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Dreaming of prestigious American universities but worried about the cost? The cost of studying in the USA can be daunting. 


The following data reveals the average costs paid by Indian students for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the USA and other countries. 



Naturally, many talented Indian students grapple with the “How can I get a scholarship to study in the USA” question. But you don’t have to worry anymore. 


In this guide, we’ve done the legwork for you, saving you a ton of time and hassle. 


Discover scholarships available for Indian students seeking higher education in the USA. Let us get started. 


Types of scholarships for study in the USA

Scholarships play an important role in the U.S. 


In comparing the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years, tuition rates at private National Universities increased by about 5%


Hence, scholarships have become all the more important for students. There are various kinds of scholarships, and each has its own set of criteria and benefits.


Let’s explore the six common types of scholarships for international students in the USA.

  • Merit scholarships

Merit scholarships are a popular form of financial aid in the USA. They provide financial help that reduces the cost of college tuition and are awarded for various forms of excellence, not just academic performance. 


Here are three types of merit scholarships you can consider:


Academic Scholarships

These are awarded by the National Merit Scholarship Program based on PSAT/NMSQT scores. Your high school grades and scores on exams like the ACT or SAT can also be taken into account. They’re funded by universities, colleges, or private organisations.


Sports Scholarships

Talented athletes in sports like basketball or football can apply for these scholarships. They’re competitive but can help you get into your desired college.

  • Need-based scholarships

Need-based scholarships are also known as financial scholarships. They’re mainly focused on students from low-income backgrounds. 


These scholarships are reserved for U.S. residents, but some universities offer them to international students. For example, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Pell Grants.


Check their website for up-to-date information on new need-based scholarships for international students.

  • Country-based scholarships

These scholarships are mainly for international students from developing countries. Many U.S. universities and colleges encourage higher education through country-based scholarships. 


The famous ones are the Fulbright Program and AAUW International Fellowships. The Fulbright Program helps students from over 155 countries to study in the USA. 


Meanwhile, the American Association of University Women supports women from other countries

  • University scholarships

A variety of universities in the USA offer full scholarships to international students. However, these scholarships have specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet.


Some universities require entrance exams, but these are typically limited to certain fields of study. You become eligible for them through university admission.


Such scholarships include the Harvard University Scholarships and the Stanford University Knight-Hennessy Scholarships. These programs provide full undergraduate and graduate studies funding to students from all countries.

  • Privately funded scholarships

Privately funded scholarships are awarded by individual donors, private businesses, and organisations. 


For example, the Coca-Cola Scholars Program awards scholarships to high school seniors based on leadership, academic achievements, and community service. 


Similarly, the Google Lime Scholarship is for students with disabilities studying computer science or related fields.


They often have stricter eligibility criteria. And it targets specific groups, such as women, minorities, or students from developing countries.

  • Government-funded scholarships

The U.S. government offers some scholarships to international students to support the globalisation of their educational systems. 


However, these are limited compared to those available for domestic students. Examples include the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program and the Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

List of scholarships for studying in the USA in 2024

When deciding to study in the USA with a full scholarship, always remember one thing: apply for multiple scholarships.


Take it as a bonus point. This increases your chances of getting sponsored with a full scholarship to study in the USA. We’ve done all the groundwork for you; read further to find out! 

  • Scholarships for Indian students after 12th

We get this question a lot: “how to get scholarship to study in USA after 12th” so, If you’ve just completed your 12th grade and are eyeing an undergraduate program in the USA, here are some scholarships to consider:


Tata Scholarship for Cornell University

This generous scholarship, funded by the Tata Education and Development Trust, financially supports Indian students admitted to Cornell University. 


Annually, it supports around 20 scholars, covering various expenses until graduation.

It’s for students pursuing certain majors, like architecture and engineering, who are given preference.


Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships 

As one of the largest privately funded scholarship programs, Rotary offers several scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. 


Awards can go up to $25,000, and the application process involves engaging with a Rotary club in your home country.

  • Other scholarships for undergraduate students in the USA

One of the first steps in planning your higher education abroad is figuring out how to get a scholarship to study in the USA after 12th. 


If you don’t qualify for the above and are wondering, “can i get a scholarship to study in USA” then these are the other opportunities for you as an international student.


