Study Abroad Entrance Exams: Comprehensive List Of Exams To Study Abroad

Aspirants take exams to study abroad to qualify for admission to their desired university.  

Be it an aptitude test, a language proficiency test or a subject-based test, students take various tests depending upon the requirement of the university they wish to apply to. 

Business courses require a GMAT score or a GRE score to access your abilities to pursue the course. 

Similarly, Indians are expected to submit an English language test score to prove their language proficiency to study abroad. 

But, how do you shortlist the tests you need to appear for? 

Entrance Tests To Study Abroad For International Students

As mentioned above, you are required to take the entrance exam for abroad studies that suit your specialization. 

Check out the table below to map out tests you need to take depending upon your desired course. 

Specialized Courses Tests Language Test
MS GRE/Subject GRE (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math) IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo/PTE
MA GRE/Subject GRE (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math) IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo/
Medicine NEET IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo/

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To elaborate on the same, let us give you details in a shot about the tests below: 

  • GRE

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a popular aptitude exam taken by students planning to pursue a Master’s or an MBA abroad. 

The GRE exams for study abroad tests your Analytical Writing Skill, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning skills.  

  • The GRE test is conducted throughout the year 
  • GRE Scoring: 130 – 170 (in 1 point increment) in Verbal and Quantitative Writing; 0-6 in Analytical Writing in half-point increments. 
  • To apply: Visit the ETS website
  • GRE test cost: INR 15,857.70

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  • GRE Subject Tests

Conducted by the ETS GRE body, the GRE Subject Tests are taken by undergraduates in the field of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. 

Students aspiring to take up a specialization or a master’s in one of these subjects take the GRE Subject Test. However, you should check if the university you are interested in applying to accepts the GRE subject test scores. 

You can check universities listed in SelectRight to find the best Masters’s abroad along with the entrance exams they accept. 

  • The GRE Subject tests are conducted three times every year, in the month of September, October and April. 
  • GRE Subject test scoring: 200 – 990 score scale in a 10-point increment.
  • To register visit the ETS Subject Test website
  • GRE Subject test cost is INR 11,165
  • GMAT

GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a specialized test for an MBA admission abroad. 

B-school aspirants display their skills by answering questions of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning. 

  • The GMAT aptitude test is conducted online throughout the year.
  • The GMAT Score Scale is about 200 – 800
  • You can register for the GMAT exam on
  • GMAT test costs: INR 18,500
  • SAT

The SATs or the Scholastic Aptitude Test is conducted by the college board of USA and is taken by students aspiring to pursue their undergrad abroad. 

The SAT test has 3 main sections of Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. Along with an optional essay writing section added to it.

  • SAT is conducted 5 times a year in India.
  • The SAT scoring scale ranges from 400 to 1600.
  • SAT registration
  • SAT test cost: INR 7,700  
  • ACT

If you are an undergrad student, the exams to study abroad after 12th are SAT or the ACT test. 

ACT or American College Testing examines a student’s ability to answer questions in English, Reading, Mathematics and Science.

  • ACT is conducted 6 times a year in India.
  • ACT is scored on a 1-36 score range.
  • ACT Registration
  • ACT test cost: INR 4,450 – INR 6,300
  • IELTS Academic

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a widely accepted English proficiency test taken by non-native English speakers. 

Students aspiring to pursue an English course abroad need to prove their English language abilities by taking the IELTS test.

  • You can book an IELTS test throughout the year. 
  • IELTS tests you on four parameters, which are English writing, reading, listening and speaking on a scale of 1-10 (each section). This score is further converted to a nine-band score. 
  • To book an IELTS test, check the website 
  • The IELTS test costs INR 15,500 in India. 

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Test of English as a Foreign Language or popular known by its acronym TOEFL is yet another popular English test accepted across the world by various universities. 

The TOEFL iBT test assesses students on the basis of their writing, reading, speaking and listening skills.  

  • TOEFL iBT is conducted a number of times throughout the year. You can schedule a test on your desired dates online. 
  • The total TOEFL iBT test marks are marked on a scale of 0-120.
  • To register for TOEFL iBT, create an account on the TOEFL ETS website and register. 
  • TOEFL iBT cost: INR 13,652
  • PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English is another English language proficiency test. 

PTE examines your reading, speaking and listening skills. 

Despite PTEs wide acceptance, you must check the eligibility requirements of the university you are applying to in advance to re-confirm if your desired university accepts the PTE test scores. 

  • PTE is taken throughout the year. The benefit of taking the PTE test is that you get your language test results within 5 days of taking the exam. 
  • PTE scores are received on a scale of 10-90. 
  • You can sign up for a PTE test on pearsonpte
  • The cost of taking the PTE test in India is INR 13,300
  • Duolingo

Duolingo is a rather new English language test introduced for students wanting to study abroad. 

The swift-hassle free test directly on the Duolingo portal makes it user-friendly. 

If you are short of time to submit your English scores, then this is the best option to go for (provided the university you are applying to accepts Duolingo). 

  • You can take the Duolingo test anytime, anywhere directly on the portal. 
  • Your English proficiency on Duolingo is marked on a scale of 10-160.
  • You can take the Duolingo test on Duolingo
  • The Duolingo test costs INR 3750
  • LSAT

The Law School Admission Test is your entry test to Law schools across the world. 

To test your ability to comprehend complex situations and arguments, the test comprises of one Analytical Reasoning section, two Logical Reasoning sections and one unscored writing section.  

  • The LSAT exam for study abroad is conducted twice a year, in January and June. 
  • The LSAT score is marked on a scale of 120-180.
  • Register for the LSAT test on
  • The LSAT test costs INR 3,499
  • NEET

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a Medical entrance test. 

Students aspiring to pursue MBBS in India or abroad are required to clear the NEET test as a mandate. 

  • NEET is conducted once a year in India. 
  • The NEET score scale ranges from 400 to 700.
  • To register for NEET
  • The NEET test costs INR 1600

Apart from NEET, students aspiring to take MBBS abroad can take medical entrance tests depending on the country of their choice. 

Country Accepted Medical Test
Canada NEET
Germany NEET
Australia MCAT, UCAT, NEET

The competitive tests you might have to face to study abroad might seem intimidating. However, talking to an alumnus who fuels your courage might add an extra push to your decision. 


Talking to experts and college alumni on SelectRight allows you to weigh your options and also, look at the prospective options in-store for you. 

Seeking guidance from someone who’s been through your journey will empathize with your anxious thoughts and dilemma. 

So, ask them questions, about how they conquered their GMAT or IELTS? 

Their tricks might just help you crack that one extra score good enough to take you to your dream university abroad. 

But, remember, to be among the creme de la creme you must work hard. 

Put a study plan in place, and prepare yourself well in advance. 

While you prepare, learn about the eligibility criteria of your desired universities to strategize your preparation. 

If you are unable to map the right course or university, you can check SelectRight’s university reckoner. 

You are one step away from reaching your goal. Stay focused and you shall achieve it. 

All the best! 

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