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In this article, we have listed the jobs for mechanical engineers in the USA with their salaries and how you FundRight can help you complete your MS so that you can get one of those.

Let’s start by understanding why securing a job for mechanical engineers in the USA will be beneficial for Indian students.

Why work as a mechanical engineer in the USA

Securing one of the many jobs for mechanical engineers in the USA will get you lots of benefits:

  1. Great career opportunities. Research suggests that the relevant organizations will grow at 7% per annum from 2020 to 2030.
  2. Lucrative salaries. We have listed the jobs and average annual salaries in the next section. The annual median salary in 2021 was $95,300 for mechanical engineers in the USA.
  3. Access to the job market in Canada. Canadian companies also hire from the US universities giving you more options.
  4. Chances of getting permanent residency increase as these positions are quite valuable for the company you will be working for.

After earning an MS in mechanical engineering in the USA, you will be eligible for a lot of jobs that pay well.

Jobs for mechanical engineers in the USA

Job position Average salary
Mechanical engineering manager $ 96,726
Robotics engineer $ 92,210
Automation engineer $ 86,990
Mechanical inspector $ 82,206
Mechanical engineer $ 80,530
Ceramic engineer $ 80,240
HVAC engineer $ 77,193
Marine engineer $ 72,176
Mechanical design engineer $ 81,424
Nuclear engineer $ 85,431

Many more jobs for mechanical engineers in the USA are being added due to continuous expansions in multiple industries.

But which university you should go to? Here is a list of top universities where you can complete your MS in mechanical engineering in the USA.

Best universities for MS in mechanical engineering in the USA

There are many great universities in the USA where you can do your MS and get good jobs. Here are some of the best universities.

Name of the college Tuition fees
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) $ 54,789
Stanford University $ 74,357
University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) $ 60,763
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor $ 60,819
Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) $ 28,092
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) $ 48,770
Purdue University $ 40,533
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) $ 62,951
Cornell University $ 56,496
Northwestern University $ 53,794

It might be difficult for you to choose a university that is right for you for any number of reasons. The most common one is that there are simply too many options and it is hard to differentiate among them to find the perfect one for you.

Another reason could be the plethora of sponsored “why this university is good” content pieces on the internet that trick you into choosing a university that is not good for you.

Don’t worry, we will help you here.

Create a SELECT account and let us know your preferences. We will measure them across hundreds of universities in our database and send you university recommendations. We evaluate universities on 100+ parameters so that you go to the university that is the best for you.

Before you apply for an MS in mechanical engineering in the US, you need to have the proper documents ready.

Documents required to apply for MS in Mechanical Engineering in US colleges

To apply for a full-time MS mechanical engineering course in the US universities, the students need to have the following documents ready.

  1. Bachelor’s degree marksheet and certificate.
  2. Letters of recommendations
  3. Statement of purpose
  4. Language proficiency test certificates (such as IELTS, TOEFL)
  5. Qualifying test certificates (such as GRE)

Apart from the above documents, you might need to submit documents that are required by that university.

The next challenge after applying to the university that is best for you is securing the funds for your foreign education.

Secure the best loan for MS in mechanical engineering in the USA with FundRight

FundRight, India’s first education loan bidding platform, which has already helped lots of Indian students to study abroad by getting them the best education loan. Here are the advantages you can look forward to if you choose FundRight as your financial partner.

Receive loan options in two days

This is one of the biggest advantages you will get with FundRight. While applying for loans to banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), you will have to run circles around them to get a definite answer.

Receive loan options in two days

The loan application process becomes more tedious than it has to be as your fate is transferred into the hands of bank employees. While filling out one of the many forms, you will always be asked to submit yet another document.

Due to this, it can take anything from a few weeks to a couple of months for your loan’s approval.

FundRight will send you loan options directly to your inbox within 48 hours.

All you have to do is sign up, answer a few simple questions that help us know a bit about your study plans, and we will take care of the rest. We will send your profile to 30+ moneylenders in our database. They are public and private banks, NBFCs, and private moneylenders.

We will compile all of their offers into a neat list and send the best options to your inbox. Yes. It is completely online, so you don’t even have to step out of your house.

You choose your moneylender

We empower students who want to study abroad by enabling them to choose their moneylender who will be giving them the loan. After we send the best possible options to you, you can choose the best moneylender for you.

With FundRight, you choose your own moneylender.

On the contrary, if you go with public or private banks, they will be the ones choosing you. This has a lot of demerits, which we have outlined below.

  1. You might get a bad deal and stick to it due to a lack of options.
  2. Banks evaluate profiles based on outdated data, so they might charge you more.
  3. Applying to multiple banks will cost you time and mental peace.

Save money by paying less interest

As we will have banks competing for you, you will get low-interest loans. Once we present your profile to the moneylenders in our database, they will begin bidding to give you the best loan. 

You will get the best offers from this list in your inbox 48 hours after you sign up and let us know about your preferences.

Save money by paying less interest

Save up to 2-5% on your loan’s rate of interest.

This translates to you saving up to ₹15 lakhs in your loan’s interest amount. This takes care of the biggest financial challenges that Indian students who want to do MS in mechanical engineering face.

Get low interest, no collateral educational loans

Collateral loans are preferred as they charge a lower rate of interest. However, there is a lot of associated stress since you have to put your parental property on the line. In many instances, this affects the academic performance of students.

No collateral loans are a better option just because of that. But, there is a catch. Banks and/or NBFCs that give out these kinds of loans charge a higher rate of interest. Fortunately, we have solved that issue.

FundRight gets you low interest, no collateral educational loan options within two days.

Our aim is to empower meritorious Indian students who are looking for jobs as mechanical engineers in the USA by helping them study there. By taking care of their financial woes, they can solely focus on their career.

Get unbiased advice from experts

The financial decision is the most important one when you are planning to go to the US to do Masters in mechanical engineering. It will determine the level of sacrifices your parents might have to make and the quality of life you will live.

Connect with experts to get financial advice with FundRight.

When you plan to study abroad, you must have a lot more questions than the usual, “what is the loan amount and rate of interest required”. These questions can only be answered accurately by experts who have that knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What are the job opportunities for mechanical engineers in the USA?

Ans. There are many positions you can apply for if you hold a degree in MS in mechanical engineering. Some of them are design engineer, systems engineer, mechanical engineering manager, and machine engineer.

Question 2. Which state in the USA is best for mechanical engineering jobs?

Ans. California, Texas, and Washington are the three states that require a lot of mechanical engineers as related companies have set up industries there.

Question 3. Do mechanical engineers get an H1-B visa?

Ans. Provided your area of expertise is in demand and the company you are applying to is ready to sponsor it. 

Question 4. How can a fresher get a job in the USA?

Ans. It is quite easy if they are already in the US. If the fresher has just completed their MS in mechanical engineering in the US, they can just start applying to companies there.

Question 5. Does Tesla sponsor an H1-B visa for mechanical engineers?

Ans. Yes. So does top companies like Cumins, Ford, etc.

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