How to use SelectRight to choose from the top universities in the world?

SelectRight helps you find your best university. 

We have helped countless Indian students get into top universities in the world while saving them a lot of their time and money.

Our team will remove any and all roadblocks in your path to your next university.

What roadblocks?

Challenges While Selecting A University To Study Abroad

If you are an Indian student that wants to study abroad, there are probably a million questions flying through your head. The majority of those questions can be grouped into the following categories.

1. Selecting The Field Of Study

When you want to do your masters abroad, selecting the right field of study is crucial. 

Here are some of the many questions that might pop into your head while you choose a field of study for your Masters.

  1. What is the scope?
  2. What career opportunities I will be looking forward to?
  3. Can I get an internship fast?

And the list goes on.

It determines your earning potential and the quality of life you will have post-graduation. This factors into how quickly you can repay your loan.

The course you choose for your Masters is specific. This means, there will be a narrow range of opportunities you can qualify for. The level of competition in a field depends on what you choose to study. 

The main reason it is difficult is that there are simply too many options. 

There are multiple colleges and multiple fields of study to choose from in each. Choosing the incorrect one might not give your career a maximum boost. Or worse, you might regret it.

2. Eligibility Criteria Of Multiple Universities

You must be planning to apply to a few universities to make sure you are not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

However, different universities or colleges have different requirements for applicants. For instance, some universities require language proficiency tests, while others are focussed on statements of purpose.

Being on top of all of that is quite cumbersome as you will be constantly under stress. Not to mention, going through the “eligibility criteria” section of those websites will take a lot of time.

Keeping all of those criteria in mind as you apply to multiple colleges will stress you out. You will constantly be thinking of a certain document that you need to submit to a certain university only to get disqualified.

Not to mention, you might also be thinking about your finances, accommodation, etc.

3. Financial Challenges And Loans

Most Indian students studying abroad take loans. Financial assistance for tuition, accommodation, and travel is not uncommon.

This adds a couple of months of hard work to every student’s application process.

Selecting a college, finding out their fee, and reaching out to banks is no joke. It takes hours of research, then weeks of waiting as the bank processes your profile. If you are looking for a collateral loan, you will also have to spend time collecting the documents.

The challenge here is that the majority of your time in this phase will be wasted. Because the majority of banks you will be applying to will give you loans with high interests that you will find difficult to accept.

Many students go to forums and ask questions about the problems they face and the doubts they have. Unfortunately, very few of them get good, reliable answers.

This brings us to the final problem that foreign-bound Indian students face.

4. Lack Of Unbiased Guidance

Last but not least.

The only people who can give you proper insights from studying abroad are those who went through that. Students and experts who are aware of the current global academic scenarios are the best sources of knowledge.

A lot of websites, blogs, and videos on the internet are sponsored by agencies and private universities. Essentially they are marketing content that will paint a picture in front of your eyes and sell that to you.

Now, the good news.

All of the above problems are solved with SelectRight

We have highlighted five ways in which we can help you get into one of the top universities in the world.

Let’s start by looking at how easily you can choose a university.

Choose the right university – with SelectRight

1. From confusion to decision in 3 steps, with SelectRight

You don’t need to spend weeks choosing a university that is perfect for you. With SelectRight, it is as easy as A-B-C.

From confusion to decision in 3 steps, with SelectRight

Answer a few simple questions on SELECT and we will send you college recommendations right to your inbox.

  • You don’t have to spend your valuable time looking for dozens of colleges.
  • You don’t have to watch many sponsored videos or read biased articles.
  • You don’t have to spend weeks or months deciding which colleges you will be applying to.

Choosing a new college should be seamless and exciting. However, going through multiple forums, bulletins, and videos takes it all away.

At SelectRight, we will do all the hard work for you so that you can relax.

We also provide a great opportunity for you to connect with others who have been in your shoes.

2. Connect with alumni and students

You can directly ask any questions you might have about studying abroad to students and alumni who already were in your position.

They will tell you about the real experience at the college of your choice so that you can make an informed decision. You only do your Masters once, so make sure that you are completely aware of the risks and rewards.

SelectRight connects you to a global network of students who went to college and are willing to help newcomers with their journey.

We will also connect you with experts who will help you with your process.

3. Expert guidance on your application

Suppose you are qualified for five different colleges. You have talked with students and alumni of each of those colleges. The problem is that all of those seem like good options and now you’re confused.

This is where our experts come in.

Our seasoned experts will analyze your profile and will let you know which college is the best for you.


They will ask you about your dreams and aspirations, understand your financial situation, and give you their opinion. This will help you to choose the best from the top universities in the world.

Another challenge Indian students face while studying abroad is finances.

4. Low interest, no-collateral student loans

One of the biggest roadblocks is the finances while you are looking for colleges to study abroad. There are many students who start their college research by putting the tuition fees at the top of their priority list.

And they do it for good reason.

The amount of the loan will define the level of sacrifice your family has to make in their daily lives. No student will want to study abroad if their family has to struggle to make their ends meet.

On top of that, if the loan amount or its interest rate is huge, there will be a lot of pressure as they study abroad.

We already explained how difficult it is to secure a loan that fits your budget.

Not anymore.

With FundRight, you can save at least 2-5% of interest on your study loan.

We will have moneylenders bidding for you.

You get to choose who gets to fund you.

Since the loans we provide are non-collateral loans, you will have less paperwork to do.

Just fill up your profile, submit documents (once), and select the moneylender perfect for you.

You are five steps away from securing your funds.

Low interest, no-collateral student loans

While applying for colleges, you might have a few questions that might pop up in your head as you continue further with the application process. We have a solution for that as well.

5. Exclusive virtual events for students

On our Discord server, we host weekly events that involve students, alumni, and our in-house experts. There we answer all the queries of potential students as they gear up to join one of the top universities in the world.

This is a direct opportunity to listen to others who are in your shoes and looking forward to doing their Masters abroad. You can ask any personal questions you might have and get the answers for it. It is a great place for you to network and meet like-minded individuals.

That’s A Wrap

In short, SelectRight is the one-stop solution for Indian students who want to study abroad at top universities in the world.

From helping you select the college or university that is right for you to the right student loan that will get you there, we can help you with all.

Not only that, but we will also help you save a lot of time and money in your process.

Plus, a network of students, alumni, and experts who have your best interests at heart.

Submit your profile and we will get you started.

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