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Every year, thousands of students prepare and sit for the PTE. The first step in the journey is to know whether you’re eligible. 

So, in this guide, we will outline all the PTE exam eligibility criteria. We will also offer tips for students to improve their chances of passing the PTE. 

Let’s start with a brief introduction to the PTE test.

What is the PTE exam? 

The PTE Test (also known as the Pearson Test of English) is a widely recognized AI-based English language proficiency test accepted by over 6,000 universities, colleges, and governments around the world. 

Often called a ‘real-world English’ test, it leans towards a more practical approach. It’s structured to assess and mark candidates based on integrated skills like reading and speaking together. A good PTE score lets students apply to reputed universities and even apply for work visas from some governments.

There are two types of PTE Tests: PTE Academic and PTE Home. 

PTE Academic assesses your speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills on an academic level. 

PTE Home is a series of computer-based English language proficiency tests approved by the UK Home Office as Secure English Language Tests (SELTs) for visa applications. This is a pass-or-fail-based testing system that assesses speaking and listening skills at different levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages. 

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Educational qualification required for PTE exam eligibility

With PTE exams, there are no strict qualifications set by the conducting body. Unlike other exams, there’s no specific educational background required. Whether you’re a high school graduate, a university student, or a working professional, you can take the PTE exam.

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Is there a minimum age for PTE eligibility for Indian students?

The minimum PTE eligibility age to meet the exam criteria is 16 years of age. However, candidates between 16 to 18 years of age need to submit a signed consent from their parents to be eligible to write the PTE exam.

Entrance fees to write for the PTE exam

The PTE fee in India costs ₹17,000. The base fee to be eligible for the PTE exam is ₹14,406.78 with an additional 18% tax amounting to ₹2,593.22, bringing the total PTE test price to ₹17,000. 

List of documents to bring to your PTE exam center

You just need a valid ID (preferably a passport) to verify that the details exactly match your booking.

Are there any different PTE exam eligibility criteria for the specially-abled?

No, there are no new and different PTE eligibility criteria for the specially-abled. All PTE test centers are designed to accommodate people with different needs. You just need to register a few documents/proof to be able to use those amenities.

  • A written certificate from a licensed medical practitioner. The most recent documentation is preferred but it absolutely must have been written when you were aged 12 or older. 
  • The document should include your name, title, and other important credentials along with details of the medical professional’s practice. It should also include their official letterhead with their signature and the date it was issued on.
  • It must prove that you have a disability that has a long-term adverse effect with full details and a download of the official assessments that have been carried out to confirm the same.
  • The letter needs to be in the English language. If it requires a translation, it is necessary to seek help from a professional translator whose professional details you have to disclose.

How do you prepare to clear the PTE exam?

Now that we’ve covered the eligibility criteria for the PTE exam, let’s delve into how to prepare effectively.

Here is a quick overview for you to get started and excel in the PTE exam:

  1. Understand your desired PTE score to gauge your current proficiency level. Additionally, familiarise yourself with the exam format, including instructions, time allocation, and question types.
  2. Learn how the exam is scored and focus on improving vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and fluency, utilizing resources like newspapers, podcasts, and official PTE preparation materials.
  3. Access reliable preparation materials from reputable sources, including official PTE packages and products, as well as free resources like the official PTE website and mobile app. These include:
    1. PTE Preparation Packages by PTE (paid):
  • Gold Package – USD 129.99
  • Silver Package – USD 89.99
  • Bronze Package – USD 59.99
  1. Preparation Products by PTE (paid)
    • Scored Practice Tests – USD 35.99
    • PTE Academic Question Bank – USD 19.99
    • Official Guide to PTE Academic – USD 39.99   
  2. PTE Preparation Resources by PTE (Free):
    • Test Format Guide
    • Free Courses
    • PTE Mobile App
    • PTE Taster Test (attempt five questions in five minutes and get instant feedback)
  1. Double-check eligibility criteria and set realistic study goals aligned with your PTE exam requirements. Break down your preparation into manageable parts and track your progress consistently.
  2. Don’t think of it as extra work, make studying for the PTE exam a regular part of your routine to maintain consistency.

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Next, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the PTE exam. 

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  • Is there a minimum age requirement for taking the PTE exam?

The minimum age requirement for the PTE exam is 16 years.

  • Do I need to have a certain educational background to be eligible for the PTE exam?

No, there isn’t any specific requirement but it is advised to have completed your secondary education.

  • Are there any specific eligibility criteria for Indian students to take the PTE exam?

No, Indian students need to meet the same eligibility criteria as other international candidates.

  • Can professionals also take the PTE exam?

Yes, professionals looking to enhance their career prospects abroad are welcome to take the PTE exam, provided they meet the age and educational requirements.

  • Is there an age limit for taking the PTE exam?

No, there is no upper age limit for the PTE exam.

  • What happens if I don’t meet the PTE exam eligibility criteria?

If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria, you won’t be allowed to register for the exam.

  • Can engineering students take the PTE exam?

Yes, engineering students can take the PTE exam if they meet the age and educational requirements.

  • Is there a minimum score required to be eligible for the PTE exam?

No, there is no minimum score requirement to be eligible for the PTE exam.

  • Are there any exceptions to the PTE exam eligibility criteria?

In some cases, individuals may be granted exceptions to the eligibility criteria. However, this is rare and typically requires special approval.

  • How soon can I take the PTE exam after meeting the eligibility criteria?

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you can register for the next available exam date.

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