Cybersecurity Courses in Canada – Fees, Application Procedures, and Career Prospects

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The demand for cyber security professionals is growing rapidly. Naturally, the courses and educational opportunities offered to students willing to venture into this field are also increasing. Canada is recognized as one of the best countries for international students.


Naturally, Canadian colleges offer top-notch educational facilities in this up-and-coming field of education. The country itself suffers greatly from cyber attacks, as 71% of Canadian businesses face losses due to cyber threats.


Consequently, Canadian Universities are constantly refurbishing their courses to ensure that cyber security is a subject taught by the best professionals in the world. There also exists a great and growing market of employment for cyber security professionals in Canada.


Following is a list of universities that offer the best courses in the field of cyber security:


1.   Concordia University, Montreal


About the University


A whopping 21.4% of the student population at Concordia University comprises international students. 20.4% of the international students are of Indian origin. The University is also famous for its world-class faculty.


In 2019, faculty members from Concordia University were recipients of the coveted Provost’s Circle of Distinction Award, Academic Leaderships Awards, President’s Excellence in Teaching Awards, and the Concordia University Award for Graduate Mentoring.


The University also boasts of an impressive 1800 students in paid internships worldwide. This signals great future career prospects for the alumni of Concordia University.


Cyber Security Courses


Concordia University is famous for its practical approach to education. A student is exposed to skills beyond textbooks and classrooms. The following cyber-security courses are offered at Concordia University:


A) Informations Systems Security (MASc)


Program Type Thesis
Credits 45 Credits
Duration 2 years
Start Term Fall, Winter, Summer
Experiential Learning Co-op


The ISS MASc is a course structured to enable students to manage the security of information systems proficiently. Students will learn about the existing, conventional practices followed in security systems for various information systems. The research topics will primarily include:

  • Cryptography
  • Database security
  • Cyber forensics
  • Biometrics


B) Informations Systems Security (MEng)


Program Type Course-based
Credits 45 Credits
Duration 2 years
Start Term Fall, Winter, Summer
Experiential Learning Co-op


As a student of the ISS MEng program, you will have access to state-of-the-art laboratories. The faculty for this department includes experts in cyber forensics, cryptography, database forensics, etc.


Research projects will cover topics such as analysis and design of stream ciphers, evaluation of open-source software, etc.


C) Information and Systems Engineering (Ph.D.)


Program Type Thesis
Credits 90 Credits
Duration 4 years
Start Term Fall, Winter, Summer


The ISE Ph.D. equips you with sufficient knowledge to go on and conduct research, independent as well as collaborative, about the challenges in information and systems engineering. The students gain access to world-class laboratories and research centers.


The degree requires


  • 78 credits from Doctor of/Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • 8 credits from courses chosen by the student from the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science.
  • 4 credits from INSE courses.


Admission Criterion for Concordia University


Bachelor’s Degree

  • The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.
  • The applicant must have proficiency in English.

Master’s Degree

  • The applicant must have a Master’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science, or a similar, related degree.
  • The applicant must have proficiency in English.

Application Procedure and Deadlines for Concordia University

  • The application procedure is open to Canadian students and international students.
  • The Fall deadline is June 1.
  • The Winter deadline is October 1.
  • The Summer deadline is February 1.


Note – Early applications are encouraged.


The tuition fee for each student differs based on their student’s status. The University provides a tuition fee calculator, which can calculate the tuition fee based on your individual status.


A general estimate may be as follows:


  • Undergraduate degrees – 3269 CAD/term
  • Post-graduate degrees – 32,108 CAD/full course
  • D – 58,000/full course




2. Ontario Tech University, Oshawa


About the University

The Ontario Tech University is a progressive campus that teaches technology with a conscience. Along with constantly urging students to make technological discoveries, the staff here also focuses on teaching the social and ethical implications of tech usage.

Cyber Security Courses


A.    Master of Information Technology Security (MITS)


Program Type Post-Graduate
Program Load Full-Time/ Part-Time
Duration 2 years
Program Format Courses with an IT security capstone project or internship
Program Mode Online/ In-Class


The MITS program is one of the first of its kind in Canada. The curriculum of the MITS program is bettered by the Hackers Research Lab. The lab is equipped with world-class network equipment and wireless devices, to allow students to research in isolation.


Moreover, the MITS students are offered the first Artificial Intelligence in Security program in the entire country. Students of this program automatically improve their employment prospects in the artificial intelligence industry.


B)  Bachelor of Information Technology Honors


Program Type Graduate
Program Load Full-time
Duration 4 years
Program Format Capstone/Internship
Program Mode Online/ In-Class


The program takes students through the multitudes of the IT and business world. The specific skills you will develop as a student of this course are data security and analytics, change management, information systems, etc.


The primary research venue is the Informatics Research Institute. Graduates of this program will automatically be qualified for the position of Certified Business Technology Manager (CBTM) in the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s Information Communication Technology Skills (ICT).


