Deploying Data Science

Higher education professionals, data scientists and econometricians help build and improve this piece. Every program has a utility score based on university data and also your preferences. Higher the utility score, better the match, the university is for you. Every program has a chance calculated based on past data patterns.

Using Credible Data

We use university websites, government data sets, public research data and commercially purchased data from data companies to understand how a program performs in terms of research, placements, admissions, rigour and more. In case of missing data, we contact universities directly or assume it to be the median of the set.

Going Deeper than Usual

We consider the top 700 universities (based on popular general-ranking) for each of the courses we analyze. Further, we dig into 100+ parameters of data for each of the programs. Thanks to the in-house data team - the breadth and depth of information keep growing every day!

Keeping you at the heart of it

We strive to help you take the right decisions and in the process, we learn. We are better than the previous day, any day and we prioritize taking you closer to your aspirations. So, experience what we have for you and share your suggestions on