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Finding accommodation in Ireland for Indian students can be a hard task but not with the right resources. This article is your easy guide to student housing in Ireland.

Here is a basic overview of accommodation in Ireland for Indian students.

Room Type Price/month
On-Campus without food €600 – 900
On-Campus with food €1,000 – 1200
Off-campus, own studio/apartment         €800 – 1,200


Off-Campus, shared apartment €150 – 250

These figures are general in nature. The cost will vary depending on the:

  • Location of the property
  • Property type – new or old property, infrastructure
  • Accommodation type – number of rooms, bathrooms

To find detailed costs, keep reading.

The current standard cost of a single room in a shared house in Ireland is €550 per month (€137.50 per week). This cost can go down if you choose to share your room.

You will also need to check with your landlord whether your rental rate includes maintenance bills. This will give you a more accurate estimate.

You can find studio apartments that can be costlier than sharing a property. Most rental properties are houses with 3–5 bedrooms, and larger houses generally offer cheaper rooms. So, many students choose to house-share.​

In this article, we will cover two major types of accommodations available in Ireland for Indian students

  • On-campus accommodation in Ireland for Indian students
  • Off-campus accommodation in Ireland for Indian students

On-campus accommodation in Ireland for Indian students

You can find details of the on-campus accommodation in Ireland for Indian students on the official website of your university.

For example, here is some information about student accommodation in Dublin by Trinity College Dublin.

Trinity student accommodation Dublin is in three locations which are either in close proximity to the campus or are on the campus itself.

  • On-campus student accommodation Dublin – located in either the historic buildings in the centre of the campus or in more modern developments further east.
  • Trinity Hall, Dartry – majority of the accommodation is in modern purpose built blocks near Rathmines in Dublin 6 and is a short cycle or public transport journey from the campus.
  • Kavanagh Court – Private accommodation which is less than a 15-minute walk from Trinity.

The rates of the rooms vary depending on the facilities and sizes. These are the typical rates of student accommodation in Dublin.

Room Type Rates including utilities for an academic semester
Apartment Singles in a 4-5BHK €3,896 – €4,256
Single study bedrooms with a private bathroom €3,085 – €3,370
Heritage ensuite bedrooms within apartments  

€4,242 – €4,634

Share of twin bedroom en-suite within an apartment  

€2,890 – €3,041

The utilities usually include network connections and television points available plus central heating.

These rates are a good general overview of student accommodation in Dublin. However, rates of accommodation vary depending on the locations. For example, student accommodation Dublin and student accommodation Galway will have different charges.

These are the typical rates of student accommodation Galway.

Room Type Total payment for an academic semester
Twin Bedroom –

Bathroom Shared Between 4/5 People

Single Bedroom –

Bathroom Shared Between 4/5 People

Single Bedroom –

Private En Suite Bathroom

Bedroom contains 1 single bed

Double Bedroom –

Private En Suite Bathroom


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You can shortlist courses and colleges in Ireland based on your personal requirements.

Off-campus accommodation in Ireland for Indian students

On-campus accommodations usually get filled fast and in many cases aren’t available to new students. So, here is a list of off-campus accommodation in Ireland for Indian students.

Rented apartments – student housing Ireland

You can cut down your living expenses by renting an apartment and sharing it with other students.

Accommodation type Rent/month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre €1,500
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre €1,300
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre €2,500
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre €2000

Apart from rent, you also need to set €200/month aside for utilities.

We advise against sending money to a landlord until you have seen the property in person. ​​

While considering living in an off-campus residence, Indian students should keep in mind that they will also have to bear the cost of facilities and utilities like water, electricity and internet apart from the rent.

Homestay – student housing Ireland

There are many sources available online that can help you find a homestay.

You can find Homestays near your schools where you can walk or access train or bus routes to your school.

The host families are as varied and diverse as Ireland itself. They may be a couple with or without children, a retired couple, or a single adult. They would all provide a friendly family atmosphere and positive social interaction.

How much you have to pay will depend on the company, location of the residence and the type of residence.

