The Great De-Cluttering of India’s Study-Abroad Advice ‘Market’

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The big question: why is university search so dizzyingly painful?

  • The US alone has 5000+ universities
  • University rankings by QS, US News, and Times can’t agree with each other
  • Education counsellors mislead you for fat commission paychecks from universities 
  • EdTechs want your attention, and then they want your data, and then your money
  • Your shortlist might not be deemed fundable by Indian lenders!

And we’ve not even started. No shying away from this – Indian students are juggling swords as they search for their best-fit foreign universities. 

And the odds are stacked against you. 

  • Universities get paid upfront. 
  • Banks will wrest away your last farthing till their loan is repaid. 
  • All the risk, anxiety, and uncertainty blend to form a black cloud that travels atop your head, every moment of your life, till the debt is rapid. Not what we call a ‘bright future’, right?

So, are you simply stuck with this? Well, NO. 

In Digital India, the Indian student will turn the tables. That’s the only reason why we built SelectRight

Let’s see how SelectRight helps you beat the clutter. 

Get real answers from students, alumni, and professors

Here’s the non-negotiable truth: education counsellors couldn’t care less about you. Every word they say is a word meant to lather you. So you’d slither down the drain, into the laps of universities with multi-million dollar marketing budgets. 

Don’t believe this?

Here’s a glimpse of some evidence. 

Get real answers from students, alumni, and professors

Who Gets in and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions, by Jeffrey Selingo

Remember; for universities, admissions are a numbers game. They need applications. And they pay education counsellors to generate interest and convince you to apply.

Step out of this zero-value chain. This is the 2020s; there’s a better way. 

The power of all the data in the world, all the computing power you ever need, is right there. And now, it’s topped with a layer of plain-old-common-sense – the indispensable layer of human intelligence. In a word, it’s SelectRight. But that’s not all. 

Via SelectRight, you can talk to

  • current students (via our mentorship program)
  • alumni (via our network)
  • university deans and professors (via our exclusive webinars) 

Get real answers from students, alumni, and professors

Try it, you’ll know it works, in 30 minutes or less. 

Eventually, this will save you 100s of hours. 

SelectRight knows what exactly is a best-fit university for you

Here’s what you already know. Any university in your final shortlist, must be a great fit in terms of:

  • City
  • Fees
  • Cost of living
  • Placements
  • Alumni
  • Course
  • Industry-connections

And here’s what you – probably – didn’t think about. 

SelectRight knows what exactly is a best-fit university for you

Your ideal university must:

  • Almost guarantee that you’ll be able to pay off your student debt in 5 years or less. 
  • Offer enough opportunities for scholarships so that your debt burden is lightened
  • Be such that enough Indian education lenders find it fundable 

Now here’s the truth. 

SelectRight’s AI is ultra-cool. But we know you want more. You can’t delegate a number-cruncher code with the most important decision of your life. 

That’s why in SelectRight, AI and human intelligence work in tandem. AI shortlists universities based on your preferences and limitations. And then, veteran education advisors help you compare your options. 

It’s a bit like Google meets Ramanujan, tasked with a simpler question: which university is the best fit for you? 

SelectRight knows what exactly is a best-fit university for you

It’s free, it’s zero-spam, and it’s getting better

We’re not the only digitally-powered EdTech out there, true. But we play by stricter rules, this we’re sure of. 

For starters, we’re free. Like properly free. No last-mile potholes, no hidden charges, no sneaky ‘oops-you-got-to-pay-for-this’ery

Because our revenue model is designed to not make money off students. Everyone makes money off you – the banks do, the universities do, the counsellors do, other EdTechs do – but we don’t and we won’t. 

Plus, we don’t sell your data to banks. So, when the Gods let their wrath rain upon spammers and scammers, we’ll simply grab some popcorn. Anyways, the point is – we don’t spam, because your attention is more precious than our marketing. 

There’s more. Here’s what a GRE topper said about SelectRight

It’s free, it’s zero-spam, and it’s getting better

So, unchoose clutter, and choose SelectRight

Because when you say YES to SelectRight, you say:

  • YES to clarity. NO to confusion. 
  • YES to AI X human intelligence. NO to overpaid (almost bribed) education counsellors.
  • YES to 100% free. NO to sneaky hidden costs.
  • YES to protected data. NO to spam.
  • YES to what you deserve. NO to what you’re vulnerable to.

Let’s do this. 

Picture of Anand Patinge

Anand Patinge

A master storyteller, Anand has enriched multiple entities with captivating designs, compelling messaging, and impactful media campaigns. Beyond work, you can find him feeding stray dogs, exploring art, and watching insiprational documentaries.

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