France Student Visa Requirements for an International Student (Types and Fees Included)

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Bienvenue en France, the country amongst the top ten contenders in the world for top-notch education and first-class institutions. 

France is easily one of the most preferred countries for international students for its excellence in various disciplines and programs of study. 

It is also a popular destination because of its affordable tuition fees as compared to other European countries. 

Therefore, 2021 witnessed more than 10,000 Indian students’ applications to study at French universities. 

Furthermore, the Indian and French governments have joined hands to grant more than 20,000 visas to Indian students by 2025. 

Such an act aims to boost relationships and increase collaboration in different fields between the two countries.

It is therefore safe to assume that France is ready to grant your France student visas provided you are eligible and meet the France student visa requirements. 

Types of France Student Visa & France Student Visa Requirements

Before you start packing your bags, let us check out the type of France student visas the French government offers to international students. 

Let us keep in mind that France’s student visa differs according to the duration of your course.

The different types of France student visas are

  1. Schengen short-stay student visa
  2. Temporary long stay visa (VLS-T)
  3. Long-stay visa (VLS-TS)
Visa  Duration  Cost  Cost (INR)
Schengen short-stay student visa 3 months/ non-renewable Free  Free 
Temporary long-stay visa (VLS-T) 3-6 months/ no residence permit €50 ₹4080
Long-stay visa (VLS-TS) 4 months – 1 year/ residence permit. 99 ₹8034
  • Schengen Short-Stay Student Visa

This visa is issued for international students taking courses that do not exceed 90 days.

If you are a student  or academician planning to  travel to France for a conference, seminar, business trip, internship or short training programme, you can apply for this visa. 

  • Temporary Long-Stay Visa (VLS-T)

The temporary long-stay visa (VLS-T) is issued to students with a course of three to six months. 

For Indian students who plan to undertake a six months diploma course in France, you can go ahead and apply for a temporary long-stay visa.

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  • Long-Stay Visa (VLS-TS)

Students applying for a French student visa most often apply for a long-stay visa. 

A long-stay visa is issued for students pursuing courses that last for a year or more in France. 

Indian students who have applied for graduate and postgraduate studies in France can apply for a long-stay student visa for France from India.

This visa is inclusive of a residence permit. After the first year of residence in France, students can apply for an extension on their residence permit, depending on their course or needs. 

To secure your residence permit, you need to do the following:

  • Validate your VLS-TS within 3 months of your arrival.
  • Provide information on your visa such as the date and time of arrival in France.
  • Residential address in France.
  • Credit card details to pay for the issuance fee of residence permit.
Note: This process can be done online on Étrangers en France.

Where to Apply for a French Student Visa from India?

Applying for a French student visa from India is a simple process. France student visas can be applied in two ways: 

  1. You can take a trip to the French consulate in your country.
    Individuals  applying for a  student visa for France from India via the consulate can simply follow the steps below:
    • The first step is to fill up an application online and create a France visa account on the official website.
    • Schedule an interview at the French consulate.
    • Schedule the appointment 90 days in advance of your departure date.
    • Submit your documents.
    • Patiently wait for your visa approval and arrival.

The French consulates in India are located in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Puducherry and Chennai. 

The consulates mentioned above examine your visa application for approval.

It is advised to Indian students applying for a French visa that the months of April- July are peak seasons, therefore leading to delay in visa arrival. Hence, visas should be applied well in advance.

  1. The second option for your visa application from India is to apply on Campus France.
    Following the application on Campus France, you need to
    • Be prepared and appear for an in-person interview with the French student visa advisor
    • Bring all your related documents, the originals and a set of copies
    • Campus France fee payment of INR 16,500
    • Schedule an appointment with VFS France to submit passport documents and register your biometric data on their platform.
  1. Directly through VFS
    Students can directly apply for France student visa via VFS too. However, using the Campus France channel would be recommended. 
    But, if you wish to apply through VFS: 
    • Book an appointment from the official VFS site
    • Take all the required documents on the day of your appointment
    • Attend the interview and submit your biometric 
    • Wait for your visa arrival 

Now that we have sorted the application process,  we can move ahead with understanding the France student visa requirements.

In case you require advanced guidance to study in France, a SelectRight mentor can guide you through the process. 

