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The number of Indian students who study in Canada grew from less than 50,000 in 2015 to nearly 220,000 in 2019.

Two key reasons.

  1. Canada is home to three of the world’s top 50 universities. (Notable examples are McGill University in Montreal, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Toronto.)
  2. The Canadian government’s immigration policy is, arguably, the friendliest among international education hotspots for Indians (USA, Australia, UK, and Germany).

Competition is just one of your concerns; the other is finding funding for your study in Canada.

Even before that, you need to find the ideal international college (out of 1000s).

Once you know how much you’ll spend for your higher education in Canada, you know which scholarship(s) you should pursue. This guide could help. In this guide, we’ll answer these FAQs of students seeking scholarships for study in Canada.

  • Which are the top 10 scholarships to study abroad for Indian students (destination: Canada).
  • Who sponsors these scholarships?
  • How many students can benefit from these scholarships?
  • What is the upper limit of the sum awarded by these study-in-Canada scholarships?
  • Which among these are the top-rated scholarships for MBA in Canada
  • When can you apply for these study abroad scholarships?

Note: Again, before you start looking for scholarships, find your ideal target set of international universities. For this, use SelectRight—our AI-boosted college search service, SelectRight. More on SelectRight, later. For now, back to finding the right scholarship.

Before you explore your study in Canada scholarship options, read this

As you navigate this guide, please note that:

Strive to understand the fine print of your overseas graduate scholarship. This lets you

  • evaluate the scholarship’s relevance, and
  • prepare an application that is likely to be successful.

We’ve prepared this guide to introduce you to the top scholarships, answer your burning questions, and then let you research and read the fine print on your own.

We’ve avoided the tabular-information format. That’s because you will find such tabulated info sources by the dozens. Most of this information is likely to have been outdated when you consume it.

Instead, use this comparison table. Fill in the details from the official source of information. Your most reliable source is the scholarship’s official URL, which we’ve included below our explanations.

Top 10 scholarships to study in Canada

1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program

The VCGS scholarship is sponsored by the Canadian government. The sum awarded is CA$50,000 annually for a period of 3 years. It is non-renewable (one cannot apply for it after the expiry of the standard course duration).

166 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships are awarded every year, and there are about 500 active scholarships at any time. Find out whether you’re eligible by checking the criteria, here.

The application package has to be submitted in July-August every year.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.

2. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

The OTS, as it is known, is a welcome initiative by the province of Ontario to lure the world’s best students to study in Canada and settle down in the province.

The scholarship is for doctoral study and provisions CA$40,000 annually for four years. Two-thirds of the funding is provided by the Ontario government and the rest by the institution.

Under this program, 75 overseas graduate scholarships are granted every year. The recipients must have a First Class average of A-/80% for the past two academic years. Academic merit is the sole criteria for selection. The student cannot hold any other scholarship that exceeds CA$5,000 per term. Those who migrate to part-time study or fail to complete the Ph.D. might be required to repay the award.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.  

3. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship

The Pearson Scholarship is for undergraduate students. It is offered by the University of Toronto (QS World ranking 25 in 2021).

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, books, residence, and incidental expenses for four years. There is no fixed award every year.

Every year the University of Toronto selects 37 candidates from applications received by January. They make the choice based on merit.

The applicant has to be nominated by their alma mater. The application has to be completed by the school and the student must, in tandem, apply for admission to the University of Toronto.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.

4. International Major Entrance Scholarship

The University of British Columbia offers it to incoming undergraduate students. The scholarship amount varies depending on the funding received available to the institution. There is no fixed number of scholarships. The UBC has granted CA$30 million to foreign students in the past two decades.

The scholarship is provided when the new student enters UBC and is renewable for three years.

It is only available to international students entering Canada with a study permit. If you acquire a permanent residency visa, then the scholarship is voided.

To receive the award, you must exhibit remarkable academic brilliance and also excel in extracurricular activities.

Any undergraduate student applying to UBC is automatically considered for the International Major Entrance Scholarship.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.

5. Shastri Research Student Fellowship

The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute is a non-profit charity registered in Canada. The Shastri Research Student Fellowship or SRSF is offered to students who want to pursue undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies in Canada.

You must be an Indian national pursuing education in a recognized Indian institution of higher learning and must have scored at least 65% marks.

The Canadian scholarship for Indian students provides CA$500-1,000 and covers research and study in any field. The aim is to provide a transformative education that broadens the intellectual horizon.

The stipend is released in two installments—one at the initial stage and the other after midterm reports.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.

6. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is offered for a period of three years. In the case of doctoral students, it is for four years. The value of the award is CA$5,000 per year.

It is funded by the Government of Ontario and supports students pursuing Master’s and Ph.D. programs at universities in Ontario.

The big question: should you choose an Ontario university just because of this scholarship? Perhaps you should, perhaps not.

Who can answer? SelectRight can. Thousands of students use SelectRight to find universities that fit their budget, location preference, academic potential, and career aspirations. You could too. Build your profile and let SelectRight’s AI do the rest.

Every year 22 students are chosen based on merit and academic performance in the preceding period.

The application process is overseen by each institution’s administration. Applications have to be accompanied by transcripts of previous examinations and a statement of interest.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.

7. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

The fellowships are awarded to exceptional students at Master’s and Doctoral levels studying at the University of Manitoba.

Every year, the university invests CA$2 million to support postgraduate and Ph.D. students. UMGF for Master’s is provided for 12 or 24 months. UMGF for Ph.D. is provided for 12, 24, or 36 months.

The value of the scholarship is CA$14,000 at the Master’s level and CA$18,000 at the doctoral level. To receive the award, the student has to enroll in a full-time Master’s or Ph.D. program at the university.

Eligibility is decided by GPA, and the application has to be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.

8. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship

Established by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, the scholarship provides financial aid to doctoral-level students for study in Canada.

The amount of the scholarship is sizable—CA$40,000 annually for tuition and board and CA$20,000 for travel. A generous scholarship for Master’s in Canada indeed.

To meet the eligibility criteria, the student must already be enrolled in a doctoral program at a top Canadian university such as McGill.

The field of study has to be humanities or human sciences and the topic of the dissertation must be closely related to Canada, its society, polity, and economy.

The application has to be sent to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. It has to be accompanied by academic transcripts, publications, and seminar presentations.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.

9. University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate entrants at the University of Saskatchewan automatically become eligible for scholarships if they have scored above 85%.

The amount varies from CA$500 to CA$3,000 annually and increases in four bands, depending on academic achievements.

Besides the above, the Indian students who wish to study in Canada are eligible for International Student Awards at the University of Saskatchewan.

International Excellence Awards of CA$10,000 are given to the best international students based on their academic record. IB students receive CA$20,000. Also, CA$1,500 is granted under USask Bridging Scholarship Awards to those applying for joint admission.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.

10. Carleton Scholarships For International Students

The Carleton University at Ottawa offers a generous financial award to those beginning undergraduate education.

Those with an admission average of 80% and more are automatically eligible for aid. Students who have received 90% or more would be also eligible for Prestige Scholarships.

Besides these entrance scholarships, international students are considered for the International Award of Excellence.

The university also selects sixty promising students of BE degree for awards of CA$1,000 to CA$5,000.

Carleton University has an entrance bursary that offers students funds for completing their first-year study in Canada. Unlike other scholarships, Carlton actively encourages students to take up on-campus employment to meet their needs.

Find more information on the official scholarship page.

Of course, knowing your options is only the beginning. The mountain of expense remains yours to climb. As you climb this mountain, your scholarship is your rope, harness, helmet, boots, and safety blanket. In this guide, we’ll prepare you for the climb.

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