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Anxious about the new USA visa slot booking for students? With the right information, you don’t have to be. You have reached the right place. In this article, we will inform you about everything you need to know regarding USA visa slot booking for students. 

If you are planning on taking admission in a US university by mid-August, the US embassy has released an important update regarding slots for student visa interviews. If you aren’t enrolling this August, we recommend that you still read on to familiarize yourself with the process. 

Update regarding the USA visa slot booking for students

Like many students, you must be curious about USA visa slot booking for students and its dates. You might have also received the I-20 documents from your universities. So, the question is what next?

The US embassy has updated students with the I-20. Students with I-20 have to apply for F, M, and J at the Embassy and Consulates. Applications for an interview for US student visa start after August 14th.

Update regarding the USA visa slot booking for students

The information was obtained from the US embassy in India’s official Twitter account. The US Embassy in India tweeted that the appointments for student visas are accessible on the embassy’s official website.

Previous USA visa slot booking for students

The US embassy releases dates for an interview for US student visa appointments on a monthly basis. The first batch of appointments for June and mid-July was released in May 2022.

Last year was different. COVID’s second wave was devastating for the world, especially India as it recorded the highest death tolls. 

Like everything else, the interview for US student visa was also stalled. Compared to this year, the second wave slots for the interview for US student visa opened late, on June 14. Hence, slots for interviews for US student visas were started earlier this year. 

Previous USA visa slot booking for students

This picture indicates the student visas issued in 2022 from January to May.

Additionally, this year the Embassy and Consulates has to conduct more interviews, hence, it was necessary to start the process earlier. Now, more students have the chance to interview for student visa applications.

The exciting part about USA visa slot booking for students

Last year, the US shattered the record by issuing an astounding number of student visas, 62,000. This year, the record is expected to break. 1,00,000 appointments have been made available, hence, the embassy anticipates issuing even more student visas this summer. This increases your chances of securing an interview for US student visa.

To top it all off, the US embassy has also made the interview waiver option available to students who have previously obtained a US visa in another way. “We have opened tens of thousands of visa appointments and expanded our interview waiver options for students under new visa guidelines,” Lacina said.

India will soon issue e-passports, according to Dr S. Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs. It will make it easier for you to travel overseas for education or traveling. As an added benefit, you will be protected from identity theft and data security by the new e-passport.

Developments regarding USA visa slot booking for students

The actions of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) have also influenced the USA visa slot booking for students. The MEA had discussions about visas and other relevant topics with representatives from the US, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

Indian officials from MEA held extensive consultations with representatives at the relevant embassies and consulates in order to improve the possibilities for Indian students who desire to study abroad in these nations. With senior ambassadors and heads of missions from various nations, the authorities had extensive discussions about how to simplify the application process for Indian citizens seeking student visas.

What happened in the conference regarding USA visa slot booking for students? 

  • Meetings’ primary goal was to make it simpler for Indian students like you to obtain visas because they frequently study abroad in the nations named above.
  • The MEA assured the press that these consultations will be advantageous to both the students and the host nations through its spokeswoman, Arindam Bagchi. 
  • The conference stated migration of students from India to these nations aids in closing the communication gap between the two nations.
  • The importance of pacing up the visa application processing rate and bringing clarity to the visa application process was stressed. 
  • The US was all set to give student visas to the highest number of students. 
  • On Student Visa Day, US representatives made it clear that they intended to address India’s concerns about the application process for visas being sped up and made clearer.

So, it all sounds like great news. USA visa slot booking for students has become easier and more streamlined. 

Documents to bring to your interview for US student visa

You should obtain most of these documents during the process of USA visa slot booking for students. 

  • DS-160 – Online nonimmigrant visa application barcode page
  • Form I-20 – F Students: “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status – For Academic and Language Students.” M Students: “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status – For Vocational Students.” Your college should have sent you this form once they entered your information into the database. You and your school official must sign the form. All students should be registered in the SEVIS.

Note – if your spouse or children plan to live with you, they should have individual forms.

  • A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). 

Note- If more than one person is included in your passport, each person desiring a visa must submit an application.

  • You have to upload a photograph online with your DS-160 form, in case that fails, you have to carry a physical photograph. 
  • Your visa application (MRV) fee payment receipt. 
  • Proof of academic preparation – Your diplomas, certificates, transcripts, standardized test scores required by your American university like GRE, IELTS.
  • Your intent to depart from the U.S. after your education is over.
  • Proof of funds – how you will fund your education in the U.S. This could include your tax returns, bank statements for the past 3 years, Bank statements/passbook for the past 3 years, original pay/salary slips and letters of employment, statement from certified CA, scholarship letter (if that is the mode of funding), the loan approval letter by the bank or the concerned authority. 

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Documents to bring to your interview for US student visa

You can get a scholarship of anywhere between $2,000 – $2,00,000. 

Cost of USA visa slot booking for students

Cost of USA visa slot booking for students

Application fee – $160

SEVIS fee – $200

MRV Fee – $160:00;

Processing time after interview for US student visa

After the interview for US student visa, you will often receive a response regarding the visa, immediately.

After the visa interview, the interviewer may congratulate you on receiving the visa or give you a letter outlining the grounds for rejection. 

This is due to the fact that this form of visa’s procedure really begins before your interview for US student visa. The US Embassy’s final stage in determining whether or not to grant the visa is the interview. 

However, there are instances where the F1 visa response and processing take a few days, so you should exercise patience if that occurs.

The process of USA visa slot booking for students

Step 1 – You need an I-20 form from your college. Although you can pay the SEVIS fee at any moment during the application process, it is highly advised that you do so before you begin applying for a US visa. 

Step 2 – Fill out a DS-160 visa application after paying the SEVIS fee and receiving a receipt. This is carried out online.

Step 3 – Print the confirmation page from your application. 

Step 4 – Pay the visa fee at authorized AXIS bank/Citibank locations or via NEFT. 

Step 5 – Make an appointment for your biometrics and an interview. 

Step 6 – Go to the biometric appointment so that your fingerprints can be scanned and your photo taken for the visa. 

Step 7 –  Go for the interview. You will be questioned at the personal interview about your choice, college, finances, and intention to return. If the person is persuaded, they will keep your passport so they may have the visa stamped in it. 

Note – F1 visas for students can be issued up to 120 days before the start of your term of study. You won’t be permitted to enter the country with an F1 visa, though, before 30 days have passed since your start date.

Now that you are ready for your visa process, we wish you luck. This journey is really exciting but can also be scary. One important question to ask is ‘what next’ after all this hassle?

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Along with information like USA visa slot booking for students, attend live sessions of your university’s alumni and current students

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