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Over the years, you may have met people who flew to foreign countries for their high education. Have you ever wondered why they didn’t just study in India? Have you ever wondered what makes studying abroad so special? 

It may be one of the most rewarding experiences for an Indian student. There is an endless list of benefits of being an international student. This article has some of the major benefits of studying abroad for Indian students listed. 

Gain A Global Outlook/Perspective

While living in a foreign country, learning a new culture, a language, and a way of life, you will gain a broader perspective of life and your career. It doesn’t matter if you’re studying medicine, engineering, or even mathematics; the ability to think from an international perspective can help you face modern challenges that know no boundaries. 

This perspective will help you in your everyday life and career. It will transform how you perceive and approach the circumstances you encounter. It will help you increase your overall adaptability, efficiency, and problem-solving skills. 

Gaining a global perspective can also help you enhance your creativity and sensitivity towards people from all walks of life. In a world that is getting more interconnected every next day, it is a valuable trait that you can empathise with from diverse viewpoints. This will look great on a resume and increase your employability. 

Gain A Global Outlook/Perspective

Aren’t there other ways to gain a global perspective? Yes, there are other ways like staying up to date on international affairs and consuming content from various cultures. But nothing beats first-hand experience. No book or video can beat you going out and exploring new cultures, languages, and diversity. And that is why this is the first benefit of studying abroad for Indian students. 

2. Diversify Your Experience

One of the major benefits of studying abroad for Indian students is the diverse educational experience you can gain. You are not limited by the various courses and programmes available in India. You can pick your favourite programme from any college around the world and fly away to greatness.

Diversify Your Experience

Not just a field of study, you also get a chance to diversify other experiences. You will get an opportunity to learn a new language, pursue a passion, travel, etc. And the method of learning differs with the country too. With the country you pick, you will experience a new instructional method, unique study modules, and a one-of-a-kind learning system. 

3. Quality Of Education

Third on the list of benefits of studying abroad for Indian students is the reason you’re going abroad in the first place, the quality of education. You are planning on going abroad for a world-class education, aren’t you? And guess what? That is the kind of education that will take your career sky high. The quality of education offered in developed nations is without doubt leaps and bounds ahead of what you can get in India. 

Some of the leading institutions in those nations have existed for centuries. With age comes experience.

Similarly, institutions accumulate knowledge and expertise. You can benefit from the centuries of research and reputation the institutions have gained.  

Quality Of Education

This chart from Our World in Data compares the learning outcomes of different countries. You can notice that it tends to be higher in richer countries and the difference between countries are very distinct.

The kind of degree programme you’re looking to pursue can come with its own set of benefits. The below list covers some of the most important benefits. 

Benefits of pursuing an undergraduate degree abroad:

????You gain exposure to an international learning system right out of school.

????Your understanding of diverse cultures is strengthened

????You get better career opportunities

Benefits of pursuing a postgraduate degree abroad:

????You can hone your technical skills

????Your CV will gain an edge over your counterparts

????You will develop a great social and professional network.

4. Diverse Options In Education

As mentioned earlier, you will get the chance to experience a style of education that is wholly different from what you’ve experienced back home. When you open up to the idea of picking a college abroad, you get a wider selection of courses to pick from. This is a major benefit of studying abroad for Indian students. 

You will also gain practical experience and more in-depth courses while studying abroad. You can also get an opportunity to pick a co-op programme where you can work for an employer that pays you a full-time salary even while you’re in college. This lets you gain work experience while studying, increasing your chance of landing a job straight out of college. 

You can utilize websites like QS Top Universities to pick a world-class institution that offers the course you are looking for. With the internet in your palm, picking a college abroad has never been so easy. 

Diverse Options In Education

5. Find Opportunities (Better Employability)

Having a world-class education is an advantage. In addition, most foreign countries make internships mandatory. You gain valuable work experience this way. In most countries, you get the opportunity to stay back for a year and look for jobs there. 

