Utkarsh Goyal
- Utkarsh Goyal, BML Munjal University, Gurgaon

The best part is that we find universities that we think are out of our reach. We can see how even minor changes to budget, scores or work experience affects our options.

Darshan Shah
- Darshan Shah, Vellore Institute of Technology

This was a definite requirement in the market. Thank you for making this. You are doing amazing work.

Sri Ram TK
- Sri Ram TK, Osmania University

I really liked how serious is GradRight about their customers. With continuous follow ups and feedback calls, everything was very clearly explained. I personally didn’t want to rely on just the people’s opinion, regarding my choices, and therefore this tool was able to help me at just the right place.

Sopam Dasgupta
- Sopam Dasgupta, P.E.S.I.T

The data-driven approach of GradRight really helped me in not just saving time but also focusing on what is important and not get distracted by the noise.

Pritam Gagbhiye
- Pritam Gagbhiye, Dr. B.A. Technological University

It was a great experience having your assistance. We faced lots of difficulties in shortlisting the universities and you helped in this process which made it easier and to finalize universities.

Tharshith G
- Tharshith G, IIT, Ropar

The report provided was good. It helped in choosing colleges in which I can actually apply and get into.

Kaivalya Rawal
- Kaivalya Rawal, BITS, Pilani

The report was very helpful to me, not just in suggesting universities, but also in helping me evaluate what my own personal preferences are and what I really want from my MS.

Ashwin Prasad
- Ashwin Prasad, D. S. College of Engineering, Bengaluru

The University list provided was useful and cost effective. It suggested me good universities according to my budget.

Shreyas Muralidhara
- Shreyas Muralidhara, D. S. College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Reports helped me choose the university carrying my preferences, it was a great insight for the expenses that I may incur. It was worth the money spent.

Shreyas Muralidhara
- Nithin Chowdary Dukkipati

I was very happy with your service. I even got into a university with the help of your report.