Canada Student Visa Guide – Documents Requirements, Eligibility, Application

Want to study in Canada?

Looking into how to get a Canada Student Visa?

Here’s an interesting fact. Not a student visa, but you need a Study Permit for Canada. Through this document, not only will you become eligible to study in the country but will also receive a temporary resident visa or an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) during the application. 

Read the full piece below and find out:

  • What is the Study Permit?
  • Student Visa vs Study Permit
  • Eligibility for Canada Study Permit
  • Application Process for the Visa
  • Important Documents for the Permit
  • FAQs

What is the Study Permit for Canada?

As an international student, a student visa is a must-have document for you. However, unlike in other countries, the authorities in Canada do not issue a student visa. Rather, to study in Canada, they issue a document with the equivalent value and purpose called Canada Study Permit.

Through this permit, you will be able to pursue a program at the DLI (Designated Learning Institutes) in the country. 

Document  Canada Study Permit
Purpose  To study in Canada
Canada Student Visa Issuance Authority VFS Global Services 
Canada Student Visa Fee C$ 150 (INR 2,980.62)
Application Process Mode Online/ Offline
Processing Time for Canada Study Permit  Up to 5 weeks (duration begins with the application filing until the final decision day)
Validity  The entire length of the program + 90 days
Important Documents Required Valid passport, proof of acceptance from the college, passport size photos, proof of funds, English language test scores, IME, SOP, credit card, etc. 

Canada Student Visa vs Study Permit

As already discussed, authorities in Canada issue Study Permit to international students. Although many think student visas and study permits are the same things, it is not the case. 

In Canada, a study permit is not enough for you to enter the country. You will be required to avail an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or a temporary resident visa. This particular document is issued as part of the application for the Canada Study Permit. 

So, in a way, through the study permit application, you also avail yourself of a travel authorization, which enables you to study at the designated learning institution you have enrolled at. 

Eligibility Requirements for Canada Student Visa

It goes without saying that failing to meet the stipulated requirements to apply for a Canada student visa might cost you your candidature. 

So, before you put your time and energy into the documentation, these are the criteria that you must meet. 

  • You must be enrolled at a DLI (Designated Learning Institute) in the country. 
  • You must qualify as a fully-vaccinated traveler. 
  • You must be able to prove that you are not a risk to the country’s security. You must have a clear background i.e. no criminal records in the past. 
  • You must prove that you are in good health through medical checkups and certificates.
  • You must be able to convince the visa or immigration officer during your interview that you will be leaving the country with the completion of your studies. 
  • You must have enough funds to pay for your tuition fees and cover your living expense. For this, you will have to produce proof of funds.  


If you are under 18 years of age, you do not have to be fully vaccinated. 

How to Apply for Canada Student Visa Process?

So far, you know what the Study Permit for Canada is.

You have understood the difference between Canada Student Visa and Study Permit. 

You know the criteria you must meet to apply for the visa.

Now, it is time to find out how you can apply for the document and get a step closer to your “study in Canada” dream. 

These are the detailed step that you will have to follow to accomplish a successful application. 

You can apply through online or offline mediums for the document. Check out the detailed steps for both the modes below:

Online Application for Canada Study Permit

STEP 1: Create an Account

  • Visit the official website of IRCC and create an account. 
  • Use a valid email ID to sign up.
  • The portal will provide you with a code to complete the signup process. 
Looking for a direct link to apply for Canada Study Permit? Then Sign Up and Apply Here!
Already have an account with IRCC? Then Sign In and Apply for the Visa

STEP 2: Fill Out the Form

  • After signing up, you will have to answer a few questions as a part of the application form filling. 
  • With that, you will receive a list of documents that you must upload along with your application. 
NOTE: You don’t have to upload your proof of vaccination along with the application. You can upload that to ArriveCan.

STEP 3: Pay the Application Fee

  • After successfully completing Step 2 and cross-checking the mentioned information, you can submit your application and pay the fee. 
  • You can pay using a credit or prepaid cards from MasterCard®, Visa®, JCB®, American Express®, and UnionPay®. 

On-paper Application for Canada Study Permit

STEP 1: Visit the Application Portal

On-paper Application for Canada Study Permit

STEP 2: Read the Instructions

  • Under the “Apply on Paper” section and you will find a link to the detailed instruction guide. Read that thoroughly to comprehend the entire process.  

Read the Instructions

STEP 3: Prepare the Application Package

  • Now, select your country or territory from the drop-down menu. 
  • Then, click on “Get Documents”.

Prepare the Application Package

STEP 4: Prepare Your Application

  • Through Step 3, you will be able to get an elaborate list of documents that are included in your application package. 
  • After going through them, you can prepare your application accordingly.
  • Once done, pay the application fee to complete the submission. 

Documents Required for Canada Study Permit

Without the right documents, putting so much effort into the long applications are of no use. So, before you start your journey of getting a student visa, go through this list of documentation requirements for Canada student visa. 

Documents  Descriptions  Exceptions/ Remarks (if any)
Proof of Acceptance A letter of acceptance from the DLI If your family member applied for the study/ work permit and the application has already been approved, you don’t need to produce this document.
Proof of Identity A valid passport (original) or a travel document Your name and DOB must be mentioned on the back of the photo.
2 recent passport-size photographs
Proof of Financial Support Bank account statement for the last 4 months;
Proof of paid housing and tuition fees;
Proof of education loan, etc.
Letter of Explanation Use this letter to explain:
  • Why you want to study in the country and
  • That you understand your responsibilities as a student
This document helps your visa officer understand your goals better. 
Québec Acceptance Certificate (QAC) For studying in Québec for over 6 months, you need to produce this document issued by the Gouvernement du Québec. To study in Québec for less than 6 months, you don’t need to produce a QAC.
Custodian Declaration Only required in the case of a minor. 
Other Documents SOP
English language proficiency tests
Subject tests

FAQs on Canada Student Visa

Still have doubts, confusion, or questions in mind?

We guessed it.

Here are some common questions that you must have thought of.  

Question 1. What is the minimum financial requirement for a Canada Student Visa?

Answer: The whole point of providing financial proof is to show that you can cover your living as well as  tuition fees in Canada. Although the exact amount would vary depending on your program, here are some numbers that are more or less common for all students. 

If you are studying outside of Québec:

Applicant Type Funds Required Per Annum Funds Required Per Month
You  $10,000 $833
A Family Member $4,000 $333
Additional Family Members Accompanying You $3,000 $255

If you are studying in Québec:

Applicant Type Funds Required Per Annum Funds Required Per Month
You  $11,000 $917
A Family Member (≥ 18 Years of Age) $5,100 $425
Additional Family Members Accompanying You (≥ 18 Years of Age) $5,125 $427
A Family Member (<18 Years of Age) $3,800 $317
Additional Family Members Accompanying You (<18 Years of Age) $1,903 $159

Question 2. What to do after applying for a Canada Study Permit?

Answer: After applying for the permit, you can keep checking the status of your application on the official portal of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada). 

If everything is going well, you will be able to check the progress of your application daily as it is updated on a daily basis.

If not, the processing center might ask you to send more information or additional documents. 

It is important that you stay active on the communication platforms. 

Question 3. Are there any conditions for Canada Student Visa?

Answer: Even after you have received your study permit, there are certain rules that you must keep following. Upon failing to do so, you might lose your permit, which would eventually lead to your removal from the country. 

So, make sure to stay enrolled at a DLI and complete your program. 

Still have questions?

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