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France is a top destination for students from around the world.  


In the academic year 2022/23, France welcomed 412,087 international students to its higher education institutions. 


That’s a 3% increase from the previous year and a 17% rise over the past five years. 


Historically, Indian students haven’t made up a large part of the international student population in France. But this is changing. 


In 2023, over 400,000 students were studying in France’s higher education institutions. Of these, it’s estimated that close to 15,000 students were from India. Though even these numbers aren’t huge, they’re expected to grow even more as the French government aims to welcome 30,000 Indian students per year by 2030.


Another factor that makes studying in France a lucrative opportunity for the future is the range of scholarships available. This guide is your key to identifying the most relevant scholarships.


Read on and see how France can be your affordable dream destination for higher education.


Types of scholarships for studying in France


You have access to various types of scholarships that can help fund your education. 


For instance, the French foreign ministry offers multiple scholarships to Indian students studying in France’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


 Many French universities also provide scholarships directly to international students. These can include full or partial tuition fee waivers. Some public organizations, such as the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) and ADEME (Environmental and Energy Control Agency), offer doctoral contracts and research grants. 


Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the types of scholarships for students studying in France.

1. Scholarships backed by the French government

Every year, the French embassy in India offers multiple scholarships to Indian students to study in private and public institutions in France. These scholarships fund every level of study, from undergraduate to graduate, and also sponsor different doctoral-level programs. 


Some public organizations in France, such as CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) and ADEME (Environmental and Energy Control Agency), also offer doctoral contracts and research grants, often in partnership with educational institutions.


These scholarships are based on academic merit and financial criteria.


Here is a list of government-backed French Scholarships Name of Scholarships
1 The Charpak Scholarship Programme
2 The Erasmus+mobility Scholarship program
3 Raman Charpak Fellowship
4 Eiffel Scholarship Program for Excellence


2.  Co-financed or joint scholarships

Co-financed scholarships are funded jointly by the French government and private or public partners. 


Students recognized by co-joint scholarships receive benefits similar to government scholarships, such as social security, assistance in finding accommodation, and tuition fee reductions.  


These scholarships are based on academic merit, financial, or any other specific criteria set by the co-financing partners.


Here’s a list of co-financed or joint scholarships Name of Scholarships
1 French Embassy – Neemrana Music Foundation Co-financed Scholarships for Music 
2 French Embassy – Krishnakriti Foundation Co-financed Scholarships for Fine Arts
3 Frebch Embassy – ParisTech-Co-joint Scholarship


3. University scholarships

Some French universities offer scholarships directly to international students enrolled with them. 

These can provide full or partial waivers on tuition fees. 


Here is the list of university-based scholarships to study in France Name of Scholarships
1 Emily-Bounty Scholarship
2 EDHEC Business School 
3 Rennes School of Business
4 EM Normandie
5 Universite Paris Saclay IDEX scholarship


Based on these types, we’ve included the scholarships below, along with their details, so you can pick the one that suits your preference.

List of scholarships for studying in France in 2024

Whether you’re a prospective student straight out of school or wondering how to get a scholarship to study in France after the 12th, the below-listed scholarships are your answer.

French government scholarships

Charpak Scholarship Program

This program, named after Nobel laureate Georges Charpak, offers funding for Bachelor’s and Master’s level studies, research internships, and exchange programs.


Under the Charpak Scholarship Program students get ₹60,200 – ₹73,960 (€700-860) per month, a student visa, a fee exemption from campus France’s administrative processes, and assistance with finding suitable student accommodation in France.


Charpak Bachelor’s Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Indian nationals or OCI card holders under 23 years of age, who haven’t studied in France before, and have secured admission in a bachelor’s program starting on 1 September 2024.
  • Benefits: A monthly allowance of €860, social security, help with accommodation and fee waivers.
  • Application: Requires a CV, admission letter, academic transcripts, French language certificate, and recommendation letter.


