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If you’re wondering why study in Ireland, you’re in the right place. Ireland, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, stands out for its education. Many students across the globe choose Ireland for their higher studies, and with good reason. Ireland’s education system ranks among the top globally, making it an excellent source of quality education. 


Furthermore, the reasons to study abroad in Ireland extend beyond academics. The welcoming nature of its people and the chance to study in English in a country known for its natural beauty add to its appeal. This guide will tell you why study in Ireland and will serve as the first step in your overseas education journey. 


Exploring the many reasons to study abroad in Ireland might just be the turning point in your academic and professional journey.  Ireland has amazing universities, exciting jobs, and friendly people.  This article will tell you why Ireland could be the perfect place for you. 


So, without any further ado, let us learn why study in Ireland is an investment worth making.

7 Reasons To Study Abroad in Ireland

Why study in Ireland?  Here are seven amazing reasons why Ireland could be the perfect destination for you, especially if you’re an Indian student.

Top-ranked universities

Ireland boasts world-class universities with a strong reputation for quality education. These universities offer internationally recognized degrees that are respected by employers worldwide.  Trinity College, The Uni of Galway, etc are just some of the world renowned names that are open to you as an Irish international scholar. Ireland’s universities are well-known for their high quality. They are part of the top 1% of research institutions globally. This means if you study here, you’re getting one of the best educations you can​, at a fraction of the price of the UK and the United States.

Excellent job opportunities

Ireland has a thriving economy with a strong demand for skilled professionals. This means plenty of job opportunities for graduates in various fields. Many multinational companies have offices in Ireland, offering exciting career paths for international students like you.  And, no matter what you want to study, Ireland likely has it. From arts to engineering, technology to literature, there’s a course for you. The variety helps students find exactly what they’re interested in​

The chance to settle (PR)

Ireland is one of the easier countries to get PR (Permanent Residency) in, within the European Union. If you do (at minimum) a two-year graduate degree, you meet the main criteria for Irish PR. Of course, there are a host of requirements that you must meet, but we have a separate article on that.

A welcoming culture

Ireland is known for its friendly and welcoming people.  You’ll find it easy to adapt to Irish life and feel at home. The Irish are known for their warmth and sense of humour, making it a great place to live and study. Adding to that, Ireland is a member of the European Union. Studying in Ireland gives you the chance to travel and explore other European countries easily.

Affordable study options

Compared to some other popular study destinations, Ireland can be a more affordable choice. While tuition fees and living costs can vary, Ireland offers good value for the quality of education you receive.

Culturally rich environment

Ireland has a rich history and vibrant culture waiting to be explored. From ancient castles to bustling cities, there’s something for everyone. Studying in Ireland allows you to experience this unique culture firsthand. The diverse and accepting culture here is why study in Ireland is a favourite choice among Indian graduate students.

English-speaking country

Lastly, English is the primary language of instruction in Irish universities. This eliminates the language barrier for Indian students and makes it easier to focus on your studies.


So, why study in Ireland?  Top-ranked universities, a promising job market, friendly culture, and value for money — what’s not to love? Ireland offers a fantastic opportunity for Indian students, which is why study in Ireland is such a popular option these days.

Top Courses to Study in Ireland

Now that the “why study in Ireland?” part has been answered, let’s move onto the “what”. Here are some of the best courses that Ireland offers.

Business And Management

Ireland is a hub for multinational companies, making it a prime location to hone your business acumen.  The Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Trinity College Dublin, is one of the most prestigious in the World.


It is ranked 21st in Europe and is a top-100 program globally. It enables you to excel in leadership and management roles across diverse industries. Graduating from the TCD MBA program would put you at par with the cream of the crop in the EU – another one of the many reasons why to study in Ireland.

Computer Science and IT

The Irish tech sector is booming, and skilled IT professionals are in high demand.  Why study in Ireland for computer science?  One of the best in this regard is the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at University College Cork.


It builds on a strong foundation in computer science principles. This could kickstart your career in software development or system engineering. It’s a gateway to exciting tech fields.


Ireland boasts a rich engineering tradition, reflected in its universities’ top-notch programs.  Civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering are just a few examples, all being a solid choice for an Engineering career.  


The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering at Dublin City University is a prime example. This program mixes theory with hands-on experience. It prepares you to lead in mechanical engineering.

Medicine and Health Sciences

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has a top-notch Medicine program. It’s known for its thorough clinical training and research options. Additionally, qualified medical practitioners are currently on a skills shortage list for the EU. 


