹2,93,100.13-₹4,39,650.19
Homestay with host € 3,780/year  ₹3,07,755.13

Transportation Costs in Ireland: Money Spent in Ireland on Commute

Students travelling in and around cities in Ireland can apply for a student’s leap card to avail discounts on travel charges.

With a student leap card, students can get discounts on fares for Go-Ahead Ireland, Dublin Bus, Luas, Bus Éireann, DART and Irish Rail (Iarnród Éireann) as well as other participating private transport operators in the Republic of Ireland.

Other means of transport and their expected costs are given in the table below:

Type  Cost  Cost (₹)
one-way Ticket (Local Transport) €2.50 ₹203.65
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) €1.30 ₹105.87
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) €100 ₹8,144.31
Go ahead Ireland €1.30- €2.60 ₹105.87-₹211.65
Irish rail  €2.65- €4.65 ₹215.72 -₹378.53

Food Costs in Ireland: How Much Will You Spend on Food in Ireland?

The amount of money spent on food while studying in Ireland will depend on your eating habits and preferences. 

Students usually spend an average of 100 – 250/ month on food, provided you cook your meals at home and refrain from going out. 

The table below is a guide to help you understand the cost of basic food items in Ireland.

Food  Cost  Cost ()
Milk  1L  1.08 ₹87.95
Loaf of bread 1.61 ₹131.11
coffee 3.36 ₹273.62 
Big Mac Meal 8.95 ₹728.84
Water (1.5L) 1.34 ₹109.09
Chicken filets (1kg) 8.45 ₹687.95
Imported beer (at markets) 2.79 ₹227.15
Eggs  2.88 ₹234.47
Apples  €2.31 ₹188.07
Perk: A number of stores offer a student discount of 10%-30%. You will need to have a valid ID or student card to avail of this student discount in Ireland.  

Other Essential Expenses in Ireland:

Other than the expenses mentioned above, you will be spending a large sum on basic utilities like books, stationery, electricity and other bills. 

The estimated costs of these utilities while studying in Ireland are listed below:

Utilities  Cost  Cost (₹)
Textbooks  €100 – €500 ₹8,144.31 – ₹40,721.21
Medical insurance  €120-€150 (first year)

€200 ( additional year onwards)

₹9,773.09 – ₹12,216.36


Basic electricity, water, garbage, etc €164.11/month ₹13,363.64
Internet  €50.09/month ₹4,079.74

Based on the above estimates, we  advise students that the cost of studying and cost of living in Ireland should roughly be budgeted between €7,500 – €10,700 per year. 

Since we have comprehended the estimated costs and expenditures of studying in Ireland, let’s look at some of the educational loans for Ireland that can help you fulfil your study abroad dream.

Indian Educational loans for Ireland: Best Indian Loans that Will Help You Study Abroad

It is always confusing and intimidating to decide which education loan for Ireland will serve you best. 

To make it easier for you, we have listed the names of banks, loan amounts, interest rates and other essentials below. 

To get an education loan for Ireland, the eligibility criteria are:

  • You must be an Indian citizen
  • Should be at least 18 years of age at the time of loan application
  • Have confirmed admission and letter of acceptance from a recognized university in Ireland
  • A co-applicant with a stable income, who can either be a parent or a spouse. 
  • Eligible CIBIL score to get your loan approved.

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The banks and loan amounts are given in the table below:

Bank  Processing Fee  Maximum Loan Amount  Interest Rate  Period of Loan
Axis Bank 0.38%-0.75% Upto 40 Lakhs Starting at 11.25%pa Upto 15 years
Bank of Baroda ₹12,000 Upto 


8.25% for boys, 7.75% for girls 15 Years
Canara Bank Nil ₹40 lakhs  6.90% to 8.80% p.a. 15 Years
Federal Bank Nil 2O Lakhs Up to 10.05% pa Course period and 5-7 Years
HDFC BANK 1000 OR 1% of loan 30 Lakhs 9.55% pa 15 Years Including moratorium
SBI 10,000 1.5 Crore 8.65% pa 15 Years
Punjab National Bank 1% of the loan amount, subject to a minimum amount of 10,000 As per requirement as repayment capacity RLR+BSP+2.00% onwards 15 Years
ICICI Bank 1% Upto

 1 crore (secured)

Upto 40 lakhs (unsecured)

Starts at 10.50% pa 12 Years
InCred  0.75%-1.25% Upto

 1 crore (secured)

Upto 65 lakhs (unsecured)

Starts at 12% Upto15 years

By taking any of the listed loans with the help of FundRight, you get the best student deal possible to study abroad.

Carefully check the loan requirements, and criteria to apply for a loan suitable to your needs.

You can also apply for various scholarships to manage your study in Ireland. 

Make sure to keep track of your application to universities and bank loans and that your visa arrives on time for your safe departure to Ireland. 

Remember, study in Ireland is definitely a rewarding choice as most companies house their head offices in Ireland. Therefore, giving you access to a massive highly paying job market.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Study in Ireland

Question 1: Is it expensive to study in Ireland?

Ans: The cost of living is anywhere between €10,000 to €15,000 a year to study in Ireland. This makes it an affordable choice to study abroad. 

Question 2: Is Ireland good for international students?

Ans: Ireland is a good place to study abroad because of the high standards of teaching and education, career opportunities and the enjoyable lifestyle. 

Question 3: Is Ireland a cheaper option for Indians?

Ans: When compared to the US, Australia and others yes Ireland is definitely an affordable option for Indian students. However, it’s going to cost you even lesser to study in countries like Germany.

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