Part time jobs in the UK for international students: Salaries, restrictions and more

Yes, you can work part-time in the UK. Depending on your visa you might be allowed up to 20 hours of work a week. 


Part time jobs in the UK for international students: Salaries, restrictions and more Source


Here are 6 practical part-time jobs in the UK for international students


Job Title Approximate Hourly Rate (GBP)
Caring Assistant £7-12.50
Supermarket work £10-15
Teaching Assistant £11- £11.29
Online Tutor £18-48
Babysitting £20-25
Cleaner £11


In this article we will cover:


  • Visa restrictions on working part-time.
  • On-campus and off-campus jobs.
  • Off-campus part-time jobs in the UK for international students
  • How you can find part-time jobs in the UK for Indian students on SelectRight


Before we get into lists of part time jobs, let’s address the main question. 


Can you work in the UK?


Well, it depends on your visa. 


Most international students studying for more than six months are given student visas allowing them to work part-time. This means up to 20 hours of work a week during term time and full-time work during your vacation periods.


However, if you are studying a course below UK degree level, such as foundation or pre-sessional English, you are only allowed to work 10 hours per week. 


If you are on a short-term study visa, for example if you came to attend summer school, you cannot work in the UK. 


Restrictions on part-time jobs in the UK for international students


Most students get a Tier 4 visa which means:


  • You cannot fill a full-time permanent vacancy.


  • You can’t be self-employed.  So, you can’t freelance, do consultancy work or set up your own business.


  • You cannot work as a professional sportsperson or entertainer.


Types of Part-time jobs part time jobs in the UK for Indian students


There are two types of part-time jobs that you can undertake: on-campus jobs and off-campus jobs.


On-campus part time jobs in the UK for international students

On-campus employment is one type of part-time work available to international students in the UK. As the name implies, on-campus employment is offered on the university campus. 

This is a great option because you can apply in numerous departments close by. There are positions available on campus in places like the cafeteria, computer labs, reception areas, and libraries. 


On-campus part time jobs in the UK for international students Source

There will be different guidelines for each level of degree so make sure to check with your college about your specific working conditions. 

Usually, the number of students who want to work exceeds the number of available positions. So, getting on-campus placements can be hard. 

Off campus part time jobs in the UK for international students

Off-campus employment is the second choice for overseas students looking for part-time work in the UK. 

Off-campus jobs are generally simple, but they are not always close by. 

How to look for part time jobs in the UK for Indian students?

Here are 4 sources to locate part time jobs in the UK for international students

1. Local newspapers often include part-time employment positions, and you can submit an application for those that are listed. 

2. Use the internet to search for various positions that are open to students in the UK. Numerous positions are tailored to your programme, area, or requirements. You can also find numerous work-from-home opportunities. You can go to to find part time jobs. 


How to look for part time jobs in the UK for Indian students?Source

3. Consult the university’s recruitment staff for assistance. A professional recruitment team at your university contacts businesses to find students full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. 


How to look for part time jobs in the UK for Indian students?Source

This guide is one such example of the resources available for international students.

4. Ask around. Many day scholars will already hold a part-time position such as a waiter or a receptionist. If your friends’ companies have openings, you can reach out to them. 

Popular part time jobs in the UK for international students

We have combined a list of easy and well-paid part time jobs that won’t interfere with your studies. 

1. Caring Assistant 

If you’re the type of person who enjoys taking care of others or you’re naturally social, you might succeed in a care position. 


Popular part time jobs in the UK for international studentsSource

There is a great need for people who can simply interact with elderly people who require extra care or work with folks who may have difficulties.

The best part about working as a caring assistant is that you aren’t required to work in a care facility. The NHS website has additional information. 

You can work with people in their homes through an agency if you need flexible hours. Many of these positions are listed on or Indeed.

2. Work at a supermarket 

You can work at a large supermarket like Asda or Tesco because you can get flexibility with your schedule. 

Work at a supermarket


These establishments are open late so you should have some flexibility if you’d prefer to work nights or need to alternate between day and evening shifts. 

You can even make more money working late at night at supermarkets in your neighborhood. 

Another option is to think about pursuing your interests in a more specialized local store. You can work at a bakery that you really like, a cafe that you go to often or even a boutique. 

3. Teaching Assistant 

If shaping young minds has always been your passion, becoming a teaching assistant might be the start of an amazing career. 

Teaching Assistant


Even though you won’t always get to pick your own hours when you work for a school, you will only be allowed to work when classes are in session. So you’ll have plenty of time during the day to study or pursue other part-time jobs. 

If you want to work as a teaching assistant, you will first need to do some studying.

4. Online tutor 

Online tutoring is a great way to add quality to your resume and still finish college work.

Today, there are many excellent options to work as a part-time tutor. Either you may make videos for clients and sell them online, or you can join one of the gig economy tutoring platforms like TakeLessons or Skillshare. 

The hours are also very flexible, and the income is fairly substantial. 

If you’re considering teaching, becoming a tutor is a great method to establish your authority. 

Anyone can design their own online courses on Udemy in just about any subject. This implies that you can provide your very own website design advice or teach others about your numerical prowess. 

Here are some average prices per hour by subject on popular tutoring community websites.

Online tutor


5. Babysitting

It’s important to keep in mind that you will need to obtain certain certifications and pass a few basic screenings, if you wish to work as a childminder or babysitter. 



Babysitting jobs can be easily found nearby thanks to websites like, and is great if you prefer to work with adults and seniors. Sites like and are also available. 

Before you start making money, just make sure you’re ready to go through the approval process.

6. Cleaner 

This may not be the ideal part-time work for you if you detest cleaning up after yourself.

 In contrast, if you like to unwind or de-stress by cleaning the sink, you could always make a little extra money by sprucing up a nearby business or someone else’s house. 

Most people can clean fairly easily, but you should be ready to work hard because most employers won’t pay for a poor job. 


Cleaner Source

You can set your own hours and take on as much work as you want if you do personal cleaning through websites like, or PeopleperHour.

Visit The British Institute of Cleaning to learn more. 

Tips to score a good part-time job

  1. Make a good CV. Your university should have a CV guide. 
  2. Create a LinkedIn profile. If you maintain a social media account, the process of finding a job will become easier.
  3. Know where to look. We have mentioned sites above where you can find the required work. There is a website for every kind of work and it is your job to locate that website. 
  4. Network. There are different kinds of people in your university. The students and professors can help you form important connections. Use them to find a part time job.

The work opportunities at your university 

The university you are applying to should have a section labelled ‘fees and funding’.

In that way, you can find the work opportunities available at the university. Every university might also have slightly different restrictions + resources to help you find a job.

If you haven’t found a university yet, don’t worry, you aren’t behind. 

Take SelectRight’s help. 

The work opportunities at your university

SelectRight uses 6 million+ data points across 10,000+ STEM, CS & MBA programs to give you unbiased recommendations for the most fundable programs.

You can also network with SelectRight. Join GradRight’s Discord channel.


The work opportunities at your university


In this Discord channel, you can meet ex-alumni of your preferred university. You can also contact students currently in the UK and those who had studied in the UK before. Take their help to find part-time jobs in the UK for Indian students. 

We can also connect you with mentors who care for your success and can offer valuable guidance. Our mentors are either current students or recent graduates of your matched programs/universities. This way, you get the most up-to-date advice for part-time jobs in the UK for international students.

The most important thing you need to remember as a student is work-study balance. Taking up a part time job can really ease the burden of living expenses but this should not hamper your studies. And not just that, you also have to maintain a social life alongside all this.

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