Note: The VFS service fee is €32.20 (₹2627.52).

France Student Visa Requirements: What are France Student Visa Requirements for an Indian Student?

The most critical and obvious factor in applying for a France student visa is to get accepted into a French university.

To apply for a student visa for France from India, you will need to get a hold of your acceptance letter from the university. 

Further, the other France student visa requirements are: 

  • A valid passport
  • Visa application form
  • Applicant must be 18 years of age
  • Two recent passport photos
  • Letter of acceptance from a French university
  • Proof of sufficient financial funds to cover your expenses in France (€615/month)
  • Original transcripts of degrees
  • Medical insurance that costs  €30,000/ year
  • Reserved airline ticket with the date of departure
  • Documents with accommodation statements such as campus residences or private accommodation proofs
  • A no-objection certificate from Campus France
  • French language proficiency certificate (DELF/DALF/TCF/TEF), only if you have applied to French taught courses
  • Proof of visa fee payment (€ 50-€100)

Before you plan your trip to the French consulates, for your interview, always double-check your documents. 

France Residence Permits:

Indian students with a course duration of one year or more will need to apply for a residence permit to reside in France. 

The long-stay visa (VLS-TS) acts as a residence permit that needs to be validated within three months of arrival in France. It is permissible for one year. 

An extension or renewal of your residence permit for your second year as a student in France can be done on campus France

Here, you can apply for a  Carte de Séjour (CDS) or ‘titre de séjour’ i.e., the official residence permit in France.

Renewal of the permit should be carried out three months prior to the expiration. 

Exceeding the deadline would lead to a payment of 180 (₹14,875.93) as late fee.

Language Requirements For Studying in France

Language exams are required for admission into French universities that demand them. Depending on the university and its language requirements, students may need the exam scores for visa applications. 

The details of the french language exam for French taught courses are:

Exam  Cost (€) Cost (₹)
DELF/DALF 60 – 135 ₹4,933.06 – ₹11,099.38
TCF/TEF €170 – €250 ₹13,976.99 – ₹20,573.32

For English taught courses:

Exam  Cost (€) Cost (₹)
TOEFL 180.70 14,852.46
IELTS 178.87 14,700

Post Study Visa France: Getting a Post Study Visa After France Student Visa

Applying for a France post-study visa as you graduate from your university is an easy task for Indian students in France.

The French government offers a post-study visa for master’s and doctorate students, allowing for an extension of their visa for two years after the course. 

This can be done through APS (Authorization Provisoire de sèjour), a visa extension service in France. 

It is advisable that not all the universities in France are eligible for this extension.

To apply for the APS extension, one must graduate from an RNCP-certified course (a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) from a French university.

The following documents are required for the application process:

  • Your passport
  • A copy of the status of your visa
  • A proof of address that is not less than 3 months old
  • Three to eight photographs of French standard
  • A valid student visa
  • And finally, a copy of your degree certificate or attestation de réussite du jury.

The application fee is not charged for the APS extension.

As French university graduates, you will find ample opportunities to look for jobs in France. 

Diligent and smart graduates in France can find themselves employed in many French companies.

While applying for a student visa for France from India, students are advised to keep a clear record of all the documents and forms that have been a part of the process.

Being an early bird to all your interviews, with confidence and clarity of mind will help you throughout your journey to your destination.

Soon, you will be relishing a delicious croissant at the French university of your dreams.

Note: Indian  students applying to any of the French universities are advised to use the Etudes en France for a hassle-free application process. However, if you are facing issues doing the same SelectRight can help you. 

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: How long does it take for the visa to arrive?

Answer: The visa approval and arrival take 2-3 weeks after your in-person interview.

Question 2: What is the cost of a French student visa?

Answer: Student visa for France from India costs €50 for VLS-T and €99 for VLS-TS

Question 3: How much funds are required for getting a French student visa?

Answer: To get a French student visa, you will need an amount of € 615 in your bank account.

Question 4: Where can I apply for the French student visa from India?

Answer: You are eligible to apply for a French student visa once you get admitted into a French university.

The visa application can be done at a French consulate in your country or through an online application at  Campus France.

Question 5: Can international students work in France with a French student visa?

Answer: International students can work part-time jobs in France with their student visas. Students usually earn upto €7900/year in France.

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