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Studying abroad means staying abroad. That is quite challenging and intimidating at the same time. Indian students studying in Canada need to figure out everything before they land there to begin their studies.

In this article, we have answered all your potential questions about student life in Canada starting from accommodations to expenses.

Let’s start by looking at all the potential living options you can choose from to have a great student life in Canada.

Accommodation Options For Indian Students In Canada

Type of accommodation Why you should choose it
In-campus housing (least expensive) This option is great as everything is already set. Since it is inside the campus, you don’t have to think about other amenities such as traveling or food. It is also a great way to make friends as you will be sharing your place with one or more students.
Homestays (paying guests) There are many localities in Canada that host international students. The upside is you will be staying in someone’s well-furnished home in a great neighborhood.
Private rentals (moderately expensive) If you want to live on your own and want complete personal freedom, private apartments are great for you. Furthermore, if you want to have a flatmate, you can definitely explore that option. However, living alone can cost you a lot.

You might be thinking, “which living option offers the best student life in Canada”? Well, you need to start by looking at your budget and how much responsibility you can handle. For instance, living in your own flat will give you more freedom, but it comes with responsibility.

The best living option for Indian students studying in Canada also depends on the culture of the society you are living in.

Multicultural And Diverse Societies In Canada

The background of most Canadians is either British, French, or America. However, Canada is also a residence for a lot of Indian immigrants. That means Indian students studying in Canada will get an opportunity to explore a lot of cultures including their own as well.

You can experience cuisine, culture, sports, and festivals of different nationalities in your student life in Canada. French culture is predominant in Quebec where all the holidays and cuisine can be easily found.

Cities like Toronto have large neighborhoods of Indian nationals which is a great place for you if you are looking for a home away from home.

Citizens of Canada are extremely welcoming and accommodating to international students, particularly Indian students studying in Canada.

Weather In Canada

It is much colder when compared to the tropical climate of India. Indian students, initially, find it a bit challenging to get used to the northern weather. During winters, many regions in northern Canada clock up to -25℃.

Fortunately, the summers are warmer and are much more enjoyable. The diverse natural beauty of Canada is really enjoyable in the summer months. Certain regions in Canada clock up to 35℃.

Social Life In Canada

Since the employability rate is considerably high, student life in Canada is extremely enjoyable. Canada is known for hockey, but there are many sports and recreational activities you can enjoy such as hiking, visiting clubs and casinos, etc.

As we have explained earlier in this article, you can travel to different cities and enjoy different cultures. Food, hospitality, festivals, the list goes on.

Living Expenses In Canada

The most important thing for Indian students studying in Canada is the cost of living. The quality of living is quite high, so it can be assumed that the cost of living in Canada will be the same. Fortunately, that is not the case.

Here is an example. The rent of a one-bedroom flat in the heart of Toronto is around $1600. However, in New York, the cost is $3500. That is more than twice.

The same thing applies to transportation, food, leisure, clothing, and entertainment costs. The availability of cheap healthcare in Canada adds to the growing list of reasons to study there.

Cost Of Studying In Canada

It can be difficult to estimate how much it will cost you to study as it depends on multiple factors such as the branch of choice and university. Here is a table that will give you a rough estimation.

Name of the University Approximate tuition fee (USD)
University of Montreal $ 17,000
University of British Columbia $ 37,000
University of Toronto $ 49,000
Mc. Gill University $ 46,000
Mc. Master University $ 28,000
University of Fredericton $ 31,000

How To Get The Best Education Loan To Study In Canada

The quality of your student life in Canada depends on your finances. From the nature of accommodation to the leisurely activities you can indulge in, it all depends on how good of an education loan you can secure.

FundRight can get you the best student life in Canada by getting you the loan that is best for you.

Here are X advantages Indian students studying in Canada can look forward to if they choose FundRight as their financial partner.

1. Low Interest, No Collateral Loans

The best loan option for Indian students studying in Canada will be the one that charges the least amount of interest and doesn’t put their property on the line. However, non-collateral loans often come with higher rates of interest that make them a less favorable option.

FundRight can get you low-interest, no collateral loan options.

We do that by showing your profile to 30+ moneylenders in our database who will give you offers. You can then choose the option that is the best for you. Indian students studying in Canada can save up to 2-5% on their loan interests.

2. Get Loan Options In 48 Hours

Applying for loans to banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) can be hectic for Indian students studying in Canada. They are slow, take a long time to process your application, evaluate your application by outdated metrics, and more.

Get Loan Options In 48 Hours

These disadvantages get Indian students loan deals that are the worst. However, FundRight does things differently.

FundRight sends loan options to your inbox in two days.

That’s right, you won’t even have to leave your house. After you fill up your profile, we will share it with our moneylenders and have them bid on your profile. Once we have their offers, we collate them and send them over to you.

3. Receive Unbiased Financial Advice From Experts

The worst start to your student life in Canada can be ensured when you fall for the financial advice in blog posts, YouTube videos, and internet forums. Those areas are filled with sponsored content that only cares about making a quick buck off of you.

The same can be said of loan agents from different banks who have similar goals. Not to mention, they are all under-qualified to help you because they will evaluate your profile based on outdated parameters.

FundRight connects you with experts who know what they are talking about.

Once you receive the loan options, we will connect you with our in-house experts who will help you understand the nitty gritty details of each offer. This will help you choose the loan that is best for you.

4. Banks Compete For Your Loan

Banks Compete For Your Loan

If you will approach traditional banks in general, you will have to compete with other applicants to get the attention of the bank. Due to this, you are likely to get a bad deal. This will affect your student life in Canada as you will have to pay a lot of interest.

FundRight solves that problem.

You can save between 2-5% on your loan’s rate of interest.

FundRight is India’s first loan bidding platform. We have 30+ moneylenders in our database who will be bidding on your profile, competing for you. As a result, you will get the best deal and will save a lot of money.

Wrapping Up

Doing your Masters in Canada is a great option because apart from quality education, the student life in Canada is quite accommodating for international students. With cheaper accommodation, travel costs, and healthcare Indian students studying in Canada can focus on their careers.

The most important way to ensure your student life in Canada doesn’t cost you or your family too much, it is important to get the student loan that is perfect for you.

FundRight sends you low interest loan options within two working days straight to your inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is Canada good for students?

Ans. Yes. With a cheaper cost of living and a great social life, Canada is a friendly country for students.

Question 2. How much does it cost to live in Canada as a student?

Ans. It depends on the kind of accommodation you choose. For instance, living in a one-bedroom apartment in the middle of a city will cost you about $1600 in rent.

Question 3. What are the disadvantages of studying in Canada?

Ans. There are no disadvantages per se. Although it can be a bit challenging to adapt to a different life.

Question 4. Is it easy to get a job in Canada?

Ans. Yes. As it is a growing economy, thousands of jobs in a variety of fields are being created every year.

Question 5. What problems international students face in Canada?

Ans. Indian students studying in Canada could find it difficult to get adapted to the colder climate. Apart from that, the rest of the challenges are related to getting used to the way of life in a foreign country.

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