Off-campus student housing Ireland

You can find rooms available through privately run student apartment complexes than Campus Accommodation. These accommodations generally have a tie-up with the university and you can find them on the page.

Room Type Accommodation costs
Single €4123
Single En suite €4605
Deluxe Single En suite €4782
Twin En suite €3155
Deluxe single €6310

Verdict: Which is the best type of accommodation in the USA for students?

You should book short-term accommodation (like a B&B or hostel) for your arrival, then view properties before committing to a deposit.

We recommend scheduling viewings and arriving in Ireland well before term time, to ensure that you have accommodation confirmed in good time.​​

You can opt for community accommodation in Ireland for Indian students.

Under this arrangement, you have to pay a homeowner for accommodation which is offered on a full-time or five-day basis (depending on the homeowner).

Some homeowners are happy to provide meals, while others prefer to give their students access to the kitchen to prepare their own food. Prices vary, usually between €130 and €180 per week (often including bills).

Tips for student accommodation in Ireland for Indian students

Visit Studentpad to find student housing

Studentpad is recommended as the most secure way to search for private student accommodation. All the listed properties advertised go through a registration process and are regularly updated.

Be smart about your search

  • Always meet a prospective landlord in the accommodation to be rented, bring a friend and remember to keep copies of correspondence.
  • Make sure there is a rental agreement that you understand and have read in full.
  • Sign the contract prior to paying the deposit. Stay informed of your tenancy rights.
  • Make a list of furniture and appliances with the landlord. If there are any outstanding repairs, ask the landlord to state in writing that they will be repaired – take photos if necessary.

Plan your finances

Come with a figure in mind. How much are you willing to spend?

Consider your expenses including travel, bills and food when working out how much to spend on accommodation.

Inquire about what is included in the rent. When working out your budget, make sure to check whether bills are included in rental rates, so you can factor this into your budget.


A lot of students make the mistake of picking accommodation Dar away from the university to save on costs. However, you might end up losing more money on travel than saving the money on rent.

Here is an overview of the cost of public transport in Ireland.

  • You typically need to spend 135 euros a month on travel.
  • Buses are the most affordable form of transportation in Ireland. The bus fare ranges from 1.55 to 3.80 euros.
  • Trams within cities are also used, with tickets ranging from 1.54 to 3.2 Euro.
  • Irish Rail manages most trains, which cost 1.70 to 7 Euros.
  • Ferries are an option for cross-border travel. Tickets can cost up to 190 Euros.
  • When you first come to Ireland, you can rent a car. One day will cost you around 50 Euros.

Look at the college resources for accommodation in Ireland for Indian students

You can find specific student housing information like student accommodation Dublin and student accommodation Galway at your college itself. They will provide detailed pdfs.

Once you reach your university, there should also be an office dedicated to accommodation services that you can consult.

Talk to people

Ans: Off-campus accommodation in the USA for students is cheaper, but expenses such as the cost of utilities and bills are managed separately. Meanwhile, on-campus accommodations are fully equipped with all kinds of facilities, meals, library, internet, security, etc.

Chances are some of your seniors are already in Ireland. Talk to them and inquire about their living situation.


You can also see SelectRight’s help. On SelectRight, you get connected with mentors who care for your success and can provide valuable guidance regarding accommodation. These mentors are either alumni or current students of your matched programs/universities.

You can also join SelectRight’s discord channel and discuss accommodations with your peers and seniors.

Check who the accommodation is for

Depending on the facility, they will have academic prerequisites. For example, some accommodation facilities may only be available to PG students or final-year students.

So, when you are making a list of possible accommodations, see if you qualify for them or not.

Now that you know the basic costs of accommodation in Ireland for Indian students, you can begin your own research on it. Do as much research as you can from India, itself. Once you arrive in Ireland, your main focus should be going to these places and checking out the accommodation in person.

If you need any other help, you can go to SelectRight. We have curated a directory of unbiased industry experts who can help you with various aspects of your application like SOP review, application review, LOR review or any other queries that might require expert opinion.


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