Charpak Master’s Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Indian nationals or OCI card holders under 30 who have enrolled in or completed their higher education in India or have been working for up to 3 years.
  • Benefits: This scholarship is the same as a bachelor’s scholarship, but note that it doesn’t automatically renew for a second year; re-application is necessary.
  • Application: Requires a CV, admission letter, academic transcripts, French language certificate, and a recommendation letter.

Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarships

The Erasmus+ program provides mobility scholarships for education and training within Europe. 

It’s a joint master’s program awarded to meticulous and best international students who ranked top in their academics, regardless of their fields.


This scholarship funds education, sports, training, and youth programs focused on the overall development of a student. The unique requirement of this scholarship is that a student pursuing a master’s degree has to travel to at least two countries for study purposes. 

Raman Charpak Fellowship

Raman Charpak fellowship scholarship is aimed at PhD students from India and France.  


It facilitates part of their research in top universities or R&D institutes in India and France. 


This scholarship also provides a generous monthly stipend, round-trip airfare, insurance, and help with visa and administrative costs.


  • Field of Study: Sciences and engineering.
  • Duration: 2 to 6 months.
  • Benefits: Monthly stipend of €1500, one return airfare ticket, insurance, visa, and registration costs coverage.


Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence

The Eiffel Scholarship program is meant for postgraduate students.


It has two components: 

  • The master’s component offers 12 to 36 months of funding to enable scholarship holders to earn a master’s degree.  
  • The doctoral component supports mobility from 6 to 36 months.


Under this scholarship, you can enjoy a substantial monthly allowance, health insurance, and additional allowances for living expenses.


  • Eligibility: All international students are eligible for this scholarship. You must note that French nationals (even dual citizens having France as one of the countries of citizenship), are not eligible. For master’s level studies, applicants must be 30 years old or younger during the 2024 selection cycle; for Ph.D. studies, applicants must be 35 years old or younger.
  • Benefits: For the master’s level, the scholarship provides a monthly stipend of €1,181. For PhD candidates, the stipend is €1,400. This allowance is to cover living expenses.
  • Application: Applicants must prepare several application documents, typically including a CV, academic transcripts, letters of motivation, research proposal (for PhD candidates), and possibly letters of recommendation.

Institutional Scholarships

If you’re specifically looking for full scholarships to study in France, you should target government and institutional scholarships. 

Emile-Boutmy Scholarship – Sciences Po

The Emily-Bounty scholarship covers partial tuition fees and living expenses (in some cases). Depending on the student’s financial situation. It’s backed by Sciences Po for non-EU international students.


  • Eligibility: Non-European international students admitted to an undergraduate or master’s program at Sciences Po. You must demonstrate financial need and merit.
  • Benefits: The scholarship can vary from partial to full tuition fee waivers and include a grant to assist with living expenses.
  • Application: First, you must secure admission to Sciences Po, apply for the Emile-Boutmy Scholarship, and provide evidence of income and documents explaining your financial situation.

EDHEC Business School Scholarship

EDHEC Business School provides scholarships based on merit and financial need. This scholarship covers up to 50% of tuition fees for various business-oriented programs.


  • Eligibility: International students applying to EDHEC’s Master in Management (MiM) or Master of Science (MSc) programs. Criteria include academic excellence, GMAT scores, and financial need.
  • Benefits: Scholarships offer partial tuition fee waivers, ranging up to 50% of the total tuition fees. It does not include travel and accommodation.
  • Application: After receiving an offer of admission from EDHEC, students can apply for scholarships via the financial aid section of the application form, providing the required documents and a scholarship essay if necessary.

Rennes School of Business Scholarship

Rennes School of Business offers various scholarships based on academic excellence, diversity, and social criteria, significantly reducing tuition costs.


  • Eligibility: International students accepted into an undergraduate or postgraduate program at Rennes School of Business. Criteria focus on academic excellence, leadership skills, and extracurricular activities.
  • Benefits: Scholarships can range from partial to full tuition waivers, depending on the scholarship type. For example, the talent scholarship awarded by discounting €5000 from tuition fee.
  • Application: Applicants must apply for admission and can then apply for scholarships as part of the admissions process. Documentation of academic performance and a personal statement are usually required.


