A Complete Guide to Finding Accommodation in the UK for Indian Students

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for thousands of Indian students. Home to more than 130 universities in some of the most famous cities and counties, finding suitable accommodation for a young student travelling and living alone may not be easy.

You need updated information about living costs, including rent, transport, food, and internet costs, to pick the right accommodation in the UK for Indian students

Here are a few factors that you must consider to find suitable accommodation in the UK for Indian students


In the UK, places like London, Oxford, and Winchester are very costly in terms of rent, transport, and utilities. 

Finding a suitable housing option can be challenging. however, it can become quite easy once you have found your dream college or university with SelectRight.



When searching for suitable accommodation in the UK for Indian students, you will need to consider the rent, transport costs, utility bills (in the case of private housing), security deposits, and grocery costs. 

Your necessities

Do you want to opt for a university hall? In such cases, you may not have to pay for furnishing. In the case of private rentals, furniture and furnishing are additional costs you will have to factor in while weighing your options. 

What are the different types of accommodation options in the UK for Indian Students?

You can easily calculate the net accommodation cost in any city or county by checking the on-campus and off-campus housing rents. 

For example, here are the comparisons between the on-campus and off-campus accommodation options for Indian students in some of the popular colleges and universities in the UK. 


University Name On-Campus Accommodation Cost (in Pounds per Month) Off-Campus Accommodation Cost (in Pounds per Month)
Imperial College of London 900 to 1000 872
Coventry University 400 to 600 320 to 530 + utilities
University of Sussex 513 to 764 556 to 715 + utilities
York University 513 to 764 73 to 238 + utilities
University of Southampton 540 360 + utilities


Off-campus housing accommodation in the UK for Indian students includes –

1. Student Halls

University halls or student halls are popular among first-year students. Although students have their rooms, they have to share kitchens and bathrooms, and other common spaces. 

Many first-year students choose university halls because they are cheap, safe, and close to their classes. It is a grand way to make new friends and explore the city/county together. 


Student Halls






However, it can be difficult for some students to share university halls due to food habits, lifestyles, or the lack of privacy. 

2. Private Student Halls

Many students opt for private student halls near the university or college campus. These are similar to university halls. However, these are privately owned. 

Students have more privacy in private student halls. They can choose to have access to a private bathroom. Students may even choose whether they want to stay alone or have a roommate. 


Private Student Halls



Some spaces are common including the kitchen, dining hall, and entertainment zones. 

3. Flats and Houses

Private flats are popular among international students living in the UK for higher studies. Private flats and houses are the best options for anyone who wishes to live independently with complete privacy. 


Flats and Houses




Once you become familiar with the city, routes to college, and the local culture, you may find private flats and houses more comfortable than university or private halls and homestays. 

However, privacy comes with higher rent and the responsibility of taking care of your utility bills, cooking, food, laundry, and more. Thus, most students who move to private flats are in their second year of university or college. 

4. Homestays 

Homestays are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. In the case of homestays, students share a home with a family. It is a smart choice for many international students. It is quite affordable. 





Most importantly, you will have a family to provide you with food, and other necessities. In an unknown city, homestays can be a blessing if you find the right one. 

You can explore the culture and the city/county together. 

What are the most popular cities in the UK for higher studies among Indian students?


London is one of the most popular destinations among international students. London is home to 18 universities, and these include the Imperial College of London, University College London, King’s College London, And the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). 

Some of the popular accommodation options among students attending colleges in London include student halls at Farndale Court, Greenwich. The rent may begin from £160 per week. 


What are the most popular cities in the UK for higher studies among Indian students?


Student Halls at Farndale Court, London


Here are some of the regions in London that attract a majority of the student population searching for long-term rentals –


Student halls near Wembley are also viable options for Indian students attending the Regent College London or Middlesex University. These student halls offer shared accommodation for an average rent of  £180 per week. 

A huge advantage of choosing student halls is the rent covers the utility bills. 

The rent may increase if you opt for private rooms or studio apartments with attached baths and personal kitchen spaces. Moreover, you will likely have to pay your utility bills separately. 

Kings Cross 

Kings Cross is one of the most popular choices among students in the UK due to its transport links and central location. Several of London’s best universities are quite close. It has a thriving culture of cafes, restaurants, and old shops. 

Student hall rentals such as the Northumberland House begins from £165 per week with all bills included. 


What are the most popular cities in the UK for higher studies among Indian students?


Northumberland House 


Some of the convenient accommodation options include Victoria Hall Kings Cross, Kings Cross Residence, and Host Kings Cross. 

Bramley Road

Students attending any London college or university prefer Bramley Road because it’s convenient, comparatively cheaper, and closer to almost everything. Bramley road offers some of the cheapest accommodations in London for Indian students


Bramley Road



Kensal Green Garrow


Student hall rentals such as the Kensal Green Garrow House are around £195 per week with all bills included. 

You can also rent cheap studio apartments such as the Wood Lane Studios for around £271 per week (bills included). 

You will be close to the Westfield Shopping Center, Latimer Road Station, and only 21 minutes away from Imperial College. Any shared or private student accommodation on Bramley road is around 26 minutes away from the University of Westminster. 


York is a historic city with a thriving community of students from all over the world. Choosing where to live can be difficult, but the affordable accommodation options make York one of the top choices among students attending nearby universities. 

York is unique for its 11 sprawling college campuses. Once you have picked a college, you can find accommodation on-campus as well. These housing options range from shared bathrooms and kitchens to ensuite private apartments. Depending on the college you pick and the type of rental the cost can vary from £99 per week to £263 per week.