Chevron Scholarship

The Chevron Scholarship does not provide “the study in USA with full scholarship” option. However, it picks two students to get $2,000 each to help with their educational expenses.


Western Union Foundations Global Scholarship Program 

Best of all, in this program, around a hundred students can each win $2,500 to contribute to their tuition fees.


Other scholarships, such as the Global Students Scholarship, Asian Women in Business Scholarship, and Ivy Parker Memorial Scholarship, offer study in the USA with full scholarship and partial ones, too. 

  • Scholarships for postgraduate Indian students in the USA

For those looking to pursue a master’s, M.Phil, or doctorate and wondering “how can I get scholarship to study in USA”, here are some scholarships to study in USA for Indian students


Fulbright Scholarships for Indians

This prestigious program offers academic scholarships covering tuition, travel, and living expenses. This scholarship to study in the USA from India covers everything from scratch. 


Inlaks Scholarship

This scholarship selects exceptionally talented students to study in the USA with full scholarship. Students can receive up to $100,000 in full-expense coverage, including tuition fees and living expenses.


National Overseas Scholarship

Specifically for SC/ST candidates, this scholarship provides full scholarship to study in the USA for Indian students, including financial assistance for students in Masters and Ph.D. courses.

  • Scholarships for MBA in the USA for Indian students

Pursuing an MBA in the USA can be a costly affair. Here are some scholarships to help ease the financial load:


Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

Indian students pursuing an MBA at Stanford University can receive funding for 80% of their tuition and associated fees.


Chicago Booth Scholarships for Indian Students

Several scholarships offer substantial financial support, including the Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship and the Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship.

Other government schemes and financial aids

Apart from the facility of scholarship to study in the USA for Indian students, there are various government schemes and financial aid available.


These initiatives are designed to provide additional support and make the dream of studying abroad more accessible.

Government schemes for studying abroad


National Overseas Scholarship Scheme

This scheme is aimed at students from Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST). They offer financial assistance to other Backward Classes (OBC). These apply to pursuing higher studies abroad in Engineering, Management, Pure Sciences, and more.


Padho Pardesh Scheme

This scheme targeted students from minority communities. They provide an interest subsidy on educational loans for overseas studies. It aims to empower economically weaker students to pursue higher education without the interest burden.


Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students

While not exclusively for studying abroad, this scheme offers scholarships to deserving students from low-income families, which can be used to fund studies in the USA partially.


Dr. Ambedkar Scheme of Interest Subsidy on Educational Loan for Overseas Studies for OBCs & EBCs

This scheme provides an interest subsidy to students from Other Backward Classes (OBC) and Economically Backward Classes (EBC) who pursue higher studies abroad.


Maharashtra Government Scholarship for Higher Education Abroad

The government of Maharashtra offers scholarships to students from the state to pursue postgraduate studies in various fields such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and more in foreign universities.


Karnataka Government’s Prabuddha Overseas Scholarship Scheme

This scheme aims to provide financial assistance to students from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka pursuing postgraduate studies abroad.

Financial aid from educational institutions

Many educational institutions in the USA offer financial aid to international students, including those from India. These aids can come in grants, fellowships, assistantships, or tuition waivers. 


It’s essential to research and contact the universities you’re interested in to inquire about available financial aid.

External Funding Organizations

Several organisations outside government schemes offer financial support for Indian students studying in the USA. These include:


The United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF)

This Foundation offers Fulbright-Nehru and other fellowships for Indian students at various levels of study. Some of the most popular ones are the Fulbright-Nehru Student Research Fellowship and the Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship.


The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation

The Foundation focuses on providing scholarships, grants, and awards in various fields. It enables young Indians to develop their professional, scientific, artistic, and cultural abilities abroad and in India. 


The Tata Trusts

The Tata Trusts offer best-fit finance aid programs under the schemes provided by the Tata group. It offers multiple scholarships in engineering and medical fields for Indian students pursuing studies in the USA.

Top courses and universities to study in the U.S. 

We’ve covered the main MS scholarships for Indian students in the USA, but don’t forget! Many universities offer scholarships for both Indian and international students.


One question we often hear is, “Can I apply for multiple scholarships?” Absolutely! The more you apply for, the higher your chances of getting one.