If you land a job in a foreign country, you have two choices. One, you can stay back there and keep improving your career. Two, you can gain several years of experience abroad in multinational companies and return to India to find industry-leading jobs here. 

The growth and development you gain over the years studying abroad is a gold star on your CV. Recruiters and employers love to hire a person who can easily adapt to and handle situations. Nothing shows that you’re adaptable than living in a completely alien nation for several years. This is a life-changing benefit of studying abroad for Indian students. 

6. Boost Your Network

Networking will be a crucial aspect of being a student. It is irrespective of whether you’re studying on campus or online. Networking helps you find and connect with people who share your skills, experiences, and interest. Most of them will be from your industry.

Here’s a list of benefits that networking brings you,

???? It increases your list of industry and business connections

???? It helps you find inspiration

???? It increases your visibility

???? It boosts your interest in your career

???? It creates career opportunities

???? You get a huge pool of talent who can give you career support and advice

???? It is a huge confidence booster

???? You find solutions to personal problems

???? You develop relationships that last decades

???? It has a positive effect on your mental health

7. Learn A Language And Live It

It is easier learning a new language when you are in the country that speaks it. Studying abroad is one of the best ways of learning a new language. You get immersed in the experience of learning the language when you live in a country where everyone speaks the language all the time. You get no way of avoiding it.

Everything from buying groceries to ordering food and watching TV will require you to speak the local language. You’ll pick the language up much faster by speaking a foreign language over and over again. 

Also, language classes teach you the basics, but you do not get firsthand experience speaking the language with someone. You only learn enough to pass exams. This can be insufficient in real life. Living abroad, you will learn a functional language, including slang, idioms, etc. 

You cannot learn these theoretically. This does not mean that you can’t take classes. You need that to learn the basics anyway. 

8. Grow Personally (Boost Confidence)

Going abroad to study, you’re taking the biggest risk of your lifetime. You’re leaving your home and comfort zone to a place where you know nothing. Stepping out of your comfort zone, developing life skills, and learning to solve your problems, you are preparing yourself to face challenges and come out victorious. Going abroad to study can transform you into a whole other person. 

Grow Personally (Boost Confidence)

Getting to learn about new cultures, education systems, and lifestyles will boost your confidence to a whole new level. The major improvements you will see in yourself while studying abroad are, 

???? Independence

???? Flexibility

???? Teamwork

???? Social skills

???? Adaptability

???? Intellectual development

???? Increased self-confidence

The increased self-confidence comes from facing hurdles and finding ways to overcome them. Trust us, you’ll be doing this every day while you’re abroad. You will have to unlearn your old habits and learn new ones. But this will be the biggest confidence booster of your life. 

9. Travel And Explore

We’ve saved the best for the last. The biggest benefit of studying abroad for an Indian student is the chance to travel and explore the world. You get the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and explore new countries, cities, and cultures. 

It will not only broaden your perspective but also help you discover new ways of personal growth. Here’s how travel can change your life,

????It helps you develop an intercultural competence

????It makes you more empathetic

????It sculpts your opinions

????It helps you become more patient

????It humbles you

????It opens your mind up to new skills

List of other benefits that travelling brings you:

It improves your mind and health

It improves your communication

It calms your mind and boosts positive feelings

It increases your tolerance towards different people and cultures

It boosts your confidence

You gain real-life education

You make wonderful memories

It helps you understand yourself

It reduces stress and anxiety

It helps you appreciate nature and the earth

It helps you find a purpose

Are you confused about picking a country to study? This infographic might be of help. 

From travelling to learning a new language, the benefits of studying abroad for Indian students is an endless list. It can be a rewarding experience and an opportunity of a lifetime. All you have to do is get out there and enjoy your life. Have an open mind and find someone that can help you prepare yourself for the journey so that you can be ready when you land in the country of your dreams. Reap the benefits of studying abroad for Indian students to its fullest. 

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