Admission Criterion for Ontario Tech University


The application procedure for Ontario Tech University can be divided into 6 simple steps:


  1. Review Admission Requirements (click here for the requirements for the MITS and Bachelors of Information Technology Program).
  2. Check the Application Deadline – which can be found on the website.
  3. Prepare your application.
  4. Apply online – click here.
  5. Send your documents – click here.
  6. Check your application status online.





The annual tuition fee for Undergraduate programs is – 26,705 CAD/year


The annual tuition fee for Post-graduate programs is – 19,166 CAD/year

3. Centennial College, Toronto


About the University


Centennial College has increased its presence from being a mere community college to a world-class institution by expanding into China, India, Brazil, etc. The University is famous for its inclusive environment and is one of the best education options for international students.


Cyber Security Courses


A.    Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate Program


Program Type Graduate Certificate Program
Program Load Full-time
Duration 1 year
Start Date Fall
Program Mode Hybrid


The program is conducted by the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science program. The primary focus of the course will be to cover the following:


  • Cryptography
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Mobile Network Security
  • Ethical Hacking


The students will be equipped with the latest amenities in the University’s impressive cybersecurity lab.


The most prominent career options for graduates of this course are Cybersecurity Consultant, and Network Security Specialist.


Currently, the course is not open to international students.


B) Computer and Network Security


Program Type Graduate Certificate Program
Program Load Full-time
Duration 1 year
Start Date Fall
Program Mode Hybrid


The focus of the course remains on computer security concepts i.e.

  • Malicious software
  • Cryptography
  • Biometrics
  • Access control
  • Government regulations and standards


Students will be taught to design network security models by making use of classical and contemporary models.


Admission Criterion for Centennial College, Toronto


  • College Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in
  • Computer science
  • Electronic engineering
  • Communication engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Any other IT-related discipline
  • Diploma but with legitimate and related work experience



Application Procedure


International Students are provided with the separate portal for applications. Click here to access it.




The annual tuition fee for international students is – 23,313 CAD/two semesters




4. York University, Toronto


About the University


York University has over 10,000 international students from over 172 countries. The University was also ranked #1 or global collaborative research publications in Ontario, in 2020-21. Graduates from York University have a 90% employer satisfaction rate.


Cyber Security Courses


A.    Cyber Security Intensive Program


Program Type Certificate Program
Program Load Full-Time
Duration 12 weeks
Start Date July 4th
Program Mode Online Coursework/Required Online Live Sessions


The Cyber Security Intensive Program is an intensive crash-course of major cyber security topics. The program will take you through popular cyber security threats and breaches, and allow you to offer potential solutions.


The program will award you two different certificates in the span of 12 weeks:

  • Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals (6 weeks)
  • Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security (6 weeks)


The faculty will consist of cyber-security experts from across the country. Moreover, the program will give you a great head start in your prep if you’re hoping to take the CISSP examination.


Admission Criterion for the Cyber Security Intensive Program


  • The program has a direct registration procedure. Click here to find the link for enrollment.
  • There is no application procedure for this program.
  • Separate registrations must be made for each of the two certificates included in this program.




The tuition fee for the program is 8,140 CAD.


B) Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security


Program Type Graduate Certificate Program
Program Load Full-Time/Part-Time
Duration 5 months
Start Date Summer, Fall
Program Mode Online Coursework/Required Online Live Sessions


The program is an extension of the Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals. You will be taught how to apply such fundamentals in the real world. Important skills will be instilled in students and tested via project management and business writing.


Upon completion of this course, the graduate will be eligible for the following jobs:

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • IT Manager


Admissions Criterion for the Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security


  • The candidate must have finished the Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals. If not, the candidate must hold a CISSP designation.
  • The applicant must have basic knowledge of networking concepts, hardware, and software, wireless networking, network topologies, etc.
  • Direct enrollment is subject to review by and discretion of the program manager.




The latest fee information will be made available to the candidate upon successful direct registration at [email protected].


C) Post-Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Operations


Program Type Post-graduate Certificate Program
Program Load Full-time
Duration 9 months
Start Date Fall, Winter
Program Mode In-class

This post-graduate program is meant to develop expertise in the evaluation and removal os cyber security risks and threats. You will be taught to explore TTPs – Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures that are typically used to execute cyber-attacks.


The students will also be given demonstrations of what comprise the best practices and principles in safeguarding data against attacks.


This program remains the only full-time certificate in the field of cyber security offered by a Canadian University.


The career options available to graduates of this program will be:

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Penetration tester
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Level 1 SOC Analyst
  • Level 2 SOC Analyst


Admissions Criterion for the Post-Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Operations


  • Diligently completed application is mandatory
  • The applicant must send in a video statement entailing his interest in the program
  • A minimum if 6.5 IELTS score is necessary for international students.



The tuition fee for international students is 23,199 CAD.




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