MSF Program Director On The Brandeis Experience | On Campus With GradRight

Location matters when you’re considering where to go to business school. Studying near a city that’s home to hundreds of boutique financial firms like Boston, Massachusetts is, opens doors to multiple internship and job opportunities – as well as the chance to build a solid professional network. On this edition of On Campus With GradRight, Professor Debarshi Nandy, Program Director of the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) at Brandeis International Business School, talks about the Brandeis experience. He explains why its location – just a short car or train ride away from the bustling city of Boston – might be appealing to Indian students. Follow along for more episodes of On Campus With GradRight, where we bring you in-depth insights from professors, admissions officers and students so you can make smarter decisions about studying abroad. #OnCampusWithGradRight #BrandeisInternationalBusinessSchool #Brandeis #GradRight #SelectRight Timestamps 00:00 – Intro 00:07 – How do you bridge the gap between theory and practical applications? 02:16 – How does Brandeis help students secure internships? 03:03 – What are the advantages living in the Boston area? 04:00 – The Brandeis India Initiative – What are its objectives? 04:54 – What was your journey like as an international graduate student from India? 06:09 – Do you have any advice for Indian students who want to study at Brandeis?

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