EM-Normandie, established in 1871, is a renowned business school accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA and ranked 1% globally. The school offers multiple grants, such as the Life Uncertainty Grant and the Hardships Grant, to help students in severe financial distress. The school also offers career opportunities to students.


  • Eligibility: Selection is based on social conditions, academic performance, and personal circumstances. 
  • Benefits: The scholarship significantly reduces the tuition fee for students.
  • Application: Candidates must submit their academic transcripts, a CV, and a motivation letter.


Universite Paris Saclay IDEX Scholarship

The Universite Paris Saclay IDEX scholarship is designed for master’s students. It offers a generous stipend and covers some travel costs. The scholarship aims to attract scholarly excellence to the university.


  • Eligibility: The program is open to international students enrolling in a master’s program at the university. Selection is based on academic achievements, and applicants from emerging countries are often prioritized.
  • Benefits: The scholarship includes a significant stipend of €10,000 per year plus up to €1,000 for travel and visa expenses.
  • Application: Candidates must first receive an admission offer from one of the Universite Paris Saclay’s member institutions. They can then apply for the scholarship, typically requiring academic transcripts, a CV, and a motivation letter.

Co-financed or joint scholarships

French Embassy – Neemrana Music Foundation Co-financed Scholarships for Music 

This Neemrana Music Foundation scholarship supports exceptionally talented young musicians and singers from India. The scholarship is for 1-3 years and is offered to selected students in esteemed French music schools.


  • Eligibility: You must be Indian, have proven talent in music, and have secured admission to recognized musical programs in France.
  • Benefits: It offers a monthly stipend of €390, French language classes, and a one-way ticket from France to India covered by TNMF.  
  • Application Process: Submit a detailed application, including a personal statement and a portfolio.

French Embassy – Krishnakriti Foundation Co-financed Scholarships for Fine Arts

This Krishnakriti Foundation co-financed Scholarship for Fine Arts promotes and nurtures artistic talents. It exposes Indian students to France’s globally acclaimed arts education and covers the duration of their program.


  • Eligibility: You must be Indian and hold a specialization course in fine arts such as painting, sculpture, or photography.
  • Benefits: They offer medical insurance coverage, a monthly stipend, and a one-way air ticket (India to France). 
  • Application Process: Acceptance letter and a detailed portfolio showcasing your best work.

French Embassy – ParisTech Joint scholarship 

It’s a joint collaboration between the Embassy of France and ParisTech to provide financial support to selected Indian students who want to study Engineering programs at ParisTech schools such as Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies, Chimie ParisTech—PSL, École des Ponts ParisTech, Institut d’Optique Graduate School, and Mines Paris—PSL.


  • Eligibility: You must be Indian and hold an acceptance letter from the ParisTech institution.
  • Benefits: 50% tuition fee coverage for the duration of the program, full registration fee waiver at Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies & Chimie ParisTech – PSL ; Full tuition fee waiver at MINES Paris – PSL ; a waiver of 2100 euros annually on tuition fees at Institut d’Optique Graduate School. It offers social security and accommodation assistance.
  • Application Process: Candidates must first submit academic transcripts, a CV, SOP letter, English or French test scorecards, and recommendation letters.


This scholarship is also ideal if you want to study for an MS in France.


On Campus Bourses, you can find a list of scholarships available from various sources, including governments, regional authorities, and private organizations.


Just filter the options by nationality, field, and level of your study to find the right fit.


There are many other government schemes and financial aids designed for international students to study in France.


Let’s discuss them in the next section

Other government schemes and financial aids

Here are some scholarships that the Indian government is offering for higher education in France.  