Here’s a quick overview of some university-specific scholarships in the USA, their amounts, and eligibility requirements:


University Program Eligibility Amount
Cornell University TATA Scholarship Open to Indian students pursuing an MS in engineering or management 100% of the tuition fee
Illinois State University Merit-based scholarships Open to international students with strong academic records Up to $5,000 per semester
Oregon State University International Graduate Research Assistantships Open to international students pursuing research-based MS programs Up to $3,000 per year
University of Rochester Simon Graduate School of Business Fellowships Open to international students with strong academic records  Up to full tuition and a living stipend
University of California, Berkeley Berkeley International Graduate Fellowship Open to international students pursuing MS programs in various fields Up to full tuition and a living stipend
University of Michigan International Graduate Fellowship Open to international students with exceptional academic records and research potential Up to full tuition and a living stipend
University of Southern California Graduate Merit Fellowships Open to international students with strong academic records and demonstrated leadership potential Up to full tuition and a living stipend
University of Texas at Austin Graduate School of Business Merit Scholarships Open to international students with strong academic records and GMAT/GRE scores Up to full tuition and a living stipend
University of Washington Distinguished Graduate Fellowships Open to international students with exceptional academic records and research potential Up to full tuition and a living stipend


There are so many universities and programs to choose from, each with its requirements and opportunities. Finding the one that’s just right for you can feel overwhelming.


That’s where SelectRight comes in.

SelectRight: Your roadmap to attending the best Program

SelectRight makes it easy for you to find the right university in Australia. Here’s how it works:


  • Set Up Your Profile: Start by creating your SelectRight profile.
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  • Let the AI Do Its Job: SelectRight uses AI to find Scholarships and other financial assistance programs that fit your needs well, helping you get good value for your education.
  • Compare Your Options: Look at your choices and make decisions without hesitation.
  • Get Personalised Advice: Talk to a SelectRight advisor who can help you make your decision confidently.


So, choose SelectRight to make sure you’re making the best choice.

Why choose the USA as a country for your higher studies?

Have you ever wondered why the USA is popular for Indian students seeking higher education abroad? 


The answer lies not just in the prestige of its universities but also in the financial support available. 


One key reason to consider the USA is its extensive scholarship opportunities. From merit-based scholarships to need-based grants, a wide array of financial aid options help you manage tuition and living expenses. 


This means your dream of studying in a top-ranked university could be more achievable than you think!


But what about the overall cost? The USA offers a range of funding options, including assistantships, fellowships, and work-study programs, to help offset expenses. 


Plus, with platforms like FundRight, you can explore competitive education loan options catering to Indian students.

Education Loans for USA Studies: Introducing Fundright

While the prospect of studying in the USA is exciting, it’s no secret that it can be expensive. This is where education loans come into play, and FundRight is here to help. 


FundRight is an exceptional platform that simplifies securing an education loan for your studies in the USA.


Let us see how


Features of FundRight:


  • Multiple options: FundRight connects you with lenders in India and abroad, ensuring you get the best loan offers with competitive interest rates.
  • Seamless and fast results: FundRight offers a quick processing counter to lengthy loan approval processes.
  • Better deals: Lenders compete for your loan, which means you get the best terms and conditions.
  • Safe and Reliable Platform: A transparent platform to compare loan offers and make an informed decision
  • Big Savings: With FundRight, you could save up to 23 lakhs over the life of your loan.


Whether seeking a full scholarship to study in the USA or exploring loan options, FundRight supports your journey. Register today



How do I apply for U.S. scholarships for Indian students?

The application process for each scholarship varies. You must submit an application form, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and an essay or personal statement. Some scholarships may also require an interview or additional documentation.


Can I get a 100℅ scholarship in the US? 

Yes, you can. Find out which scholarships are available for your preferred course of study. However, be mindful that such scholarship options are limited. Given the tight competition, it is extremely difficult to win such scholarships. 


Which exam is required to apply for scholarships in the US?

You must obtain passing scores in relevant entrance tests like GRE or GMAT. These international English tests are needed to apply for scholarships in the US. Popular English proficiency tests include the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, etc. 


How to get scholarships to study in the USA?

Scholarships are typically provided to international students in the United States based on merit, need, or other outstanding excellence, such as athletics, cultural activities, or a significant contribution to community service.


When should I apply for scholarships in the US?

You must start preparing your scholarship application simultaneously with your U.S. university admission application. Ensure you gather all the documents in advance and are informed about the deadlines and other important dates.

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