MS in artificial intelligence USA: Course structure, best universities, career options, salary and more.

An MS in artificial intelligence USA will present you with opportunities that can turn your life around.

With the technological revolution of the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence has become a staple in every field – the Humanities, hard sciences, business. In this revolution, the USA is at the forefront.

In the field of AI, the USA has some of the top universities, top labs and research in the world. 

MS in artificial intelligence USA: Course structure, best universities, career options, salary and more.

What to expect in an MS in artificial intelligence USA?

An MS in artificial intelligence in the USA will teach you AI principles and techniques.

You will also learn topics such as logic, probability, and language. Topics in the AI concentration broadly include:

  • Knowledge representation and logical reasoning
  • Robotics
  • Machine learning
  • Probabilistic modeling and inference
  • Natural language processing 
  • Cognition, and applications in domains such as biology and text processing

Broad learning goals of an MS in artificial intelligence USA:

  • Understand representations, algorithms and techniques used across works in AI and be able to apply and evaluate them in applications and develop your own.
  • Understand and apply machine-learning techniques, in particular to draw inferences from data and help automate the development of AI systems and components.
  • Understand the various ways and reasons humans are integrated into mixed human-AI environments, whether it is to improve overall integrated system performance, improve AI performance or influence human performance and learning.
  • Understand the ethical concerns in developing responsible AI technologies.
  • Implement AI systems, model human behavior, and evaluate their performance.

Each university defines their own learning goals. These are the board areas that an MS in artificial intelligence USA usually covers. 

Program structure of an MS in artificial intelligence USA

Usually, an MS demands thirty semester hours of graduate coursework. To get a passing grade, the university will also set a cumulative grade point average. 

The coursework is divided as follows:

  • Core courses (12 credits) – Compulsory courses for everyone in the program.
  • Concentration Courses (9 credits) – You get to pick three courses from one of the specified fields to develop your knowledge in a niche. 
  • Electives (9 credits) – Any course that you take outside your concentration will fall under an elective. Some colleges  have other partnered colleges and organizations at which you can take electives. 
  • Students have to pick from coursework, MS project or MS thesis. Depending on your choice, your credit requirements will be distributed. 

Top universities for MS in artificial intelligence USA

Going to a top university can guarantee a good artificial intelligence engineer salary in the USA.

University Course Deadline Fees
University of Michigan-Dearborn MS in Artificial Intelligence Fall – July 1

Winter – November 1

Summer – March 1

$1,946.00 per credit
University of Cincinnati M.Eng in Artificial Intelligence August 26th $28,144
Northwestern University Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence January 11th $20,314 per quarter
University of Arizona Computer Science (MS)  August 26th $17,378.68
Columbia University Columbia Artificial Intelligence (AI) executive certificate program January 21st $32,500
University of Miami MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering – Concentration in Artificial Intelligence (AI) January 1st  $ 48,510.00 for 12 months 

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Top universities for MS in artificial intelligence USA 

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Eligibility Requirements for MS in artificial intelligence USA

Regular admission to the program requires a bachelor’s degree in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) field.

Each university will have a minimum CGPA requirement.

Most universities also have a set list of prerequisites for getting into an MS in artificial intelligence USA. Check if you have done similar courses during your term.

In case of deficiencies in the prerequisites, you might be allowed to make up for them after entrance into the program. Students with such deficiencies must complete the missing prerequisite course(s) with a specified grade or better within the first two semesters after entering the program.

In addition to this, you may also need to meet GRE and English proficiency requirements.

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Eligibility Requirements for MS in artificial intelligence USA

Careers and artificial intelligence engineer salary in USA

Careers and artificial intelligence engineer salary in USA

The average artificial intelligence engineer salary in the USA is $103,000/year.

An artificial intelligence engineer’s salary in the USA will vary depending on:

  • Experience – If you worked on projects, took up internships during your course, have previous experience in the field, and more.
  • Grades – If you secure good grades or publish a good thesis, you have a chance of getting a higher salary.
  • College – The ranking of your college and the brand value.
  • Extra courses – If you took any specialized courses that the company needs. 

Careers and artificial intelligence engineer salary in USA

This image depicts the artificial intelligence engineer salary in USA under different designations. 

Designation Description Artificial intelligence engineer salary in USA
Research Scientist An expert in computational statistics, machine learning, deep learning, and applied mathematics. Is expected to possess an advanced degree in computer science or in a closely comparable discipline backed up by experience. $144,481
AI Engineer Build AI models from scratch and help product managers and stakeholders understand results. $120,337
Data Scientist Data scientists decide what questions their team should be asking and then work out how to use data to respond to those questions. They frequently create predictive models for forecasting and theorizing. $1,21,515
Robotics engineer Data analysis, engineering, and computer science are all combined in the ever-expanding field of robotics engineering. Robots and the machine-based procedures that go with them are designed, built, and tested by professionals in these domains using software and mechanical hardware. $100,640
Natural Language Processing Engineer Tech corporations hire NLP engineers to develop smart computers that can comprehend human language. Artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of natural language processing (NLP) is particularly helpful for obtaining and analyzing unstructured data and public sentiment, which is very advantageous for many businesses. $111,000

Key recruiters to look out for after MS in artificial intelligence USA

Google: As one of the digital giants driving AI development, Google is one of the most popular employers in search of AI specialists. The organization is seeking applicants with a background in deep learning, natural language processing, and machine learning. 

IBM: Another tech giant, IBM has long been at the forefront of AI research and development. Currently recruiting people with a background in data science, machine learning, and deep learning to grow its AI team. 

Facebook: The famous social media company is attempting to enter the AI market and is looking for applicants with knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Amazon: The company is hiring for positions in artificial intelligence and machine learning as it looks to get into the AI race. 

Apple: The Cupertino-based tech behemoth is also seeking candidates for positions in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Going into these tech giants will guarantee a good artificial intelligence engineer salary in the USA.

According to TechRepublic here are some other companies that you should keep an eye out for.

These statistics are from 2019, however, in the coming years as well these companies will have space for AI specialists. Since the field is growing, chances are that more positions have opened up.

  • Microsoft – The company has the most open AI jobs available currently, totalling 1,964 positions, which is 36% of all open jobs at the company.
  • NVIDIA – The company has 369 available AI jobs, assuming 33% of the company’s total open jobs.
  • JD.COM – The company has 19 job openings, 20% of the total. 
  • Intel – With 432 openings, the company has 17% of jobs set aside for AI specialists.
  • SAP – The company has 320 positions available.
  • Accenture – Out of 309 jobs, 34 are designated to AI specialists.
  • NOKIA – The tech giant has 76 jobs available for AI scientists.

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Key recruiters to look out for after MS in artificial intelligence USA

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The last word on MS in artificial intelligence USA

This article provides an overview of MS in artificial intelligence USA. You have enough information to begin your own research.

There is no one right course or one right college for everyone. The right course and college depend on your requirements. 

We are here to help you understand those requirements and find colleges that suit you. 

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