Scholarship Eligibility Benefits Application Process
JN Tata Endowment for Higher Education Post Graduation in any field Loan scholarships partially cover tuition and living expenses. Apply from December to March; requires academic excellence and potential for research.
Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme (ISP) Postgrad studies in France Covers tuition and living expenses substantially. Online applications are due by March; selection via interviews in June.
Inlaks Scholarships MSc, M.Phil., or Ph.D. programs in the France Full tuition, living expenses, and one-way travel. Applications open from January to April
Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Trust Scholarship Indian women graduates aiming for postgraduate studies abroad in specified fields. Typically covers partial tuition and living expenses. Applications from March to April need a proven academic record and relevant professional experience.
Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Program Postgraduate studies in sciences, humanities, law, management, etc. Loan up to INR 20 lakhs, repayable at subsidized interest rates. Open early in the year; candidates must demonstrate academic and leadership excellence.

Top courses and universities to study in France 

In the QS World University Rankings for 2024, France is well represented, with its universities ranking among the top 10 globally.



These ranks are given to institutions after evaluating them on every aspect, including academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, citations per faculty, and more. 


Here’s a closer look at France’s leading universities and their global rankings as per QS rankings:


France Rank Global Rank University
1 24 Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres)
2 =38 Institut Polytechnique de Paris
3 59 Sorbonne University
4 71 Université Paris-Saclay
5 =184 Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
6 =192 Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
7 236 Université Paris Cité
8 294 Université Grenoble Alpes
9 =319 Sciences Po
10 =328 Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne



Next, let’s take a look at the most in-demand courses along with their tuition fees 


Course Average Tuition Fee/Year (EUR)
MBA ₹15,00,000 – ₹88,56,848
Film Studies ₹9,00,000 to ₹19,00,000
Luxury Brand Management ₹ 41,82,864 – ₹79,98,541
Hotel Management ₹ 16,26,678.00 – ₹ 23,04,473
Computer Science ₹10,00,000 for Bachelors

₹13,62,930 for masters

Data Science 10,00,000 – 40,00,000
Finance 12,00,000 – 35,00,000
Medicine 25,00,000 – 60,00,000

Why choose France as a country for your higher studies?

France is a compelling choice for students worldwide due to the following reasons


  1. French universities consistently rank highly in global education rankings like Times Higher Education Rankings and QS Rankings. This recognition stems largely from the country’s strong focus on quality education and research attracting students globally. 
  2. Secondly, France’s education policy ensures you can access high-quality education at public universities without the burden of excessive tuition fees. 
  3. France offers cheaper living expenses compared to other countries abroad like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.
  4. You can get up to 100% healthcare coverage while studying in France under French social security and complementary sources like ‘Mutelle’. 
  5. After graduating, you can stay for 12 months, provided that you have a (APS – temporary resident permit).
  6. France is home to leading global companies in sectors such as aerospace, cosmetics, and luxury goods, offering abundant opportunities for students from multiple fields.  
  7. Moreover, with initiatives like French Tech, which fosters the growth of thousands of startups, students are placed at the forefront of innovation.


So, if you’re willing to stay and study in France but unable to make the perfect choice, don’t worry. 


We know that with so many scholarships, universities, courses, and other possibilities, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that best suits your needs.


That’s why SelectRight is here to help you make your dream of studying in France a reality.

But first, what is SelectRight?


SelectRight is an AI-powered platform that matches you with multiple programs abroad based on your educational preferences.  


Many students compared SelectRight to a guiding light, which helped them navigate the overly exhausting process and find the perfect fit. 


Here’s a step-by-step method to start using SelectRight 


  1. Create your SelectRight profile: Register and provide details about your academic background, interests, and preferences.


  1. Add your requirements: Specify the subject areas, program types, and any other criteria you seek in a university.


  1. AI-matched recommendations: SelectRight’s advanced algorithms will analyze your requirements and match you with the top French universities and programs offering the best educational investment return.


  1. Shortlist and compare: Explore the recommended options, compare them based on factors important to you, and create a shortlist of your preferred universities.


  1. Seek expert guidance: Connect with a dedicated SelectRight advisor who will provide personalized advice and insights to help you make the right choice.


Take charge of your future. Choose the right university by SelectRight. Explore your options today.

Education loans to study in France 

Many types of education loans are available for Indian students who want to study in France. Some of the options are listed below.


