Business-related MS vs MBA in the USA: The Better Option After The Pandemic

For the students who want to walk into the management world, it is a huge question.

“Which one is the better option for me?”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone.

The aspiring Indian students who wanted to do their MS or MBA in the USA were no different.

Let’s start by understanding the impact of COVID-19 on students who wanted to do their MBA or MS in the USA.

Impact Of The Pandemic On MS And MBA

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unpredictable time for everyone around the globe. Due to unavoidable circumstances, a lot of surprising trends became the norm.

Number of Applications For MS And MBA

In the early pandemic days, there were more students applying for MBA in the US. The same trend was also observed in the number of applications for business MS degrees in the US.

According to a report by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 67% of college branches reported an increase. That is every two colleges out of three.

The number of applications received for business master’s was relatively higher, but still closely comparable, to MBA.

Decreased Acceptance Rates Of Universities

Multiple universities, especially the premier ones were forced to decrease their acceptance rates for 2021. Take a look at the comparison table below.

Decreased Acceptance Rates Of Universities

The obvious reason was the pandemic. As the safety of a lot of individuals, students and teachers alike was on the line, the number of students getting the nod decreased.

However, there was another reason, an increased number of applications.

There was a spike in median acceptance rates. 

  • For MBA in the USA:
    • 70% programs reported an increase in applications
    • Median acceptance rate increased from 74% to 76%
  • For business master’s in the USA:
    • 65%programs reported an increase in applications
    • Median acceptance rate increased from 69% to 74%

The above statistics drive home the point about more students going for MS in the USA.

More Students Went For Part-Time Degrees

The number of new students who were enrolled in part-time degrees increased by 13.5%.

The pandemic brought a lot of problems to the table. One of the biggest problems is finances. As there were a lot of layoffs, and the prices of commodities increased, the aspiring international students were facing a real challenge.

Fortunately, universities all over the world reacted quickly by offering a flexible solution to students who are on a tight budget. Part-time degrees solved three crucial issues during the pandemic.

  1. It cost less money for students. This relieved the financial burden as the saved cash went to their needs.
  2. It allowed students to get part-time jobs. Most Indian students in the US keep their hands full with some kind of job. Students who are enrolled in part-time courses had more time on their hands to make some spare.
  3. It helped universities to maintain COVID-19 guidelines. With only a certain number of students, professors, and college staff being allowed into the premises of the university, this helped everyone remain safe.

It is also worth noting that the number of new applicants for full-time degrees decreased by 3.7%. Furthermore, the number of applications from Asian students has increased by 16.7%.

In short, more students applied amid the pandemic for both business masters and MBA.

This is a trend that had showed the same pattern as the world slowly goes back to normal.

But, which one is the best option for you?

More Students Went For Part-Time Degrees

IAD: Business-related MS vs MBA in the USA

Business Masters vs MBA: which one is better

Many prospective students get confused as more and more options are added each year. For most engineers, MBA in the US sounds like the next logical step. However, a lot of those students are clueless as to how that degree will help them further their careers.

As there is a lot of hype around MBA, many students don’t even explore the option of a business-related Masters degree. Let’s start by understanding the key differences between both.

MBA (Masters in Business Administration) gives administrative knowledge to the students and makes them capable of running an organization profitably. In simple terms, it makes the graduates capable of seeing the organizational “big picture”.

MBA in accounting, finances, marketing, etc., helps in proper resource allocation and team management. MBAs are considered to be a great option for individuals who already have some work experience and want to proceed further in that field.

Business-related MS, like engineering management, and industrial management are field-specific. These degrees make someone a specialist in one niche as opposed to the “jack-of-all-trades” solution provided by MBA.

Students with very minimal or no work experience at all choose business Masters. These fields of study are great for those who want to change their careers.

The crucial thing about a business-related Masters degree is you have to choose the field wisely. Yes, the earning potential is a lot but in the case of MBAs, you can switch to different industries easily.

So, if you want to change your career, a business Masters will be apt for you. However, if you have some work experience and want to continue in that field, an MBA will be a wise choice.

Now, you have two specific challenges in front of you.

  1. Which branch of MBA or branch of a Business Masters in the US is the best for you?
  2. Which college should you go to?

Your college decides which quality of individuals you will have first-hand access to. It also decides which job fairs you can attend. The brand of college matters if you are going for prestigious positions in legacy organizations.

Here is where we can help you. SelectRight will help you in this process and save you a lot of time and money at the same time.

How To Select The Right College/University For Business MS Or MBA

Choosing a college or a university for MBA or a Business MS in the US includes the following.

  1. Making a list of colleges and fields of study.
  2. Reading up on their eligibility criteria, acceptance rate, ROI, etc.
  3. Researching about loans and scholarships.
  4. Applying to colleges.

Every single step will take you a few weeks to say the list, especially the first two steps. Luckily, you can get done much faster than that with SelectRight. Here are the benefits you can look forward to.

How To Select The Right College/University For Business MS Or MBA

1. Receive Personalized University Recommendations

After you create your profile and answer a few questions, we will send you a list of universities that will be the best for you.

We only refer to updated metrics and data which are relevant when choosing a college or a university. As we have already helped tons of students, we have a lot of data that we can leverage to make an educated decision for you.

SelectRight gives you the best university and college options.

We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of every student who begins their search to study abroad with SelectRight. Here is how we give our applicants the best choices customized to their profile.

  • Using data science: We evaluate multiple metrics to give MAC scores for each university based on your profile. M – university quality, A – based on analysis of profiles similar to yours, and C – the cost of education score.
  • Leveraging correct data: We analyze data from universities, public records, our existing records, purchased data from companies, and more to give you the best choices.
  • Doing in-depth analysis: We analyze 500+ universities on 100+ parameters. Those numbers keep increasing as you read this.
  • Focussing on your needs: You are not a “client” or a “customer” to us. You are a student looking for the correct guidance. We will do everything to help you. We will cut the jargon and will give you straight facts.

Towards the end, we will also tell you exactly how much it will cost you.

On top of that, we will help you secure low interest, no collateral loans from the comfort of your home. We will save you months of hard work, and 2-5% in your loan’s interests.

Receive Personalized University Recommendations

2. Connect With A Network Of Alumni And Students

SelectRight connects you with people who have been in your shoes.

You can ask them all of the questions or doubts you might have while choosing between a Business Masters or an MBA in the US. Our Discord channel also contains a lot of students who are looking for universities, like you, and our in-house experts.

3. Get Advice From Seasoned Experts

There are a lot of things that need to be perfect in your application, especially when you are applying for Business Masters or an MBA in the US. Your Statement Of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are two of them.

This is where you need experts.

Online content will only get you so far. With the help of our experts, your application profile will be unique. This will increase your chances of selection to your favored university.

Your profile will be thoroughly analyzed by unbiased experts.

4. Exclusive Events And Webinars

We collaborate with universities and bring them closer to students.

This is a unique opportunity that will tremendous advantage. You can interact with other fellow students, and ask any burning questions you might have. No matter how much online research you do, you will surely have more questions.

SelectRight helps you interact with university professionals directly.

Next Steps

SelectRight has simplified the college selection process for students. We have distilled the entire procedure into five steps.

Next Steps

The first step you need to do is create your SELECT profile and answer a few questions.

Then, we will take care of everything.

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