Fall Intake In Canada 2022-23: Top Universities, Deadlines

From picturesque fall to the infamous Canadian maple leaves, Canada has a lot to offer and mesmerize you! 

In addition to that, Canada is emerging as one of the best destinations for foreign students, with over 650,000 students applying every year. 

Canada is the best choice for Indian students wanting quality education with affordable tuition fees. 

Leading universities offer Diploma, PGDs, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral in a number of subjects like Computer Science, Information and Technology, Business and Finance, Engineering, Medicine, Web Design and more. 

Along with this, Canadian universities intakes are also favourable to foreign students because of their intake specificity. 

The Canadian universities intakes are divided into – summer, fall and winter intakes to encourage various students to apply efficiently. 

The fall intake beginning in September is, however, the most popular among international students, thus, making it fiercely competitive. 

Hence, students interested in the fall intake must apply well in advance to avoid any last-minute worries. 

To stay right on schedule, here are details about the September intake in Canada 2022-23.

Fall Intake in Canada 2022-23: A Guide to Applications, Deadlines and Courses

The September intake in Canada attracts many applications every year. 

The fall intake in Canada is also popular as the September intake in Canada, which is the primary intake season for universities in Canada.

This is because almost all courses and programs are offered to students during the September intake in Canada.

The summer and winter intakes have limitations in the programs offered compared to the fall intake.                                                                                            

As universities receive maximum applications for the fall intake, applications are open from nine to ten months before the strict deadlines set by the universities.

Deadlines for Fall Intake in Canada 2022

Deadlines for Fall Intake in Canada 2022

The Canadian universities’ deadlines for fall intake 2022 may be right around the corner, but students can still apply since the application process for fall intake in Canada is still going on.

Let us look at some of the deadlines at different universities in Canada intake 2022.

Deadline  University 
December 2021- August 2022 University of Toronto
December 2021- August 2022 McGill University, Montreal
December 2021- August 2022 Dalhousie University
December 2021- August 2022 University of Windsor
December 2021- October 2022 University of Victoria
December 2021-October 2022 University of Waterloo
January 2022- August 2022 Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
January 2022- August 2022 Concordia University, Montreal
January 2022 – September 2022 Carleton University Ottawa
January 2022 – September 2022 Lakehead University
January 2022- October 2022 Ryerson University

The Canadian universities deadlines for fall 2022 mentioned above have been listed in order of earliest to latest. 

However, students applying should note that the Canadian universities deadlines for fall 2022 are subject to differ depending on the courses, subjects and programs of their choice. 

Note: Programs such as graduate, diploma and postgraduation are popular during the fall intake in Canada. 

As it is the best time to commence your Fall application Canada 2023, get in touch with a SelectRight professional to guide you today.

Deadlines for Fall Intake in Canada 2022

The tentative admission deadlines for those who have applied for fall intakes generally fall during the months of December – March.

Applying to Canadian universities: Fall Intake 2022

Applying to Canadian universities: Fall Intake 2022

As students, we know of the tiresome mandatory process of applying to any university or educational institute. 

To avoid the last-minute hassle, here are a few things to keep in mind while applying to the fall intake in Canada:

  • Students have to be well prepared to take a test administered by the university of their choice.
  • Additional tests such as language exams like IELTS, and TOEFL are mandatory for most Canadian universities. It is recommended to score a minimum of 7 in IELTS and at least 90, in TOEFL. 
  • Some universities might ask for a GRE score of 200-300 or a GMAT score of 500-600.
  • The test scores of these exams are to be submitted at the time of filling out the application form.

Since we have established a basic knowledge of what to expect before applying, we can move on to the application form and document submissions process.

While it is easier to apply months in advance, students applying with a very narrow deadline can still make it if things are done swiftly.

The application form must be filled out as soon as the GRE/GMAT test scores are declared without any delay. 

The list of documents to be compiled for applying to Canadian universities are

  • Academic transcripts- 10th, 12th, degree and any other supporting certificates
  • Extra-curricular certificates, if any
  • GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL score cards
  • Passport and visas
  • Proof of financial support
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose as stated by the university
  • Proof of finance
  • Bank statements

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Indian students who wish to apply for the fall intake 2022 must apply now without any delay to meet the Canadian universities deadlines for fall 2022, which ends soon.

The students who miss out on the chance to apply for fall intake in Canada 2022 can start applying for the fall intake in Canada 2023. Read below to find out.

Applications for Fall Intake in Canada 2023: An overview

Have you missed out on the Canadian universities deadlines for fall 2022? Well, it’s okay, and your worries are now a thing of the past. 