This makes medical workers in high demand, which answers the question, why study medicine in Ireland. It is affordable, has a decent number of scholarships, the job market is secure, the pay is excellent, and it is from a very well respected country.

Life Sciences

The life sciences sector is another thriving area in Ireland. So, why study in Ireland for life sciences?  Programs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and biomedical engineering open doors in research and development. The Master of Science in Biotechnology at NUI Galway explores the latest in biotechnology. 


It prepares you for careers in research. Fields include drug discovery and bioengineering. Additionally, environmental biotechnology is a focus area. Given the prohibitive cost of studying biotech elsewhere, this is just another answer to why you should study abroad in Ireland.

Arts & Humanities

Ireland’s rich cultural heritage is woven into its exceptional arts and humanities programs. Exploring literature, history, music, and film develops valuable skills. University College Dublin’s Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies is a particularly standout option.


It covers filmmaking history, theory, and practice in a way that very few other degrees do, and certainly not at the price you’ll pay in Ireland. Careers in film production, media analysis, or film research await you after your degree from UCD.

And if you are feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of choices, don’t worry. That’s the beauty of your situation, being spoiled for choice. It is one of the many reasons to study abroad in Ireland


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Top Universities to Study in Ireland

Ireland boasts world-class universities that consistently rank high in global listings. Here are five excellent choices to consider for your studies.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD)


Ranked in the top 100 worldwide (QS World University Rankings 2024), Trinity College Dublin is a prestigious school known for academic excellence in many areas. TCD boasts a stunning campus in the heart of Dublin and is particularly well-regarded for its programs in law, medicine, and humanities.


Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland



University College Dublin (UCD)


Another top contender, UCD is ranked within the top 200 universities worldwide (QS World University Rankings 2024). It offers a vibrant and diverse campus environment with a focus on international students. UCD is one of the largest universities in the country and is known for its comprehensive programs and strong research output.


National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)


Located in the charming city of Galway, NUIG is ranked within the top 300 universities globally (QS World University Rankings 2024). It’s known for its strong programs in arts, humanities, and science. 


NUIG also offers a vibrant student life with a strong focus on Irish culture and Gaelic language immersion programs. If you are looking to apply for PR in Ireland, NUIG’s immersion programs could strengthen your application with the IIS.



University College Cork (UCC)

UCC is a renowned university ranked within the top 350 universities worldwide (QS World University Rankings 2024). It boasts a beautiful green campus and excels in areas like engineering, computer science, and business.


It’s known for sustainability efforts, and strong focus on research. UCC is a perfect choice for students seeking a blend of academic excellence and a lively student city atmosphere.


Dublin City University (DCU)

A young and dynamic university, DCU is ranked within the top 500 universities globally (QS World University Rankings 2024). It’s known for its focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, with strong programs in business, engineering, and IT.  


Although younger than some of its counterparts, DCU has ranked within the top 500 globally. It is praised for its focus on enterprise and its ability to adapt to the changing educational landscape.



Remember, this is just a starting point. Why study in Ireland? Ireland is perfect for starting your academic journey. It’s got great universities, vibrant cities, and a friendly culture.

Education Loans for Ireland Studies

Even though Ireland is known for being a budget-friendly option, tuition fees and living expenses can still add up.  Education loans can be a great way to bridge the gap and make your dream of studying abroad a reality.


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And with that, we come to the end of this article answering the question, why study in Ireland for Indian students. We hope you found it useful, and we’ll see you in the next one.


  • Can I work while studying in Ireland?  

Yes, international students on a valid visa can typically work part-time (up to 20 hours per week during term time) and full-time during holidays. This allows you to gain valuable work experience and offset some living costs.


  • What kind of accommodation options are available for students in Ireland?  

Students in Ireland have various housing options, including on-campus dorms, shared apartments, and private rentals. University accommodation offices can often assist with finding suitable housing.


  • What healthcare options are available for international students in Ireland?  

International students studying in Ireland for more than 3 months typically require a visa with health insurance. You can choose from private health insurance plans or utilise the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you’re a resident of an EU/EEA country.


  • What career opportunities might be available to me after graduating in Ireland?  

Graduates from Irish universities are well-regarded by employers worldwide.  A post-study work visa allows you to gain valuable work experience in Ireland after graduation, potentially leading to long-term career opportunities.


  • Can I travel around Europe while studying in Ireland?  

Absolutely! Ireland’s location within Europe makes it a perfect base for exploring other countries. The Schengen visa allows travel within the Schengen Area (26 European countries) under certain conditions. Weekend trips or short breaks during semester breaks are a great way to experience the diversity of Europe.

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