Here are a few of the localities most favoured by Indian students –

Hull Road

Hull Road offers some of the better quality housing at the cheapest prices for all students attending York University. The town is around 15 minutes by bus. It is an extremely popular area among students.


Hull Road


6 bed, 5 bath house in City Center, York


Most of these accommodation options are self-catered. You will have to cook your own meals in the kitchen provided with your room. You can find shared (12-bed) houses in York for as less as £120 per week and student halls for around £150 per week. For most shared student houses, the bills are included in the weekly or monthly rent. 


The Haxby Road area (eastern Clifton) is filled with cafes, shops, markets, and every facility a student from India could need. You need to consider private and shared housing options on Haxby road if you want to save time and money during your study abroad. 



Located around 180 km from London, Coventry is one of the top 50 cities for students to live in. Rich in culture, activities suitable for students, and every amenity, Coventry has attracted students from all over the world. 




Apollo House, Coventry


Coventry offers on-campus accommodation for Indian students that can be as much as 40.25% cheaper than London and 30% cheaper than Sussex or York. It tops the most searched places for accommodation in the UK for Indian students.

Coventry is most loved by students due to the cheap rentals such as the Apollo House student hall (starting from £79 per week, with all bills included) and 3 Bed House in Hillfields from £89 per week. 


It is close to both the universities in Coventry. It is home to a majority of students. Earlsdon is in the west of central Coventry and right outside the ring road.






5-bed, 2-bath House, Earlsdon


You can rent shared 5-bed houses such as the 5-Bed House, Earlsdon for as low as £75 per week. 

The shared housing options are cost-friendly for students. It is only a bus ride away from the centre of the town where student life thrives. 


While not the prettiest area, it houses one of the largest student populations in Coventry. The housing options here are super cheap. However, it is considerably far from both Universities. Stoke is at least a 40-minute bus ride away from Warwick. 





4 Bed House Stoke, St Georges Road


Stoke offers cheap student rentals such as the 4 Bed House Stoke on St Georges Road (from £75 per week) and the 4 Bed House Stoke, Walsgrave Road for £79 per week. 

Coventry Central

Coventry Central has quite a few options for private and shared housing for students. However, the rent can be quite steep. That is mainly because both unis are minutes away from Coventry Central. It is ideal for students who like the feeling of living on campus but also desire privacy. 

You can also check out student halls in the City Center. Some of the most popular ones include Paradise Student Village with rentals starting from £95 per week.


Southampton has seven sprawling campuses across three main cities, including Southampton, UK. There are multiple areas in and around Southampton where students prefer to live. Here are your options if you are looking for convenient and affordable student housing. 

Southampton is cheaper than London and York despite being one of the most tourist and student-friendly places. Rent is more than 50% less expensive in Southampton as compared to London. 





6 Bed House in Highfield, Southampton


Southampton student houses are more affordable than in most cities in the UK. For example, the 5 Bed House near Banister’s Park may cost you only £69 per week and the 7 Bed House on Bevois Valley may cost only £79 per week. 


Portswood is a large residential area that’s safe, cost-effective, and popular among all University of Southampton students. 

It is famous for its international dining options and big supermarkets. You can find plenty of student-friendly housing in Portswood since it’s only a few minutes off campus. 

The 6 Bed House, Portswood comes for only £85 per week. It’s just 100 meters from main Portswood making it super popular among students. 


Highfield and avenue campuses are in the smaller residential area. Although it’s not very close to the city center, it is close to multiple campuses. Finding student-friendly housing and environment is really easy once you have the correct guidance. It is known for its fresh air and expansive greens of Southampton Common. 





6-bed, 2-bath student house in Southampton, Highfield


Explore accommodation for students from £100 per week at the 6 Bed House, Highfield, and 3 Bed House Highfield. Both of these are student homes with multiple bedrooms, common areas, and shared bathrooms. The average rent of student houses in and around Highfield is around £110 per week. 


Sussex is becoming increasingly popular due to the increasing acceptance of international students at the University of Sussex. You can find both shared and private living options near the campus in Brighton and Hove. 

Student halls are the most popular accommodation option among students in Sussex. Some of these include Holden Court, Kaplan Living Brighton, Hollingbury House, Pavilion Point, and Hillfort House. 





Holden Court, Brighton


Moulsecoomb and Bevendean

The two estates of Moulsecoomb and Bevendean are in the suburbs of Southampton. They are only 2-miles away from the university campus. The area is famous among international students for its leisure centre, nearby location, and multiple commuting options. 


Moulsecoomb and Bevendean


iQ Brighton


Almost all the most-rented and most-visited student halls in Sussex and Brighton are near Bevendean. For example, Hillfort House, Hollingbury House, and iQ Brighton are all within a mile of Bevendean, Brighton.

London Road

It is around 4 miles from campus. It is popular due to the thriving student life and easy access to all amenities. Several bus routes can take you from London road straight to campus. The London Road railway is also a stone’s throw away from Falmer. It only takes around 10 minutes to get to campus via train. London Road has several shared houses and private rooms serving as accommodation in the UK for Indian students. 

London Road


Kaplan Living Brighton


Kaplan Living Brighton, Hollingbury House, and iQ Brighton are student halls within a mile of the London Road train station. 

Over to you now

The information should help you decide which area you should pick and what type of accommodation will suit your needs after choosing your university or college.

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