To make your study abroad journey smooth and joyous, you can start your application process for the fall intake in Canada 2023 without rushing into things. 

With ample time and experience, you can prepare for the fall intake in Canada with full dedication. 

With a long window to the deadline ending in August 2023, this is your chance to work smart.

The list of courses you can apply to for the fall intake in Canada 2023 are as follows:

Science  Arts  MBA
Life Science Digital Arts Asset Management 
Geo Science Contemporary Arts Accounting 
Engineering  Designing arts: Digital Animation and Illustrations Data Sciences 
Nursing  Film Screening: Direction and Animation Banking and Insurance
Pharmacology  Visual Effects Technology Broking and Financial Markets
Architecture  Literature: History and Modern Business Administration
Civil Engineering 

Note: Applications start from April 2022 and end around April/May 2023 for most of these courses. 

Canadian Universities For Fall Intake 2023: Top 10 Universities, Deadlines, and Cost

Canadian universities are globally known for their reputed research-oriented approach and outstanding academic performance. 

Here are the top 10 Canadian universities open for fall intake 2023: 

University  Fees (CAD) Tentative Deadlines (2023)
University of Toronto  CAD 18,000-57,000 January to May 
McGill University  CAD 6,750-41,300 February – April
Simon Fraser University  CAD 32,724+ January 31
Queen’s University CAD 32,518+ February 1
University of Alberta CAD 6,500-31,000 January 15 – March 31
McMaster University CAD 15,000-86,000 January – March
University of Waterloo CAD 13,000-50,500 February 1 
Western University CAD 10,000-99,000 December 14 – February 1
University of Ottawa CAD 25,000-40,257 January – April
University of Calgary  CAD 2,500- 105,000 January – April

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Indian students can look forward to applying for the upcoming fall intake in Canada 2023 at these universities. 

With most Indian universities and colleges ending semesters by the months of April to August, you will have ample time to gather all the required documents to apply successfully.

Applying to Fall Intake in Canada 2023: A Step-by-Step Procedure

Before starting your application process, remember that Canadian universities’ deadlines differ according to universities and types of programs. 

Once the universities declare the application timeline on their websites, students can begin the application activities. 

However, it is recommended for students to apply to backup universities, too, just to be on the safer side. 

Applying to Fall Intake in Canada 2023: A Step-by-Step Procedure The following steps can be followed devoutly by the students:

1. Step One: Research

  • The most important activity is to carry out research on the university you prefer to study at. Your research should include deadlines, application requirements, tuition fees, cost of living, scholarships, loans etc.

2. Step Two: Appear for Standardized Tests

  • By now, you are probably familiar with the idea of tests such as IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT. The scorecards of these language and qualifying exams are essential for applications to most Canadian universities.

3. Step Three: Filling out Application forms

  • Once you have all the necessary documents and scorecards, you can proceed with the application process. 
  • Some universities ask for one or two Letters of Recommendation and a Statement of Purpose during the application process. Always apply well in advance of the deadline to give room to correct any mistakes. 

4. Step Four: Look out for Email Responses

  • The hardest part is waiting for a university response. Await your response email from universities and be quick to reply. 
Step Three: Filling out Application forms
  • If you have received a letter of confirmation from the university of your choice, then confirm your interest with your desired university to swiftly initiate your visa process.

5. Step Five: Travel, Visas, and Finances:

  • The most important step now is to secure your finances to support your education in Canada. There are various scholarships and loans you can apply for as an international student. 

Check out: What You Need to Get a Loan to Study Abroad. 

Fall intakes in Canada usually have a high acceptance rate, yet, the competition is fierce. 

However, video interviews show a student’s keen interest in studying in Canada. 

Demonstrating eagerness to learn with a competitive spirit can positively impact your application. 

Studying in Canada is definitely worth the effort. 

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: Are the Canadian universities deadlines for fall 2022 over?

Answer: The Canadian universities deadlines for fall 2022 are open till October 2022 for some universities.

Question 2: When can I apply for fall intake in Canada 2023?

Answer: Application windows for fall 2023 are open from April 2022; students can apply now.

Question 3: Which is the best Canada intake 2022-2023?

Answer: The fall intake in Canada is generally considered the best.

Question 4: Can I apply without GRE/GMAT for fall intake in Canada?

Answer: Standardized test scores are mandatory for applications to Canadian universities.

Question 5: Are tuition fees cheaper during fall intake in Canada?

Answer: Tuition fees are subject to change during seasons, years, programs and courses.

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