Indian Govt Banks/

Private Banks/


Lender Non-collateral Loan Amount Collateral Loan Amount Rate of Interest Non-Collateral Rate of Interest Collateral Loan Tenure
Union Bank of India 40 lakhs 1.5 crore 9.75% 9.25% Up to 18 years
ICICI Bank 1 crore 2 crore 11.25% -12.75% 10.25% Up to 15 years
IDFC Bank 75 lakhs 1.5 crore 11% – 14% 9.25% – 10.5% Up to 12 years
Axis Bank 1 crore 2 crore 10.5% – 12.5% 9.75% – 10.5% Up to 15 years
Yes Bank 50 lakhs 1.5 crore 11% – 12.5% 11-11.5% Up to 15 years
HDFC Credila 75 lakhs 1.5 crore 11.75% – 12.5% 10.15% – 10.75% Up to 14 years
Avanse 1 crore 80 lakhs 10.5% – 13% 10.5 – 11.5% 12 years
Auxilo 1 crore 1 crore 11.3% – 13% Marginally less compared to unsecured loans 12 years
InCred 80 lakhs 80 lakhs 11.85% – 13% Marginally less compared to unsecured loans 12 years
TATA Capital 75 lakhs 1.5 crore 11.75% – 13% 10.75% 15 years (with moratorium)
International Lenders Prodigy $180 – $200K NA 11.5% – 15% NA 7 to 20 years
MPower $100K NA 12.99% – 15.99% NA 10 years
Leap $100K NA 11% – 12.5% NA Up to 13 years
Avanse Global-USD $120K NA 10.5% – 14% NA 15 years (with moratorium)


It’s crucial to understand that the Loan amount is highly dependent on the programs and universities you choose to study at. If you’re a young graduate, we understand that choosing a loan to study abroad can be a risky and uncertain step. That’s why guidance is extremely important. One right decision can help you save lakhs of rupees while studying abroad. 


And that’s exactly why FundRight comes into the picture


How does FundRight work?


Simply sign up on FundRight, fill out your profile, and view loan offers from India’s top 15 lenders. 


FundRight brings you loan offers from 15+ top lenders, so you can compare high competitive rates, and negotiate even further to get your best possible loan. 


You won’t be alone in figuring out your loan; a FundRight advisor will guide your every step, ensuring you get the best deal.


Upload your documents safely to FundRight, and your loan will be approved in just 10 days, avoiding the long wait times.


Get your loan approved in as little as 10 days. 


With FundRight, students have been able to save up to 23 lakhs on education loan interest, over the entire repayment period. See how much you can save.

Save up to 23 lakhs on your education loan. Find your best offer. 


Can I work while studying in France?

Yes, international students can work up to 964 hours annually, earning a minimum wage of €10.25 per hour as of January 2021.


Is France a good destination for international students?

France is a top choice for international students for its world-renowned institutions in fields like business and fashion.


Is studying in France expensive?

No, studying in France is quite affordable, especially at the public institutions that are subsidized by the government with low tuition fees for international students.


Do I need to know French to live in France?

No, but basic French can help you with daily interactions. Although many courses are offered in English, especially at the higher education level, learning French can be an add-on.


What are some popular courses in France?

Popular courses include Economics, Business, Fashion, Hospitality, Technology, and Tourism.


How can I get a scholarship to study in France?

Start by researching and applying to scholarship programs like the Eiffel Scholarship, which offers substantial financial support for international students.


Can I get a scholarship to study in France after 12th?

Many scholarships are available for undergraduate programs, making it possible to study in France right after completing the 12th grade.


What kind of financial support can Indian students expect in France?

Indian students can apply for specific scholarships like the Charpak program, which is designed to support their studies in France with various benefits.


Is it possible to study in France with a full scholarship?

Yes, full scholarships like the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program cover tuition and provide a monthly allowance.


What are the benefits of studying in France compared to other countries?

France offers high-quality education at low costs and a multicultural environment. It is renowned for innovation and academic excellence.

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